Chapter 642 – The Fight Against the Sacred Palace

The Chosen team of the Cangxuan Sect, with Chu Qing as their leader, rose into the air with their feet on Genesis Qi, and under the gaze of those countless lines of sight, aiming directly at the majestic and enormous ancient mountain. galloped away.


His goal was to aim directly for that last and highest peak of the mountain.


At the top of that peak, the mysterious jade piece emitted a radiant light, attracting countless greedy and greedy gazes.


As they approached the ancient jade piece mountain, Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan and the others felt a majestic and vast Genesis Qi permeating the mountain. Around them, under that Genesis Qi of heaven and earth, their flying and swirling forms were as if they were under some kind of suppression and were beginning to descend.


"It seems that you can't fly in this mountain"


Chu Qing's eyes moved, and with a wave of his palm, his figure was the first to fall, quickly landing on the midpoint of that seventh mountain peak.


Chu Qing stood at the front, his usually cynical face was somewhat solemn, he did not continue to lead the crowd forward. Instead, they look forward.


Because now, on the path leading to the top, three imposing figures, standing tall, blocked the path in front of her.


The three figures at the top were Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, and Jin Chanzi.


Outside the mountain, countless lines of sight condensed here, as everyone clearly knew that the confrontation here counted as the biggest in this place, even the other four giant sects were not as exciting as here.


At this moment, Jiang Taishen and the others were already treating that last piece of jade as a Holy Palace item, and the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect led by Chu Qing would definitely not agree to it. So both sides, no matter who wanted to obtain that Jade King, would definitely need to do a battle first.


Right now here, without interference from spectators, I'm afraid this is the best battlefield.


"Chu Qing, if you repent now it won't be too late, I will allow you to retreat and go fight for the other piece of jade." Jiang Taishen's white hair danced lightly in the wind, indifferent.


Chu Qing smiled and said, "Jiang Taishen, saying now would be too hesitant, right? This is not the Jiang Taishen I know."


There was Genesis Qi flowing between Jiang Taishen's slender fingers, and his eyelids drooped as he said, "I don't want to waste my time for nothing."


"But the thing is, since you guys are determined to seek death, I'm not going to stop you, after all, this is really a nice place to be buried!"


He slowly extended his palm.


"Give them a great gift."


As his voice fell, the many Chosen of the Holy Palace, who were smiling grimly, clutched their palms, only to see a mottled ancient scroll appear in their hands.




They directly tore the scrolls, and there was a violent and incomparable Genesis Qi in the scrolls that burst out, directly causing the sound of thunder in the heavens and the earth.


Countless rays of light came out from the scrolls, weaving in the sky, faintly seeming to form an ancient scroll, like a curtain of light covering the sky and the sun.


A palpable fluctuation was constantly emitted from there, causing the heavens and the earth to change color.




The movement here was immediately noticed by the countless lines of sight, and a monstrous protest immediately broke out.


"What is that? What a terrifying Genesis Qi fluctuation!"


"Is this some kind of genesis treasure?!"


"The Holy Palace is not easy to manipulate, but it keeps hiding this kind of tactic!"




In the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo looked at each other with some concern in their beautiful eyes, clearly also aware that the Sacred Palace's means were strong.


On that seventh peak, Chu Qing also looked towards the ancient light diagram, his pupils shrinking slightly as he slowly said… “Spiritual Execution Diagram?!”


As soon as this was said, the nearby Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan changed color.


"Spiritual Execution Diagram? How is this possible?!"


It is rumored that in the Holy Palace, there is a Holy grade Genesis treasure called the Spiritual Execution Diagram, which is so powerful that it is capable of destroying heaven and earth. With this treasure, he had fought with Old Ancestor Cangxuan.


Such a supreme treasure was almost an item of the people, so how could it appear in the hands of some Chosen One? And with his abilities, it was impossible to boost the Spiritual Execution Diagram.


"The sight is not bad, this is indeed a Spiritual Execution Diagram, but it is just an imitation made by the Palace Master himself, and it can also only be used once." Jiang Taishen smiled weakly.


But the hearts of Li Qingchan and the others were still heavy, the Spiritual Execution Diagram was a genuine sacred genesis treasure, although what was in Jiang Taishen's hands right now was just an imitation, but the power was not to be underestimated. .


"But I guess it shouldn't be too difficult to use to exterminate you."


He raised his palm: "Do it."




