Chapter 641 – The Great War Begins

Jiang Taishen's feet stepped on the Genesis Qi, his voice reverberated in this world, causing countless astonishing gazes to be cast, although the words he said sounded extremely arrogant, everyone present knew that Jiang Taishen had the ability to say such words.


And facing the towering Jiang Taishen at that moment, even the other giant sects fell silent for a moment.


Thus, when Jiang Taishen spoke, it was as if the outside of this Mountain fell silent.


With the power of a person, almost unrestrained at this moment, this first person on the Chosen list was truly worthy of his name.


But the people present were all arrogant figures in the young generation of Cangxuan Heaven, there was no shortage of hidden Dragons and Tigers, so they all quickly returned to the stage. The first voice rang: "Hey, I, Lu Da Meng, have been traveling for so many years with my face, and I didn't say this now, who do you think you are? An onion?"


The words were sharp, and as soon as they were spoken, they caused low laughter, that is, caused the powerful momentum that Jiang Taishen had created to stagnate slightly, while the other Chosen from all sides also began to blink their eyes.


Jiang Taishen's eyes instantly turned cold, strong Genesis Qi surged around his body, sharp eyes like a hawk sweeping, while his Genesis Qi spread out, sensing the speaker, but immediately his face sank slightly, because the The speaker seemed to be extremely proficient in the art of Qi Convergence, surprisingly, even he was unable to trace the source and carry it out, this could not help but make Jiang Taishen's heart slightly upset.


It seemed like he had somewhat underestimated the many proud Chosen of Cangxuan Heaven, they might not be as powerful as him in battle, but some of the side steps were also overwhelming.


He had gotten ahead of them before, deliberately using his power to oppress, using the prestige of the Holy Palace and his first place on the Chosen List to try to leave a mark on the hearts of the other Chosen, but at this critical moment, someone He had made a secret declaration, which made him lose his effort.


Judging from the gradually floating hearts of the people, Jiang Taishen knew that his previous plans had been thwarted.


In the direction of the Cangxuan Sect, Chu Qing touched his bare head, looked at the other Chosen, sighed and said, “That Jade King… Are you willing to let him pass?”


“Letting go without a fight, it is embarrassing for my sword” Kong Sheng had his arms on his chest and said indifferently.


Li Qingchan also took a deep breath and said, “I cannot retreat without a fight even if I am in front of the Holy Palace and Jiang Taishen.”


The other Chosen's eyes also became stern, before they were also shocked by Jiang Taishen's strength, but when they came back to their senses, they inevitably felt a little embarrassed, if they didn't even have the courage to fight with Jiang Taishen here, then in In the future, how could they let them, the Cangxuan Sect, become the strongest sect in Cangxuan Heaven again?


Zhou Yuan looked at the gazes of the other Chosen and calmly breathed a sigh of relief, right now he already knew that the third Saint Rune was hidden within that last jade wall, if the Cangxuan Sect decided not to compete with the Holy Palace, then without doubt it would be an extremely troublesome matter for him.


Chu Qing looked around the circle and sighed to the heavens, "You guys, a mouth is so powerful, but you still want me to deal with Jiang Taishen that Asshole, huh?"


The other Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect all showed a blank look, and Li Qingchan covered her lips with a light smile and said, "Brother Chu Qing, if you can beat that Jiang Taishen and obtain the number one position on the list of Chosen ones, I'm sure the Sect Master will be delighted."


Chu Qing scratched his head in annoyance and said, "It's not that easy."


But despite saying so, he took a step forward, and in that instant the laziness in his body seemed to dissipate, and he looked at Jiang Tai Shen, "Jiang Taishen, I'm afraid your Holy Palace will have to ask my Cangxuan Sect if they agree." to take sole possession of this Jade King."




As Chu Qing opened his mouth to speak, the sky's wandering eyes also converged in unison, and a low clamor sounded.


"The Cangxuan Sect has made its appearance!"


"This Chu Qing is also an extraordinary figure, if he appeared today, Jiang Taishen would be considered to have met a real opponent"


“Looking at the many Chosen in this Shengzhou Continent, the only one who can compete with Jiang Taishen is Chu Qing.”


"These two, they are going to face each other after all"




Jiang Taishen's face was indifferent as he looked at Chu Qing and said slowly, "Chu Qing, are you really planning to have a hard time with me today?"


Chu Qing smiled and said, "The treasures of heaven and earth are not written in the name of your Holy Palace, so why can't my Cangxuan Sect fight for them?"


Jiang Taishen's face was expressionless, and the gaze he directed at Chu Qing was so sharp that it was palpable.


However, under Jiang Taishen's gaze, Chu Qing did not change his face and looked at him with a smile.


Their gazes met, and a faint killing intent rose, directly causing the temperature of heaven and earth to begin to drop.


The other Chosen from various parties who were watching this scene were all amazed, as upon entering the Mythical Utopia, the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace had fought, but to be honest, neither Jiang Taishen nor Chu Qing had actually fought.


It was as if they were holding back, but in this situation right now, it would be impossible for them to hold back any longer…


The two super fierce people who were ranked first and second on this Chosen Ranking List were going to fight after all.


Jiang Taishen slowly withdrew his gaze, his eyelids slightly drooping as he said, "Chu Qing, since you are determined to have a hard time with my Holy Palace, you can't blame me if some Chosen from your Cangxuan Sect end up buried here."


As soon as this statement was made, the hearts of all the Chosen from the various parties turned cold, this Jiang Taishen who had uttered such harsh words, clearly had intentions to kill the Cangxuan Sect to the extreme.


Chu Qing's eyes narrowed, and her beautiful face that had always been cynical, also had an icy coldness that emerged at that moment.


"Then I would like to see if you, Jiang Taishen, have the ability to do this." Chu Qing said slowly.


Jiang Taishen nodded, then like a hawk's gaze, he turned his gaze in another direction and said, "Which other party wants to come and instruct with my Holy Palace?"


This time no one spoke again, as there was already a Cangxuan Sect stating their position, so they could observe the situation and see who would be the one to laugh at the end of this Dragon and Tiger battle, and then judge how to act based on the situation.


When Jiang Taishen saw the situation, he didn't say anything else, and with an indifferent face he walked away and began to make preparations.


At the same time, the other four great sects also made their choices, after all, looking at the current situation, only the last three jades seemed to have given birth to the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, so they naturally had to fight for it. he.


The Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, directly chose to fight for the last-minute jade jewel, these two parties are also considered to have some grudges, and now against each other, the fire was also full.


The Sword Seeking Sect and the North Sea Dragon Hall have always been relatively neutral, and now for that third jade jewel that nourishes the Eight Color Divine Establishment Treasure, they will have to fight to see who can be better.


The six great sects temporarily chose the last three jade items, so the other four jade items became the focus of many other sects and forces.


For a time, the entire world seemed to be filled with gunpowder, and the murderous aura spread silently.


An incense was burned.


The Holy Palace Chosen team, led by Jiang Taishen, took the lead in sweeping the sky and headed straight towards the last jade peak.


"Cangxuan Sect's chosen ones, follow me! Let's compete against the Holy Palace for once!" When Chu Qing saw this, he also took a deep breath, his lazy temperament changed abruptly at this point, and for the first time, battle intent appeared in those eyes.




His figure was the first to rise to the sky.


In his wake, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan immediately followed him.


Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao looked at each other and also followed each other.


At the back, Gu Hongyi and many other Cangxuan Sect disciples also shouted, “We wish the Chosen ones victory!”


They knew that the fiercest and most dangerous battle since they entered the Mythical Utopia was about to begin at this moment.

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