Chapter 645 – Two Women

Amidst the countless wonderful gazes, Chu Qing stood on the top of a towering ancient tree, her long needle-like black hair swaying gently, flickering with a cold brilliance.


At this moment, Chu Qing's demeanor changed greatly, the previous languor and cynicism completely dispersed, and his eyes were full of sharpness.


"Chu Qing, I haven't seen you in this form for a long time." Jiang Tai Shen cast his gaze and spoke slowly.


Chu Qing smiled and said: "Jiang Tai Shen, last time you were lucky and won, this time it's hard to say that you won't be so lucky."


"Oh really?" Jiang Taishen did not hesitate.


However, he also understood that if someone from the younger generation of Cangxuan Heaven was still capable of posing a threat to him, then Chu Qing was the only one, and although the latter's number of Genesis Stars was slightly less than his, At this level, that small piece of Genesis Qi Stars no longer meant anything.


Even he, even in this contest today, would not let up easily.


Jiang Taishen took a deep breath and lightly moved his palms, and the gray-white Genesis Qi rolled in, and the next moment, his palms trembled violently, and the majestic gray-white Genesis Qi transformed into countless gray-white Genesis Qi particles, shining with a cold and gloomy luster.


"Underworld dust!"


With a cold look in his eyes, Jiang Taishen waved his sleeved robe, only to see countless grains of gray Genesis Qi light whistling and overwhelmingly enveloping Chu Qing.


Those light grains of Genesis Qi possessed extremely strong corrosive power, once they landed on the flesh, they would directly melt the flesh and blood, and with their incessant flow, it would be difficult for ordinary people to overcome them.


Chu Qing looked at the countless grains of light that roared, his eyebrows slightly raised, and in the next moment, the cloak-like black hair behind him rose, and buzzed, countless fine black hairs like cow hair shot out violently, like a round of black storm.




In the sky, countless hairs collided with light particles, erupting into low explosive sounds.




However, this sound attack from the two of them was simply a test, and in the next instant, their eyes were instantly stern, and the ancient trees under their feet were directly shattered with a slam of their feet.


Their figures, on the other hand, transformed into shadows of light that shot out violently, finally colliding from above with that void amid countless looks of surprise.




There was a violent and incomparably violent impact of Genesis Qi in the air.




Zhou Yuan's rapid advance also felt the astonishing confrontation behind him and his eyes flickered. In his perception, Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing's Genesis Qi backgrounds were beyond his expectations.


"Is this the strength of the first and second in the Chosen Ranking? It is truly terrifying." Zhou Yuan's face was slightly heavy, even he at this point had to admit that if he faced Jiang Taishen at this time, it would be difficult to win.


However, he was confident that once he broke through to the Ninth Heaven of the Alpha-Origin Realm, even if it was Jiang Taishen, he would no longer have the slightest scruples.


Zhou Yuan quickly reined in his mind as he understood that this time, his opponent was not Jiang Taishen.


In front of that, two shadows of light were drawn.


"Jiang Taishen has confronted Chu Qing." Zhan Taiqing's beautiful scarlet eyes flickered slightly, then he looked at the two figures following closely behind him and said, "These two rats have been following... If we don't fix it, I "I'm afraid it will be difficult to remove the jade item easily."


Jin Chanzi also smiled slightly and said, "Let's figure it out then."


"Who do you choose?" He looked towards Zhan Taiqing.


Zhan Taiqing licked her red lips and smiled: "I heard Li Qingchan say before that Zhou Xiaoyao seems to have some ability. Well, I would like to see if I destroy her or she destroys me. Hehehe"


Jin Chanzi walked away and said, "Leaving a Zhou Yuan for me, it doesn't make much sense."


"Heehee, who let you have a lower rank than me? Of course, you can only collect what's left of the chosen ones."


Jin Chanzi sighed somewhat helplessly, but the eyes looking at Zhou Yuan were somewhat cruel as he said, "Since there is no choice... It would have to be him, forget it, if we capture him later, let's cut off his hands and feet first."


He spoke freely, clearly already treating Zhou Yuan as a prey within his grasp.


"Keep him alive and let me play with him when the time comes, I have told Li Qingchan that I want to get all the blood out of that brat" Zhan Taiqing smiled playfully.


Jin Chanzi nodded his head casually.


When Zhan Taiqing saw this, his small body that galloped out, stopped and landed on the top of a giant rock, only to see his red mouth slightly open and a light of blood gushed out.




At the top of the blood light, there was dense blood Qi lingering, and within the blood light was a blood needle made from the condensation of blood, about an inch or so.


That blood needle was wrapped with blood poison, once pierced into the body, all the blood in the body would be contaminated and would be worse than death.


The blood needle was pointed directly at Yaoyao.


The blood needle shot out violently, Yaoyao was naturally aware of it, there were no ripples on her astonishingly beautiful jade face, and the spirit light flickered on the bright eyebrow, and in the next moment, the invisible spirit power soared. violently, which also turned into a long soul needle.




The two long needles collided with each other in that void, emitting a crisp sound, and Genesis Qi swept out, both bursting out.


"Elder sister of Cangxuan Sect, can you come down to play?" Zhan Taiqing laughed coquettishly.


Yaoyao's bright eyes looked at her and then said to Zhou Yuan, "Let me deal with this girl."


For some reason, Zhou Yuan seemed to have heard a chill in her voice.


Zhou Yuan nodded and said, "I'll go after that golden toad."


The three of them had already assigned their opponents.


With a slight shake of his head, the strength of his spirit carried his delicate body, and that was when Yaoyao fell towards the rock where Zhan Taiqing was, while Zhou Yuan accelerated to chase after Jin Chanzi.


Zhan Taiqing looked at Yaoyao, blinked his eyes and said, "What a beautiful person, so beautiful that I can't bear to see her."


Zhan Taiqing is also very confident in her own looks and temperament, she is not far behind Li Qingchan, but right now when she saw Yaoyao, she felt a little suppressed.


However, this made the desire for destruction in Zhan Taiqing's heart intensify even more, he wanted to see if he could still maintain such a perfect and beautiful little face when he drained the blood from the body of the person in front of him.


Yaoyao didn't pay attention to Zhan Taiqing's unrestrained gaze, her eyes were clear, and she said, "You must be Zhan Taiqing."


Zhan Taiqing smiled as he said, “What can I do for you?”


Yaoyao stared at her, her red lips opened slightly, and said, "I heard Li Qingchan say that you wanted to draw blood from Zhou Yuan's body for fun..."


(NT: Oh, damn. This caught on xD)


Zhan Taiqing was startled and turned to smile sweetly. "So that boy is your little lover, huh?"


She licked her red lips, but her scarlet eyes were cold, "If that boy falls into my hands, I wouldn't mind drawing his blood for fun."


She looked at Yaoyao, tilted her head slightly and smiled coquettishly: "Are you very angry? Hehe, don't worry, because you and him will be the ones who end up..."


Yaoyao's clear and empty eyes looked at Zhan Taiqing, and then she nodded her head gently.


"I'm not interested in drawing blood, but I think... It might be more fun to draw your spirit."


He raised his jade hand, and the light of his divine spirit condensed on his shining forehead.


Then, an invisible spirit fire floated and landed on Yaoyao's long and slender jade hand.




She moved her jade finger.




In the next instant, the invisible spirit fire shot out violently.


The invisible and murderous aura rose.

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