As his voice drifted away, only the ancient light chart entrenched in the sky violently erupted with thunder, and the Genesis Qi of heaven and earth was absorbed by the ancient light chart as much as possible.




A moment later, in the center of the light diagram slowly opened, as if a horrible mouth had formed, and countless human-head-sized balls of light formed from it. Squirting out.


Within those balls of light, there was an extremely large amount of Heaven and Earth Genesis Qi that was compressed and condensed, each of them emitting an extremely dangerous aura.




In the next moment, the countless balls of genesis light were bombarding directly downwards, the radiant light covering the sky, each of those balls of light were not inferior to the full force of the attack of a Chosen One, which is now bombarding such scale that even Chu Qing and other characters would find difficult to resist.


Outside that mountain, countless lines of sight looked at this scene in horror, obviously they did not expect the killing weapon from the Holy Palace to arrive so quickly!…


Even if those Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect could withstand this kind of attack, they would surely die or be injured.


The might of the Holy Palace cannot be easily offended.


Down there, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the others couldn't help but change their complexions, thinking that they had also noticed the terrifying nature of such an attack from the Holy Palace.


However, just as they were about to make their move, Chu Qing's figure suddenly stood up, and he looked at the destructive whistling ball of light and said, "Jiang Taishen! An imitation, even wanting to eliminate the Chosen of "My Cangxuan Sect, you also underestimate the heritage of my Cangxuan Sect."


He brought his palms together, and then slowly separated them, only to see the glow of Genesis Qi gathering in his palm, and among that glow, there was actually a delicate and compact small blue parasol.


The parasol was engraved with ancient runes, and when it appeared, it suddenly swallowed the Genesis Qi of the world.




The small blue parasol shot out, flying against the wind and becoming a thousand feet in size, floating above the heads of the many Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.




Numerous balls of destructive light fell and hit the small blue umbrella, but the surface of the umbrella rippled and bloomed, directly stopping the countless destruction of the balls of light as far as they could.


Numerous balls of light collided with each other in the sky, and violent shock waves were produced.


Li Qingchan and the others looked at the giant blue parasol in amazement, losing their voices… “Patriarch’s Heavenly Luo Umbrella?”


Patriarch Qing Yang had a treasure called the Heavenly Lou Umbrella, although it was not a sacred grade genesis treasure, it was upper heaven grade and was equally rare. Unexpectedly, this treasure appeared in Chu Qing's hands right now.


Obviously, this should be something that Master Qing Yang had secretly handed over to Chu Qing, and what he was preventing were some of the Holy Palace's methods.


On the top of the giant tree, Jiang Taishen looked at the blue umbrella, his eyebrows wrinkled a little, this Chu Qing really had some means, it seemed that even if he wanted to kill him he couldn't do it. The Spiritual Execution Diagram could not directly exterminate them.


“Hehe, interesting, this Qing Yang Sect Master has handed over the Heavenly Luo Umbrella to Chu Qing, he seems to be very wary of my Sacred Palace.” On that side, Jin Chanzi smiled lightly.


Zhan Taiqing's red lips opened slightly, "They have the Heavenly Luo Umbrella to protect them, I'm afraid this Spiritual Execution Diagram will not be able to exterminate them."


Jiang Taishen smiled weakly and said, "It doesn't matter, it was never my intention to finish them off so easily, the ultimate purpose of the Spiritual Execution Diagram was not to kill them but to trap them."


He brought his hands together and struck his seal.




In the sky, the huge light map suddenly shook, a monstrous mist actually erupted, and within the mist there was like a screeching sound. It caused one's soul to shake, unable to distinguish its direction.


"This hazy smoke can confuse the spirit, and if one falls into it it is as if it were a prison of heaven and earth and one cannot escape"


Jiang Taishen's sleeved robe fluttered gently, faintly looking at the trapped Cangxuan Sect Chosen, and said, "The rest of the Holy Palace Chosen, continue pushing the Spiritual Execution Diagram."


He then turned his gaze to Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.


"The three of us can take this opportunity to go directly to the top and remove that jade jewel first, and then come back and have a good time with them afterwards"


As his voice fell, he stood on tiptoe and his figure was already soaring violently.


Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi nodded and looked towards the mist, the corners of their mouths raised a touch of contempt, these Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect were very delusional in trying to mess with their Sacred Palace.


He didn't know how ugly Chu Qing and the others' faces would be after obtaining that jade jewel.


Thinking like this, the two of them sneered, then their figures spread out and followed Jiang Taishen, quickly running towards the majestic mountain peak!

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