Chapter 644 – Chu Qing's Battle Form



Under the gaze of countless shocked gazes from outside that mountain, Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan, and Yaoyao quickly climbed along the giant peak, directly chasing after Jiang Taishen.


And facing that, Jiang Taishen looked slightly moved as he dragged his gaze back and smiled lightly, "He really chased us."


Zhan Taiqing's scarlet eyes looked over and smiled coquettishly, "The ones following Chu Qing were actually that Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao, how interesting. I originally thought it would be Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan."


"Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan's spirit is weaker, and the Genesis Qi will be consumed if they want to get out of the fog, and the two of them are not as strong as you, so there is basically no chance of winning if the Genesis Qi is consumed." before". Jiang Taishen smiled.


Originally, this was also in his calculations, as long as that Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan dared to forcibly go after him, then he could have Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi directly kill the two of them.


But now, it was a miscalculation.


However, there was no problem, it was just a matter of changing the dead from Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan to Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao.


Jiang Taishen waved his hand lightly and said, "Since you are determined to seek death, let's satisfy you today."


As his voice fell, his body also stopped and turned around, his eyes indifferent as he looked at the Chu Qing trio who were chasing him.


Zhan Taiqing and Jinz Chanzi also stopped, with mockery in their eyes, playfully looking at the people coming from behind.


Seeing that the three of them had stopped, Chu Qing also waved his hand and was the first to stop, slowly saying, “Jiang Taishen, you are too anxious!”


Jiang Taishen smiled, "Chu Qing, the one who is rushing to his death is you."


Lowering his voice, everyone felt an astonishing fluctuation of Genesis Qi rising from Jiang Taishen's body at this moment, and the earth below seemed to tremble.


Grey-white Genesis Qi slowly rose from Jiang Taishen's Qi Dwelling to the sky.


A powerful pressure of Genesis Qi enveloped the heavens and the earth.


Countless gazes turned here, was this ferocious man, ranked number one on the Chosen rankings, finally about to truly start displaying his terrifying strength?


Jiang Taishen's eyes were indifferent as he extended his slender finger and pointed it remotely at Chu Qing, then the corner of his mouth raised a shivering curl and the tip of his finger gently snapped.




He pointed his fingertips downward, and there was a roar of a pegasus made of gray and white Genesis Qi, and where the white Genesis Qi passed, even the space was corroded by a trace.


It could be seen that the Genesis Qi cultivated by this Jiang Taishen was tyrannical.


This finger of Jiang Taishen, if an ordinary Chosen took it directly, would be killed on the spot, and even his corpse would be reduced to nothing by that corrosive Qi.


Zhou Yuan looked at the roar of the white Genesis Qi, but in the next moment, his pupils suddenly shrank as he realized that the gray Genesis Qi had turned sharply, not actually heading towards Chu Qing, but directly towards him!


This Jiang Taishen immediately wanted to finish him off!


That Genesis Qi was extremely fast, and in a single breath, it went straight to Zhou Yuan, but his face was quite calm and he did not panic.




And just when the gray Genesis Qi was a short distance away from Zhou Yuan, a figure appeared in front of her like a ghost, five fingers clenched into a fist and shot out.




The light from the fist and the grayish-white Genesis Qi came together forcefully, and there was a violent shock wave of Genesis Qi that shot out.


The figure standing in front of Zhou Yuan's body, motionless, with its shining head reflecting the brilliance, was Chu Qing.


He raised his head and looked at Jiang Taishen, his eyes narrowed as he said, “Jiang Tai Shen, I wonder why you are always so filled with extraordinarily strong killing intent towards Zhou Yuan?”


That Jin Chanzi had tried to attack Zhou Yuan before, but right now, even Jiang Tai Shen was taking action against Zhou Yuan.


Although Zhou Yuan had attracted a lot of hatred by killing two Sacred Palace Chosen, Jiang Taishen and Jin Chanzi's performance seemed to be a little too eager.


Jiang Taishen flexed his finger and smiled lightly, "Because I feel that in the future, this Zhou Yuan will be some kind of threat to my Sacred Palace, and as such, of course he has to be removed soon."


Chu Qing smiled, "Then I dare to thank you for thinking so highly of him."


Turning his smile, he narrowed his smile slightly and said weakly, "But with me here today, you won't be able to touch it."


Jiang Taishen's eyelids drooped as he said, "Is that so? Then I would like to see if the 'Ancient Qi of Desolation' that you cultivate can protect him today."


“I would also love to know how much progress you have made with that ‘Holy Bone of the Underworld’” Chu Qing said slowly.


