Chapter 647 – Ruthless Battle



The violent and powerful turquoise Genesis Qi, with a disgustingly suspicious air, swept overwhelmingly from Jin Chanzi's body, the 83,000 Genesis Stars, shining with eye-catching light, caused countless people to be moved by it.


Zhou Yuan looked at the spectacular sky of stars, his face was also somewhat heavy, then he took a deep breath, golden Genesis Qi came out of his body, there was also a sky of genesis stars, but among them, there were only 39,000 Genesis Stars, this was undoubtedly It was extremely draining compared to Jin Chanzi's side.


Outside the mountain, there was also some low laughter, especially from the Holy Palace disciples' side, the laughter was more unrestrained, as just from the Genesis Qi base of both sides, Zhou Yuan certainly had no chance of winning. .


The Cangxuan Sect disciples, on the other hand, were furious but their hearts were also a little apprehensive, as the difference between the two was too great.


Zhou Yuan did not notice the laughter outside the mountain, at that moment, he only had his eyes firmly fixed on Jin Chanzi, the overwhelming pressure of the Genesis Qi that was entering let him know that today's battle would definitely be the most intense. since he arrived at Shengzhou Continent.


Jin Chanzi pressed his arms to his chest, his turquoise Genesis Qi swirling behind him, his golden vertical pupils staring indifferently at Zhou Yuan, the corners of his mouth raising a mocking arc . “Zhou Yuan, is your final result, the Genesis Qi base of 39,000 Genesis Stars?”


"If that's the case..."


His eyes suddenly became cruel, "Then today, I'm afraid you won't have even half a chance to live!"




The moment his voice fell, Jin Chanzi's foot stomped, and behind him, the rolling turquoise Genesis Qi roared, transforming into a giant toad claw, with a fishy air, slapping fiercely in Zhou Yuan's direction. fiercely.


Zhou Yuan looked at the whistling turquoise claw and took a deep breath, the golden Genesis Qi also roared at this moment, and within the golden light, the shadow of the python born with a claw could be faintly seen.


Facing Jin Chanzi's Genesis Qi attack, he did not dodge directly, because he wanted to try to see how strong the other party's 83,000 Genesis Star base was!


After all, in the past, Zhou Yuan had never really fought against a strong person of this level.


The two Sacred Palace Chosen that he had killed before, their combined Genesis Qi reserves were probably not as good as Jin Chanzi's, not to mention that the comparison between Genesis Qi reserves was not as simple as one plus one.


One person with 80,000 genesis stars was enough to easily crush two opponents with 40,000 genesis stars.


Jin Chanzi looked at Zhou Yuan's Golden Genesis Qi roaring, but the corners of his mouth raised a contemptuous curve, and he twirled his sleeved robe.




The turquoise Genesis Qi claw collided with the golden python silhouette, and violent waves of Genesis Qi surged out from the void, but the golden python silhouette only lasted a few breaths of time before bursting into pieces.


On the other hand, the Turquoise Genesis Qi giant claw only weakened a few points, but it was still ferocious and ferocious, slapping Zhou Yuan down.


Zhou Yuan's figure quickly faded, turning into a ray of shadows and retreating, avoiding the reach of the giant claw by a thousand clicks.




The earth was blown up directly with a crack, and smoke and dust rolled down.


Jin Chanzi's eyes looked at this scene indifferently, then rushed to the figure appearing in the distance, with a cat and mouse joke at the corners of his mouth, this first encounter, Zhou Yuan was almost in a position to be crushed. .


Trying to fight him with 39,000 Genesis Stars was simply too naive.


"Are you going to be like a mouse, hiding to fight me?" With a smile on his face, Jin Chanzi put his palms together and stamped his fingertips, and the next moment, his eyes suddenly became gloomy.


"I'll see how long you can hide!"




He made a strange sound between his throat, and his mouth bulged abruptly, turquoise Genesis Qi condensed and compressed frantically in his mouth, and in the next moment, it violently gushed out from his mouth.


"Heavenly Toad Venom Wave!"


The screeching sound waves, resounding rapidly, the stream of turquoise light, which became viscous at this moment, resembling poison, shot out with a bang, directly towards Zhou Yuan at an extremely fast speed.


