Chapter 648 – The Underdog



The violent deep yellow Genesis Qi fiercely collided with the grayish white Genesis Qi, shockwaves shot out, and the surrounding dense forest was directly and continuously shattered.


At the place where the Genesis Qi collided, there were the figures of Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen.


At this moment, both of them were terrifyingly ferocious, and when they attacked, the Genesis Qi was rolling, and the pressure was overwhelming and destructive.


The match here, in terms of momentum, was even more than at Zhou Yuan's place.


"Underworld Saint Palm!"


Jiang Taishen's figure rose to the sky, and then he was slapped with a palm, only to see the Gray Genesis Qi directly transform into a giant palm filled with cold, fiercely slapping Chu Qing below.


And before the palm print fell, the ground below had already begun to collapse.


Chu Qing raised his head, his pupils filled with sharpness as he looked at Jiang Taishen's attack and stomped his foot, the long hair behind his back like needles swept fiercely, like a pointed cone.


"Desolate Thorn"




On top of the black hair, deep yellow Genesis Qi infused each hair, and from afar, it looked like a cone with black spikes, charging straight upwards, tearing through the air and colliding with the clapping giant palm.




The violent Genesis Qi erupted again.


Both figures shook and shot back, spinning to stabilize themselves quickly.


Jiang Taishen's white hair had already fluttered downwards, the two sides had fought hundreds of rounds before, but they still failed to distinguish a clear winner, clearly, Chu Qing's strength was not to be underestimated.


“Chu Qing, your Ancient Desolate Qi has grown quite a bit,” Jiang Taishen said indifferently.


"Your Underworld Saint's bone is not bad either." Chu Qing smiled, but the eyes were however unsmiling and filled with strong colors.


Jiang Taishen raised his head and looked at the highest point of this huge mountain, and said indifferently, "But unfortunately, that Zhou Yuan of yours doesn't seem like it will be long before Jin Chanzi will be able to kill his opponent."


He seemed to be casual, but his mind was malicious, trying to use the battle on Zhou Yuan's side to influence Chu Qing's mind, after all, in a fight like theirs, the slightest sign of impatience could be trapped. in a defect.


Chu Qing's gaze lifted, looking at the top of the mountain, and then he retreated, his handsome face calm like a dark pond, saying, "Since this brother Zhou Yuan entered the Cangxuan Sect, which opponent did he face? " "Had he faced that they were stronger than him? Jiang Taishen, don't you know him?"


"Oh really?" Jiang Taishen smiled tantricly, not caring that perhaps in his opinion, a Zhou Yuan was not really qualified for him to understand.


"I hope you'll still be able to say that when they kill him."




Unlike Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen's side, here on the mountainside, Yaoyao and Zhan Taiqing seemed to be a little calmer, but beneath that calmness, there was a strong murderous surge.


Yaoyao is standing on a rock, and her bright forehead had the flickering light of a dense spirit, not far from there, Zhan Taiqing was standing on a tree trunk, and now her pretty face was somewhat distorted.


Because she had been hit by the spirit fire before, if it weren't for the crazy blocking of the Genesis Qi in her body to dissolve it, her divine spirit would have been severely damaged at this moment, but around that, there was still a burning pain. where the fire of spirit passed.


That kind of burning pain originated directly from the divine spirit, and it was difficult for normal people to endure.


"Damn woman!"


Zhan Taiqing gritted his silver teeth, his scarlet eyes fixed on Yaoyao with strong hostility, and around his body, blood-red Genesis Qi was constantly churning.


The most difficult thing to accept was that Yaoyao managed to condense a trace of spirit fire, which made Zhan Taiqing very disbelieving, after all, spirit fire is something that can only be condensed when the spirit enters the Realm of Spirit! The transformation!


Although the spirit fire that Yaoyao condensed was not considered in its complete form, but still, it was a huge threat to someone like her who had not entered the Divine Dwelling Realm.


"I'm afraid that little lover of yours is going to be killed very soon!" Zhan Taiqing sneered and said suddenly.


His plan was exactly the same as Jiang Taishen.


But to her mockery, Yaoyao didn't even raise her eyes. She knew that Zhou Yuan against Jin Chanzi would definitely be a difficult and fierce battle, but if anyone here had more confidence in Zhou Yuan, I'm afraid no one would be higher than her.


She knew Zhou Yuan too well… Therefore, it was still unknown who would end up laughing at the battle at the top.


"I think it's better for you to worry about when I will kill you now." Yaoyao's eyes were slightly drooping, her eyes had a cold light condensing in them, her jade hand raised, only to see that there were countless rocks around her that were carried by the power of his spirit.




In the next moment, those rocks were directly under the trend of Spirit power, overwhelmingly violently shooting at Zhan Taiqing.


Furthermore, between some of the rocks, there seemed to be invisible flames passing silently by.




At the top of the peak where countless eyes were placed.


Jin Chanzi clutched his arms to his chest, his eyes looked indifferently at the collapsing mountain wall, and he smiled lightly, "You are capable of a little success in both body and spirit, but... Unfortunately, it is of little use."


In Jin Chanzi's opinion, Zhou Yuan cultivating the three types of power together really seemed a bit ridiculous, having that time and energy to specialize in one, just like that Zhou XiaoYao's spirit, even he would have a headache.


"Boy, don't hide there and be embarrassed, this battle is about to begin, you won't have a chance to retreat." Jin Chanzi sneered, the previous attack had suppressed Zhou Yuan, but the latter's flesh body was considered something hard, and I couldn't die.


Of course, that was before, if the fighting continued it would be difficult to say whether he would die or not.


Thinking of this, there was also killing intent flowing from Jin Chanzi's eyes.


However, his voice fell, but the collapse of the mountain wall was still silent, which made the sneer at the corner of Jin Chanzi's mouth grow even more, saying, "Have I broken your guts, turtle?" shrunken?"




As his voice fell, the turquoise Genesis Qi roared, turning into a pegasus and shooting directly at the collapsed mountain wall.


The rocks that rolled there were directly shattered.




And in the midst of the rock burst, a fist-shaped light suddenly came out forcefully, colliding with the Genesis Qi, and a shock wave was unleashed, shattering the nearby rocks as much as possible.


The figure, also slightly trembling, swirled around.


Jin Chanzi's eyes narrowed as he looked, only to see that Zhou Yuan was now standing among the rubble, and on the surface of his body, there was a mysterious shadow of light covering him, and behind that shadow of light, there was also two wings of light spread out, and the Genesis Qi of the heavens and the earth poured out continuously, and then passed through that mysterious light shadow and into Zhou Yuan's body.


"Oh? If I'm not mistaken, this should be one of the seven arts of the Cangxuan Sect, the Omega Holy Spirit Art, right?" Jin Chanzi slowed down.


"Oh, you are really a bit good, you managed to activate this technique"


"What? Do you think cultivating this genesis technique will close the huge gap between you and me?" Jin Chanzi shook his head, his eyes staring at Zhou Yuan with compassion, saying, “You are still so naive.”


Zhou Yuan wiped a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Jin Chanzi with a blank expression, his words were without waves, "Jin Chanzi, you are happy too soon"


He squatted down and extended his palm, gently touching the ground.


When Zhou Yuan's palm touched the ground, mysterious sacred lines slowly emerged from the earth, and the earth began to shake.


Earth Holy Rune!


The real battle has just begun!

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