"I'm sure you won't be disappointed"


Jiang Taishen smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes as he slowly extended his hands, his robes windless, his white hair flowing… The gray-white Genesis Qi like a storm surged wildly from his body.




The entire heaven and earth seemed to be vibrating at this moment.


The grey-white Genesis Qi that was entrenched in the heavens and the earth carried a strange coldness, and when it flowed out, the air in contact with it was directly corroded into nothingness.


"Zhan Taiqing, Jin Chanzi you two continue forward and take the jade first." Genesis Qi surged, and Jiang Taishen looked at the two behind him again and said.


Zhan Taiqing, Jin Chanzi nodded at the words, and then left.


"Jiang Taishen will leave it to me, those two guys, is there a problem with leaving it to you?" Chu Qing took a look, and her gaze also swept towards Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.


Yaoyao's pretty face was flat, without the slightest ripple, but it was Zhou Yuan whose narrow gaze was fixed on Jin Chanzi's figure, who gently nodded his head.


"Go away."


Zhou Yuan sighed lightly and shot wildly at the same time as Yaoyao, chasing after Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.


Jiang Taishen took a look at the two but did not stop them as he had equal confidence in Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi as the Zhou Yuan duo. Except that Zhou Xiaoyao was a bit mysterious, while Zhou Yuan was not put in Jiang Taishen's eyes, even though he had previously killed two Chosen of the Sacred Palace.


(NT: For those who wonder why she sometimes says "Zhou Xiaoyao" instead of Yaoyao, it is because she introduced herself that way when she arrived at the Sect and obviously her name is not that, she just wanted to be called that xD)


Because at his level, it wasn't difficult to do so.


Looking at the two from a distance, Jiang Taishen kept his arms on his chest and looked at Chu Qing with an apparent smile, saying, "Aren't you afraid of letting them go on alone to seek death?"


"Jiang Taishen, it's good to be confident but don't become arrogant." Chu Qing let out a breath.




Jiang Taishen's sleeve waved slightly, rolling the entrenched gray-white Genesis Qi behind him, the Genesis Qi emitted a glow, gradually forming radiant sky of stars, countless gray-white stars flickering on it.


An astonishing sense of oppression was slowly emitted.


In the heavens and the earth, countless lines of sight looked in horror at the genesis stars behind Jiang Taishen, the genesis stars in her, which, at a rough glance were actually a staggering 100,000!


One hundred thousand Genesis Stars, what kind of powerful Genesis Qi base is this?


Outside the mountain, the disciples of all the sects were stunned, was this the strength of the first person on the Chosen list? Some 100,000 genesis stars, literally crushing the entire young generation of Cangxuan Heaven!


Chu Qing raised his head, looked at Jiang Taishen's 100,000 genesis stars, his eyes also narrowed, and his face showed a hint of gravity.




He let out a long breath, and his eyes, which had always been lazy, also became a little harder, as his hands slowly approached, deep yellow Genesis Qi also exploding from his body at this moment.


Deep yellow Genesis Qi filled the sky and occupied half of the wall.


The glow of Genesis Qi reflected the void, also forming a sky of stars, in which deep yellow Genesis stars shone with luster.


Ninety-five thousand!


Chu Qing's genesis star was also extremely close to the number 100,000, not much weaker than Jiang Taishen.


At first, Zhou Yuan had guessed that Chu Qing's Genesis Qi base should be in the number of 60,000 to 70,000, but now, it was clear that he had underestimated the bases of the head of the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect!


Furthermore, along with the unreserved explosion of Chu Qing's Genesis Qi within his body, everyone was astonished to see that his bare head was now suddenly growing black hair.


The hair continued to grow and eventually spilled out behind him like a waterfall.


From afar, it was like a black cloak.


Only those long hairs, instead of being soft, shone with a cold light, and each hair was like the blade of a knife. Severe and sharp.


Below that, the eyes of Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and other Chosen Ones were also cast from afar, and when they saw Chu Qing looking like this, their eyes were also having a glow.


“I haven't seen him in this form for a long time…” They looked at each other, Chu Qing's cultivation of “Desolate Qi” had caused the hair to grow, but once he had fully stimulated the Genesis Qi… The form Before them it would be formed, and Li Qingchan and the others would call it Chu Qing's battle form.


Just over the years, the number of times Chu Qing had been able to force him to appear in this form was merely limited to a handful of times.


Clearly this time, facing Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing was no longer reserved.


In the heavens and the earth, countless fiery gazes were projected.


This battle would be a competition between the first and second on the Shengzhou Continent Chosen Ranking.

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