Chapter 650 – The Art of the Great Demonic Toad

Above the majestic peak, there was a mess.


Countless shocked gazes condensed on the two peak figures, especially where Zhou Yuan was, those lines of sight were filled with disbelief, no one thought that it was Zhou Yuan who had gained a bit of an advantage in this harsh clash between the two sides. .


What does this mean?


It meant that the original huge gap between the two sides had gradually been bridged and even surpassed by Zhou Yuan.


This transcendence was simply unimaginable to normal people, after all, the difference between 39,000 genesis stars and 83,000 was too much for people, but in the end Zhou Yuan was the one who did it…


This had to be considered a miracle.


In the direction of the Holy Palace, those disciples who originally had a mocking look, their faces were all a little stiff at this moment, as if they could not believe the previous scene.


Because in his opinion, Zhou Yuan was the weakest of the Cangxuan Sect's three rings, and the difference between him and Jin Chanzi was the biggest, so in their confrontation, Jin Chanzi would definitely be able to defeat Zhou Yuan from a destructive manner, thus causing the entire Cangxuan Sect to collapse.


And in the previous match, it was indeed as expected, Jin Chanzi had the absolute advantage, but who would have thought that suddenly, Zhou Yuan was as if he had burst and his Genesis Qi rose wildly, not only making up the gap between the two. sides, but even taking a slight advantage in the tough fight!


This scene was clearly a great shock to the Holy Palace disciples.


And compared to the deathly silence on the Holy Palace side, the Cangxuan Sect side immediately erupted with deafening cheers.


Tang Mu Xin, Gu Hongyi, and the others looked excited.


Although they did not understand why Zhou Yuan had burst his seed to such an inhuman level, no matter what, the current situation was a good thing for their Cangxuan Sect.


As long as Zhou Yuan's side was stable, it was still unclear who would win or lose this battle for the seventh peak.


Zuoqiu Qingyu, Lu Luo, and Li Chunjun also looked at each other and murmured, "This guy is too wicked."




At the bottom of the seventh peak.


On this side, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan, Ye Ge and other Chosen Ones resided under the protection of the Luo Heavenly Umbrella and stopped by the Holy Palace from time to time, so they also had time to pay attention to the battle above. .


When they saw Zhou Yuan reversing the situation and occupying a slight advantage in the fight with Jin Chanzi, they were also a little moved.


"Zhou Yuan's strength has increased to this point!" Li Qingchan was surprised, at that time Zhou Yuan, if we talked about strength, he would not be weaker than her and Kong Sheng.


Zhao Zhao who was on the side had a color change that was quite wonderful.


I'm afraid that even he was a little unable to believe that this retarded younger brother that he had repeatedly despised, had completed the transformation of a newcomer in less than two years, and right now, he had even surpassed him.


"That Jin Chanzi is a bit exaggerated." Ye Ge said slowly.


Kong Sheng also nodded his head and said, "Right now Zhou Yuan's own Genesis Qi has skyrocketed, and his Omega Holy Spirit Art should be truly cultivated... But Jin Chanzi was still underestimating before, and tried to suppress Zhou Yuan only by virtue of his Genesis Qi, but instead, he ended up eating his own consequences."


"But after taking this loss, I'm afraid Jin Chanzi won't dare to slack off anymore..."


"In the next battle, Jin Chanzi will not stop any longer"


Li Qingchan also nodded her head slightly, taking a deep breath, her beautiful eyes looking at the slender young figure at the top.


"Let's hope he can handle it."




At the top of the peak, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi surged around his body, and on the surface of his body, mysterious shadows covered him, wings of light spread out behind him.


He looked at Jin Chanzi in front of him and seemed calm, not that there was any ecstasy about gaining a bit of an advantage, as expected of him.


After absorbing the thick Earth Genesis Qi into his body with the Earth Saint Rune, his Genesis Qi base although there might still be a small gap with Jin Chanzi's 83,000, but that gap was already very small.


What's more, there was still the addition of the Holy Spirit Shadow on the surface of his body at this moment.


This was the complete form of the Omega Holy Spirit, the strongest genesis art of his Holy Genesis Peak.


And Jin Chanzi had already been overloaded before, and he wanted to fight him only on the basis of Genesis Qi, so he naturally couldn't gain any advantage.


"I never thought the day would come when I, Jin Chanzi almost capsized a boat in a ditch." The livid Jin Chanzi who was finally gradually recovering, his golden vertical pupils overflowing with endless coldness, stared at Zhou Yuan.


"It seems that the saying is correct, a rabbit will bite even when it is anxious..."


Jin Chanzi's face was swept with intense killing intent, his voice was eerie, "But unfortunately, although the rabbit bite is a little painful, in the end this rabbit won't be able to escape."


There was turquoise poisonous Qi flowing from Jin Chanzi's nose, and his palms slowly closed, a terrifying and dangerous fluctuation emanating from his body at that moment.


"Since you've laid out all your cards... Then, it's time I let you see it."


The turquoise liquid, which was now seeping beneath Jin Chanzi's skin was like mucus, gradually spreading.




The mucus landed on the surface of the skin and made a corrosive sound, flesh and bone visible, quite strange and terrifying.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were glued to the situation, and he was about to make a move when Jin Chanzi's mouth suddenly opened, and a turquoise light suddenly shot out, mixed with the majestic fish air, ruthlessly sweeping towards Zhou Yuan.


Within the turquoise poisonous light, there was actually a poisonous rod, swallowing the Genesis Qi of the world, and its momentum was astonishingly fierce.


It was a lower grade sky genesis weapon.


The poisonous scepter roared and was fierce.


With a shake of Zhou Yuan's sleeved robe, a black light emerged from his sleeve and rose against the wind, directly transforming into a mottled black brush that collided with the poison staff.


Ding dong dong!


The two collided in midair, as if possessing spirituality with each other, clashing madly, each collision erupting with a violent clash of Genesis Qi, no weaker than the previous encounter between Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi.


As the two sky genesis weapons entangled, Zhou Yuan's gaze quickly swept towards Jin Chanzi's location.


And when his gaze went there, his pupils shrank slightly, only to see that Jin Chanzi looked extremely terrifying, covered with turquoise poison all over his body.


On the surface of his body, horrible poisonous bubbles emerged, his body gradually expanded, and finally he fell to the ground with his back bulging, and a terrifying storm of Genesis Qi raged in his body.




A strange sound came out of Jin Chanzi's body and as soon as that sound came out, there was a wave of turquoise light that erupted from his body, and the ground nearby was instantly corroded, as if it had turned into poison.


Jin Chanzi's golden vertical pupils cruelly stared at Zhou Yuan with a deadly gaze, and even more horrible colors emerged on his face.


At this moment, Jin Chanzi was like an ancient poisonous toad, incomparably fierce.


Outside the mountain, countless horrified gazes looked at the terrifying Jin Chanzi, and some Chosen Ones even sucked in a breath of cold air with horrified voices.


"That is..."


"The Art of the Great Demonic Toad!"

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