Chapter 649: Turning the Tide



The moment Zhou Yuan's palm made contact with the ground, the entire majestic peak trembled, and deep within the earth, the majestic Genesis Qi surged like a ground python, finally whistling from all directions, following the Zhou Yuan's palm that touched the ground and wildly surging into his body like a tidal wave.


A pale yellow light bloomed from the surface of Zhou Yuan's body.


The violent and furious Genesis Qi within his body roared continuously.


The Earth Genesis Qi was extremely thick and heavy, it was difficult for an ordinary fleshly body to withstand it, and thanks to Zhou Yuan's fleshly body having some small successes, otherwise he would not dare to incorporate this Genesis Qi into his body at all.


And yet, when the Earth Genesis Qi entered his body, the flesh and blood in Zhou Yuan's body was still churning, and on the surface of that body, a trace of blood was even torn off.


However, it was a good thing that the Taiyi Green Mark on Zhou Yuan's body were constantly emitting vitality, repairing the tears in his flesh, otherwise, at this moment, Zhou Yuan would have been riddled with sores himself before he had even made a move. motion.


A pale yellow light condensed on the surface of Zhou Yuan's skin, seeming to faintly form some mysterious lines of light.


The Genesis Qi pressure emanating from Zhou Yuan's body also rose at an astonishing speed, and the gigantic rocks under his feet were somewhat unbearable and began to crumble and break.




Feeling the surging power in his body that was like an angry Dragon, Zhou Yuan also let out a long white breath, this kind of power was the true background of his fight with Jin Chanzi.


The previous confrontation was simply to test how strong Jin Chanzi's Genesis Qi foundation was.


Not far from Zhou Yuan, Jin Chanzi, who originally had a playful face, condensed slightly when he noticed the pressure of Genesis Qi emanating from Zhou Yuan's body.


At that moment, that fluctuation of Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi had skyrocketed surprisingly, and had even begun to make him aware of some threats.


One had to know that this kind of threatening feeling, even when Zhou Yuan had used the three types of power before, Jin Chanzi had never experienced it before.


Apparently, the current Zhou Yuan, who did not know what means he had deployed, had caused his Genesis Qi to increase exponentially…


"Is this brat hiding this kind of tactic?" Jin Chanzi's face was somewhat cold.


His gaze flickered, his killing intent in his eyes even more, and in the next moment he stomped his foot, and the turquoise Genesis Qi rose like a volcano, transforming into countless poisonous turquoise lights that overwhelmed the sky and hissed, pointing straight to Zhou Yuan.


The poisonous light spread across the void, and even the air was corroded, turning into a weak poisonous gas.


Obviously, facing the current Zhou Yuan, Jin Chanzi's cat and mouse mentality had begun to change, as the previous Zhou Yuan did not make him feel threatened, but right now, the rat he had identified seemed to have strayed a bit. ..


Therefore, Jin Chanzi planned to completely finish off Zhou Yuan before the situation got out of control.


(NT: These antagonists are good, they don't wait for the protagonist to finish preparing xD)


Countless poisonous turquoise lights whistled, like phosphorescent fires, and Zhou Yuan raised his head, his pupils reflecting thousands of green lights, and said faintly, "You're in a hurry!"


He also felt that Jin Chanzi was now even more deadly and a little more hasty in his actions.


Jin Chanzi sneered, but did not speak.


Zhou Yuan's face was calm, Jin Chanzi's attack at this time was even more vicious, if it had been before, it would have been very difficult for him to fight, but at this moment, it still might not be as good as the 83,000 base. Jin Chanzi's genesis stars, but that gap was no longer irreparable.


He held his hands open, and his golden Genesis Qi rose, turning into a golden mask of light that covered his entire body.


Swoosh! Phew!


Numerous poisonous turquoise lights fell and fiercely bombarded the golden light shield, the overwhelming sound was extremely horrifying, even the surrounding ground was corroded and full of holes.


However, what surprised the countless lines of sight outside that mountain was that although the golden mask flew away in waves, it was always standing protecting Zhou Yuan within it.


Only when the last of the greenish poisonous lights fell did the golden mask crumble and shatter silently.


And Zhou Yuan was standing on it, motionless, with a calm face.




Outside the mountain, there were countless voices of alarm echoing.


People from all sides were shocked, this was the first time since both sides fought, that Zhou Yuan deflected Jin Chanzi's attack unscathed.


"How did he suddenly become powerful?"


"Previously he was able to resist Jin Chanzi's attack completely with his Genesis Qi, but with his base of 39,000 Genesis Stars, how could he do it?"


"This boy is very strange!"


"No wonder he dared to confront Jin Chanzi, he has his skills..."




At the top of the peak, Jin Chanzi was also looking at Zhou Yuan with a gloomy face, and the fact that the previous attack had been blocked by the latter as much as possible also made him feel quite angry.


It was definitely a harsh slap to his face.


Zhou Yuan didn't notice his gloomy look, he finally exhaled a white breath, his eyes staring at Jin Chanzi like a hawk, and slowly said "You were the one who attacked before, but now it's my turn, right?"




The moment his voice fell, Zhou Yuan's eyes froze, and behind him, the Holy Spirit spread its wings and violently vibrated.




His figure almost disappeared like an instant movement.


Jin Chanzi's pupils shrank, Zhou Yuan's speed at that moment was extremely astonishing, when his toes were jumping, his figure was also straight towards the sky.


However, as soon as his figure stood up, an afterimage appeared in front of him like a ghost, and his five fingers were clenched.




When that punch was launched, there was an astonishing striking wind that erupted, and even space was slightly shaken, like water falling on a stone, a piercing sonic boom that exploded under the punch.


Jin Chanzi noticed the force of that blow, and his face changed slightly, but then with a cold snort, he also slapped a palm, and his turquoise Genesis Qi moved in a monstrous and terrifying manner, apparently also exerting his own Genesis Qi base at the same time. maximum.




The fists and palms collided, and the void at the collision point shook as shock waves erupted and the void continued to shake.


Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi's figures trembled.


But Zhou Yuan lunged again in the next instant, and countless fist lights roared, overwhelmingly shooting towards Jin Chanzi.


The Chosen One Jin Chanzi's face was gloomy, he did not give in at all, he was also facing the front.


Boom Boom!


Thus, in that environment the two figures crossed paths frantically, fists and palms hardening, and each collision caused the wind to whistle and space to shake.


Within a few minutes, the two had almost exchanged hundreds of rounds of combat, and the lightning bombardment was dazzling to watch.


At that moment, both of them were clearly fighting true fire, their fists deadly and lethal.




In the sky, the two figures heavily collided with each other again, their faces appearing somewhat ferocious as the violent Genesis Qi impacted, sweeping the sky.


Both silhouettes trembled, and then their figures shot back.


Zhou Yuan retreated a hundred feet away and his figure fell, coming out of dozens of deep holes in the ground, while Jin Chanzi on the other hand, shot out from one hundred and thirty feet, and when he was about to fall to the ground, he too He retreated a hundred steps in a row on the ground...


When the two stabilized, Jin Chanzi's face was already livid.


At the same time, outside that mountain, there were also countless sounds of cold air being sucked in, with gazes filled with shock and disbelief falling on Zhou Yuan's body.


This was because it was the first time since Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi started their war, that they had actually gained a bit of an advantage in a tough head-to-head encounter!


The current situation seems to be gradually leaning towards the side of the crowd's disbelief.

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