Chapter 651: The Ups and Downs



Sharp, piercing sounds echoed from above the peak, and when this sound was heard, a storm was unleashed, waves of turquoise light spreading, where the light waves passed all the trees instantly withered, their vitality cut off.


At the top, Zhou Yuan looked at Jin Chanzi who was lying on the ground in front of him, like an ancient ferocious toad, his face became extremely heavy, because he could feel the Genesis Qi in the latter's body at that moment rose by clouds.


The powerful pressure of Genesis Qi covered him like a mountain, causing his body to become much heavier.


At this time, although Jin Chanzi was hideously ugly, his strength had received a considerable increase, apparently it was Jin Chanzi's hidden killing weapon.


Jin Chanzi's vertical pupils, with boundless ferocity stared at Zhou Yuan with a deadly gaze, ever since he entered the Sacred Palace, the Palace Master had used a secret method to draw out the blood of a Heavenly Demonic Toad and pour it out. in his body.


The Heavenly Demon Toad was a sixth grade genesis beast, comparable to the Heavenly Sun Realm, and its blood was naturally incomparably tyrannical, the number of disciples who received this kind of infusion was in the hundreds, but in the end, only he was the only one. that survived.


However, the Heavenly Demon Toad's blood still retained consciousness, and with his current strength it was impossible for him to completely eliminate it, so the Toad's blood would madly corrode his body, so Jin Chanzi would not easily apply it unless he was absolutely necessary.


But right now... He was forced to do it.


Because he knew very well that if he lost to Zhou Yuan here, he would definitely be punished when he returned to the Holy Palace.


He also couldn't accept that he had lost to a core disciple of the Cangxuan Sect.


“I never thought I would be forced to this point by a little boss…” Jin Chanzi’s fierce vertical pupils locked onto Zhou Yuan, his voice almost becoming extremely squeaky at this point.


"Zhou Yuan, you really impress me, so to show my approval of you, when I defeat you I will take a bite of your limbs!"


Jin Chanzi's terrifying face showed cruelty, under the erosion of the Toad Blood, he would now be as ferocious as a Heavenly Devil Toad.




As soon as his voice fell, it was only his hands and feet that hit the ground, and the ground collapsed, while his figure directly transformed into a trail of shadows that pounced on Zhou Yuan like lightning.


That kind of speed was so fast that it was scary.


In a single breath, Jin Chanzi's figure appeared in front of Zhou Yuan, he smiled fiercely and clapped his hands, the poisonous turquoise Qi roared and surged, blasting Zhou Yuan with overwhelming force.


That palm, even if it was Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the others were here, once they were hit they would probably end up seriously injured.


Zhou Yuan's pupils also shrank, the strength of this Jin Chanzi was much stronger than before.


He did not dare to underestimate him in the slightest, the Genesis Qi surging within his body was also now whistling unreservedly, and his five fingers were clenched.


The pale yellow Genesis Qi, like a roaring Earth Dragon, struck out, shaking the void and directly fought with the golden toad's poisonous palm, there was no way not to dodge it, with Jin Chanzi's speed at this moment, Zhou Yuan I just couldn't dodge it.


Although the Void Transformation Technique was not slow, but now, it was still a bit low quality after all.




Electricity and lightning, the two fists and palms collided heavily again, and a violent shock wave erupted, directly lifting the ground into layers of astonishing destructive power.




Zhou Yuan's body shook and his figure shot backwards, his feet making long footprints on the ground.


On the surface of his body, the Omega Holy Spirit also trembled slightly.


But before Zhou Yuan could stabilize his figure, the suspicious wind in front of him increased, only to see Jin Chanzi lunge out again, the relentless attack carrying poisonous Qi overwhelmingly bombarding the ground.


"Little bastard, haven't you gone crazy before? Let's see if I don't kill you today!" Jin Chanzi's face was fierce, his eyes flashing with a fierce light as he burst out with a fist of madness while laughing out loud.


After the urgent Toad Blood, it was clear that his sanity was also gradually being eroded by his ferocity.


Bang! Bang!


Zhou Yuan's face was cold and crisp, his Genesis Qi gushing out, his fists and feet transformed into countless afterimages, colliding heavily with the golden toad.


