Chapter 643 – Exit

Fog with ear-piercing sounds came from all directions covering the sky and directly trapping the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.


The Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect were all confused and could not distinguish their direction.


And at the same time, in the vast smoke, there were terrifying balls of light whistling constantly.


Chu Qing's brows furrowed as he watched this scene, and his hands wove his seals, the Heavenly Luo Umbrella vibrating, resisting those balls of origin light.


"Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi are heading straight to the top" Suddenly, Yaoyao spoke.


As soon as this was said, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the others turned pale, if they let Jiang Taishen and the others take the lead in grabbing the jade stone, it would be too difficult to get it back from them, and even if they could grab it, if they pushed too hard, Jiang Taishen could even destroy it, causing them to throw in the towel.


"Let's try to see if we can get out of this fog first!" Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, and the other Chosen in a deep voice, and in the next moment, their figures shot out violently, rushing directly into the vast smoke.


But soon, their figures shot back, their faces somewhat unsightly.


"This fog can confuse the spirit, once they enter they lose their direction and have a hard time moving forward" Li Qingchan said.


"If you want to go out, only those who are hardened with extremely strong Genesis Qi, or those with strong spirits will be able to resist the interference of the confusing mist." Kong Sheng's eyebrows were wrinkled, he and Li Qingchan could try to force their way in, but that would be too consumerist, even if they did, how could they compete with Jiang Tai Shen and the others fighting?


Chu Qing said slowly: "I can get out of this fog, but I still need the help of at least two people, Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi are not an oil-saving lamp, all I can do is restrain Jiang Taishen"


The rest of the Chosen were all silent, needless to say, Jiang Taishen was the only one who could control and balance Chu Qing, but Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi were also extremely strong, even if it was Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan it would be difficult for them. have a lot of advantage against them.


What's more, as Qing Chan Li and Kong Sheng had said before, although their origin qi was quite strong, their spirits were somewhat weak, and there would be considerable consumption if they wanted to get out of the fog smoke.


In this state, it was impossible for them to be a match for Zhan Taiqing and Jinchanzi.


In this way, their situation was simply less than extreme.


For a time, the atmosphere in the arena was somewhat silent.


"This fog, Zhou Yuan and I are able to get out." And in the midst of their silence, there was a clear and pleasant voice that suddenly rang out, and the crowd looked, the speaker was precisely Yaoyao.


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes lit up, they had almost forgotten about Yaoyao, their spirit was extremely strong, this mist could stop them, but for Yaoyao it is of little use.


What's more, Yaoyao's own strength is also extremely strong, if he can come out, he will naturally have no scruples with Zhan Taiqing of the Holy Palace.


However… Si Yaoyao was feasible, Zhou Yuan here, but it was a bit troublesome.


"If Zhou Yuan can come out, can he fight Jin Chanzi?" Kong Sheng spoke slowly, expressing the doubt in his heart.


Although Zhou Yuan's previous performance in killing the two Sacred Palace Chosen was proud, but right now, this Jin Chanzi was no ordinary Chosen, he was an existence that ranks fifth on the Continent Chosen list.


Not even Kong Sheng had much confidence in defeating him.


The other Chosen were also a little hesitant, those who came out at this time would surely face the three strongest people in the Holy Palace, and if Zhou Yuan was not strong enough… Instead, it would be extremely dangerous.


He had killed two Chosen of the Holy Palace, and the other party would definitely not show him the slightest mercy if they had the chance.


Chu Qing intoned and looked at Zhou Yuan, saying, "Brother Zhou Yuan, what do you think? There is no need to force us, if we really can't do it, we will take a step back and give up this King of Jades."


Zhou Yuan said calmly, "I am willing to go."


There was the Third Saint Rune present on that Jade King, he couldn't give it up, and Jin Chanzi was certainly strong, but now it was different from the time when he was attacked by that guy before.


He also wanted to settle accounts with the other party.


Chu Qing also looked deeply at Zhou Yuan when he heard this and said, "Well, since Senior Brother Zhou Yuan has so much courage, then the three of us will come out of the fog and intercept the three."


He looked towards Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng, and said, “This Heavenly Luo Umbrella is under their control, this treasure requires a large amount of energy to stimulate it, you can join hands to stimulate it!”


"When the three of us face the three of the Holy Palace, you will also have to do your best to contain the other Chosen of the Holy Palace and not allow them to interfere."


Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng nodded their heads.


After giving the order, Chu Qing dragged his feet, and looked directly at Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan and said, "Let's do it!"


Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan looked at each other and both nodded slightly.




Chu Qing's toes were pointed, and a rolling Genesis Qi surged out from his body, while his figure directly turned into a stream of light and charged into the mist.


Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao's spirits flickered from between their eyebrows, and they also immediately followed them.


Li Qingchan and the other Chosen looked at the three disappearing into the smoke, they also looked solemn, they knew that this last battle in the Mythical Utopia depended on Chu Qing, Yaoyao, and Zhou Yuan.


However, the opponent they faced was also the most outstanding of the Holy Palace generation. There was not even half of the certainty.


I am afraid that the battle between the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace over who would be the biggest winner in this Mythical Utopia will depend on this battle.




Outside the Mountain.


Countless eyes looked at the mist spreading from the last peak of the mountain.


"The Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect are trapped..."


"Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, and Jin Chanzi are heading straight for that jade piece at the top!"


"It seems that they plan to seize the jade item first, tsk, worthy of the Holy Palace, it is really fierce, if the jade item falls into their hands, the Cangxuan Sect will find it difficult to fight for it anymore."


"It seems that the Sacred Palace is still the best in this competition"




Many murmurs resounded, clearly believing that the Holy Palace and Cangxuan Sect still had the upper hand in this final battle.


Zuoqiu Qingyu, Lu Luo, Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan, Zhen Xu, and the others all sighed lightly.




However, just as countless sightings were lamented, someone suddenly let out a cry of alarm upon seeing that among the dense smoke, three shadows of light suddenly shot out.


"Someone from Cangxuan Sect has escaped!"


"Who is it?"


“That person running it seems to be Chu Qing… There is also that Zhou Xiaoyao and Zhou Yuan!”


"Chu Qing is still not a surprise, but why aren't the other two Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan?"


Many people shouted in shock, Yaoyao had always kept a low profile while Zhou Yuan had just made a name for himself, and in the opinion of many, the three strongest men of the Cangxuan Sect must have been Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, and Li Qingchan. ..


The Chosen of the Sacred Palace naturally saw the three people who came out, but they looked at each other and did not stop them. A scoff was heard coming out.


So what if they came out, because the real difficulty was not with them... Jiang Taishen, Taiqing and Jin Chanzi who were facing the top... It was the strongest confidence in their Sacred Palace.


"Hmph, go, wait until you meet the three strongest people of our Holy Palace, then you will understand that Cangxuan Heaven now belongs to us! The Holy Palace!"


"And you Cangxuan Sect, you are dead!"

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