Chapter 640 – The Third Holy Rune

The ancient and majestic mountains, situated in the deepest part of the Great Mythical Mountain Range, at the top of those seven peaks, mysterious pieces of jade were emitting radiant light, attracting everyone's eyes.


The various powers that had arrived here were breathing heavily as they looked at the seven jade pieces, apparently they had also noticed that there seemed to be quite a number of Divine Establishment Treasures being born within the jade pieces, and there were even Divine Establishment Treasures! Eight-Colored Divine in those last three ancient jade pieces!


This caused a great shock to the disciples of all the various sects, after all, to them, the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure almost only existed in legends.


Looking at the entire Cangxuan Heaven, I am afraid that someone who could open an Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure would only appear once in the past hundred years.


And right now, there was more than one Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure here, so one could imagine how strong this so-called Great Opportunity was.


Phew! Phew!


In this part of the world, there was a constant sound of breaking wind, and waves of people were constantly arriving.


The people from the Sacred Palace, the Hundred Flower Hades Palace, and the other five gigantic sects were also arriving, landing directly on the peak of the mountain closest to that ancient and majestic mountain.


When they arrived, their fiery gazes similarly froze on those seven jade pillars.


Even that Jiang Taishen, who always carried a smiling demeanor, the smile on his face was now a little restrained, and the glow in his eyes was as if he was about to set that jade wall on fire.


"I didn't expect that there was an Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure! This time, it's not in vain." Jin Chanzi's vertical pupils stared at the jade pieces and said slowly.


Zhan Taiqing also extended his pink tongue, licked his red lips and said: "These seven pieces of jade, clearly arranged in layers, that last one is the most majestic, if I'm not mistaken, that last piece of jade is considered the king of the pieces of jade".


Jiang Taishen nodded gently, seven peaks, different in height, and the highest one had a piece of jade faintly giving the feeling that it had existed since the Mythical Utopia was born.


Obviously, the seven jade jades were all wonderful treasures, but the one at the top was the head of the seven jade jades.


It was conceivable that what was being conceived within that jade jade gem was far superior to the other six jade gems.


Jiang Taishen's ten slender fingers crossed as he looked at the tallest ancient jade wall, and after a moment, his gaze suddenly turned to where the Cangxuan Sect was and said faintly, "That Zhou Yuan, I really have been repeatedly shocked." , now I somewhat understand why the Palace Master has personally ordered us to bring him in, since over time, this person will be a threat to my Sacred Palace."


Losing two Chosen in one fell swoop was a huge blow to the morale of the Holy Palace side.


Jin Chanzi's face was indifferent, his golden vertical pupils locked on Zhou Yuan's figure in the distance with endless coldness, the previous plot was dominated by him, he originally thought he was foolproof, but in the end he did not expect that the arrival Zhou Yuan's plan not only broke their plan into pieces, but even caused them to lose two Chosen Ones.


"Don't worry, if there is an opportunity this time, I will personally take action." Jin Chanzi said calmly.


"I'll make him understand how silly it is for the Holy Palace to mess with him..."




"After the previous detection, only those who have the Mythical Order Tablets can enter these Mountains."


On the Cangxuan Sect disciples' side, Li Qingchan spoke, saying that they had already done some tests before and found that there was a powerful force field emanating from within the Mountain, and only those who had an Order Tablet Mythic would be able to resist that force field.


"Now that all of our great Chosen Ones have completed the Mythical Order Tablets, it seems that ordinary disciples cannot participate in this final battle." Chu Qing nodded and said.


This indicated that this final battle of great opportunities was a battlefield between the Chosen of various sects.


"The most important question right now is, the seven jade pillars, which one are we going to fight for?" Kong Sheng slowly spoke about the topic that was most worrying the crowd at the moment.


Although the seven jade pieces were extraordinary, they were all of different grades, especially the jade pieces that emitted eight colors of light, only the three that were at the top.


That is to say, only these three jades could be pregnant with the Eight-Colored Divine Establishment Treasures.


(NT: Who will be the father? xD)


The six great sects looked at the jade pillars, and if they wanted to fight for them, a fierce battle would be inevitable.


"That ancient jade wall at the highest point should be the head of this opportunity, I'm sure everyone can see it" Li Qingchan said in a low voice.


The rest of the Chosen also nodded.


“But that highest jade item, the Holy Palace is bound to get it, if we plan to fight for it, then we will be with the Holy Palace Jiang Taishen and the others in an all-out war.” Li Qingchan said slowly.


The eyes of the other Chosen were also slightly lit, although they had some clashes with the Holy Palace before, they all understood that the Holy Palace had not shown any power at all.


Like that Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, and Jin Chanzi… These three, on the Shengzhou Continent's Chosen list, ranked first, third, and fifth, all of them were incomparably fierce characters.


They had not put in much effort before just because the opportunity that appeared was not enough to move them, but now, when that Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure appeared, not even Jiang Taishen would hold back, and the best warriors of the Sacred Palace would be on fire.


Facing the men of the Sacred Palace in this state, although they already had two Chosen who had been struck down by Zhou Yuan, it was clear that they, the Cangxuan Sect, would not necessarily have any advantage.


Therefore, if they chose the jade pendant that contained the greatest opportunity, it would mean that both sides would go to war with all their strength.


And fighting with the Holy Palace was obviously much more difficult than fighting with the other four giant sects, and no one could predict the outcome.


How to choose between them was a question...


Amidst the chanting of the Chosen, Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked at the ancient jade wall at the highest point, took a deep breath and couldn't help but blink, his palms trembling slightly.


"What's happening?" Yaoyao who was next to him was sensitive to it and asked in a low voice.


Zhou Yuan rubbed his eyes, deep in his pupils, the ancient Saint Rune flowed imperceptibly, and when he raised his palm, he could see that in his palm, the ancient Saint Rune of Earth was also faintly visible.


“The third Saint Rune…” He approached Yaoyao, his mouth moved and Genesis Qi enveloped his voice and reached the latter's ears.


Although his face remained calm, his heart was now stirring shockwaves, it was evident that the two Saint Runes in his body were suddenly shooting up at this moment, the only explanation was that the two Saint Runes sensed the presence of the third one. Holy Rune.


Zhou Yuan's gaze condensed on the highest jade pavilion, and as his gaze condensed here, the two Saint Runes within his body vibrated more and more intensely.


The answer was already clear, the third Saint Rune existed within that last jade wall!


Yaoyao's beautiful eyes narrowed, her jade hand caressing Tun Tun's soft hair on her chest, that third Saint Rune, really appeared there.


At the same time.


In the direction of the Holy Palace, only a dozen figures slowly rose into the air, Jiang Taishen was standing in the air, his robes fluttering in the wind, his white hair dancing lightly, and a light smile on his face.


However, it was such a light posture that it attracted countless unrestrained shocked gazes, the reputation of being number one on the Shengzhou Continent's Chosen Ranking was truly worthy of its name.


With his palms behind him, he looked towards the highest jade wall and said slowly, "I am Jiang Taishen of the Holy Palace, here I also hope that the various sects will give me some face, this seventh jade jewel, there is no need to compete with my Sacred Palace"


His words were clear, but there was a palpable dominance slowly emanating from his tone.

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