That speed was so fast that it was impossible to dodge.


Where the turquoise light passed, the ground was directly corroded by poison, and foul smoke rose.


The waves of this Jin Chanzi's attack were fiercer than ever, clearly intending to forcefully destroy all of Zhou Yuan's confidence by virtue of his own strong Genesis Qi foundation.


Zhou Yuan also looked at the roaring turquoise light wave with a heavy face, his Void Transformation Technique operated to the extreme, retreating wildly, but Jin Chanzi's attack was like a sound wave, so fast that it was impossible to dodge.


As waves of turquoise light rapidly enlarged in the pupils of his eyes, Zhou Yuan's hands also made lightning-like seals, and the vitality in his body moved rapidly.


His mouth was also bulging, and the Genesis Qi in his body moved with it, and in the next moment, dark golden flames burst out of his mouth.


"Heavenly Sun Fire!"


The air became incandescent as the Dark Golden Fire hissed, the surface of the ground even melted, and the bite of the Dark Golden Fire collided directly with the roaring turquoise sound waves.




The two collided and made a sharp sound, but the Dark Golden Fire, after lasting a dozen breaths or so, quickly extinguished and was swallowed by the stream of turquoise light.


Swallowing the Dark Golden Fire, streams of turquoise light still shot directly at Zhou Yuan who was constantly retreating violently.


From the beginning, the meeting of the two sides became a simmering brawl.




Zhou Yuan in a violent retreat, the light of divine spirit flickering in his eyebrows, in the next moment, the earth shook and suddenly there was a huge stone wall rising from the sky, blocking in front of Zhou Yuan.


On those stone walls, there was also the light of the divine spirit covering them.


Apparently, Zhou Yuan was even using his spirit power at that moment.


Boom! Boom!


However, facing the heavy stone wall, the wave of turquoise light still rushed through it, destroying everything that stood in its path.


In a few moments, all the stone walls were broken through.


The turquoise light wave shrank to half its initial size, and had obviously consumed most of its energy, but the residual energy was still enough to kill most of the Chosen in seconds.




The wave of turquoise light passed through the last stone wall and rose at high speed, finally reaching the retreating Zhou Yuan, and then impacted with a loud hiss.


At this moment, Zhou Yuan could no longer retreat.


He looked at the rapidly expanding stream of turquoise light in his pupils, took a deep breath in his heart, and clenched his five fingers tightly.


Between his heart, the golden blood vibrated violently at this moment, and countless golden rays spread out, connecting with the flesh and blood of his body, increasing the power of the flesh.


On the surface of Zhou Yuan's body, golden light was faintly visible, and even golden lines appeared on his skin.


"Small Mythical Saint Body, Golden Blood Realm!"


The power of the flesh was pushed forward without reservation at this point.




Zhou Yuan's body was like the sound of a roar, he did not retreat at this point, stepping out with a step, his five fingers clenched tightly, and a monstrous golden light emerged from under his fist.




That strike was directly connected to the swirling waves of turquoise light, which came together tightly.




At this moment, huge sounds were heard and violent shock waves were produced.


Numerous lines of sight were projected strongly, without blinking.


It could be seen that at the source of the collision, the two violent forces were constantly impacting each other, so after about ten or so breaths, the turquoise light waves finally dissipated as much as they could.




However, at the same time as the turquoise light wave dissipated, Zhou Yuan's figure trembled violently, then flew hundreds of meters backwards and crashed heavily into a mountain wall.


The mountain wall collapsed and rocks rolled down, burying his figure.


Countless eyes were watching this scene.


Previously, in order to defuse that fierce attack from Jin Chanzi, Zhou Yuan had used each of the three powers of Genesis Qi, Spirit, and Flesh, but even so, at that final moment he still fell into the trap.


Eighty-three thousand genesis stars was too much to be compensated by the three powers united.


On the Cangxuan Sect's side, Tang Mu Xin, Jin Zhang, Gu Hongyi and the others turned very pale, clearly on Zhou Yuan's side, they knew that it was the most difficult and troublesome battle since he entered the Cangxuan Sect. ..

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