From an outsider's perspective, the two were like two groups of light, every time they collided, there were raging violent shockwaves and the speed of their encounter was so fast that onlookers could only see countless afterimages flying by.


But even if they were outside the arena, they could clearly feel that even that single shadow, I am afraid that ordinary Chosen would not be able to bear it.


And this time, the situation changed once again, as the two clashed madly and forcefully.


Zhou Yuan's body was continuously blown back by Jin Chanzi, while Jin Chanzi gained momentum and attacked more and more fiercely, as if he was trying to kill Zhou Yuan in a tough fight.


"Zhou Yuan seems to be on the verge of being unable to contain himself..." In the direction of the Cangxuan Sect, Tang Muxin, Gu Hongyi and the others' faces changed, because now anyone can see that when Jin Chanzi urged the Art of Great Demonic Toad, Genesis Qi surged, suppressing Zhou Yuan once again.


Numerous people secretly sighed, the match between these two was really ups and downs, a moment of this pressure, a moment of this pressure, taking turns with each other! how interesting...


However, despite saying so, anyone was aware of the ferocity of the fight between these two right now, and that one could actually die on the spot if they were not careful.




At the top of the peak, two figures shot backwards.


Zhou Yuan undoubtedly had to retreat further, at this moment he was extremely pale, and on the surface of his body, there was a turquoise green fist mark, which had been hit by Jin Chanzi previously.


And although Jin Chanzi looked horrible, the situation was undoubtedly much better than Zhou Yuan, now that his Toad Blood had corroded his flesh, making him unable to perceive pain, so he was not afraid to exchange wounds with Zhou Yuan at all.




Jin chanzi looked at Zhou Yuan with fierce eyes, smiling fiercely, "Do you really think my fist is so easy to catch?"


Zhou Yuan lowered his head, only to see that those places on his body that had been hit by Jin Chanzi were actually residing with turquoise poisonous gas, which invaded his body through his pores.


"This demon toad poison of mine once enters the body, people of the same level will not be able to bear it, Zhou Yuan, you are dead!"


Jin Chanzi grabbed his hands into a seal and said, "Venom explosion!"


As long as the poisonous gas detonated, Zhou Yuan was going to be seriously injured.




Turquoise poisonous light bloomed within Zhou Yuan's body, but he only frowned and ignored it, because when those poisonous Qi burst out within his body, the Dragon Resentment Poison that was coiled in his palm also trembled slightly.




As if there was a low Dragon roar sounding in the body, the Dragon Resentment Poison burst out with terrifying suction power and swallowed that strange and poisonous Qi in the body cleanly in one bite.


The turquoise light flickering on the surface of Zhou Yuan's body also dimmed and dissipated.


Jin Chanzi's gaze instantly hardened, his eyes were in shock, he knew better than anyone how dominant his Toad Poison was, and under the Divine Dwelling Realm not even Jiang Taishen would dare to let the Toad Poison burst uncontrollably into his body.


But how come right now, here, Zhou Yuan is unharmed?




Zhou Yuan coldly looked at Jin Chanzi and opened his mouth to spit out a smelly cloud of turquoise blood, which directly corroded the ground.


"Don't play with this kind of unimpressive things."


Jin Chanzi's eyelids twitched, and the fierce light in his eyes grew even larger as he gave Zhou Yuan a creepy look and said, "Don't worry, this next feast... It's enough to sustain you!"


He brought his hands together and struck his seal.




At that instant, at the top of the peak, there was suddenly a ray of poisonous turquoise light that shot out from the ground, and the poisonous light rose to the sky as if it had melted, forming a turquoise poison.


The poison spread and formed around.


A thick, foul smell was emitted.


From afar, it was as if a huge poisonous swamp had entrenched itself in the heavens and the earth, and at this moment, Zhou Yuan stood in the center of that swamp, and that scene was so horrifying that countless people looked horrified.


"Jie Jie, the toad poison, the great burial technique!"


And Jin Chanzi did not give Zhou Yuan time to react at all, with a sarcastic laugh, his hands grabbed and in the next instant, the huge poisonous roared downwards, contracting madly with irresistible terror, roaring at Zhou Yuan who was in the center position.


This was Jin Chanzi's long-prepared certain death technique!


As far as he was concerned, the Poisonous One would strangle Zhou Yuan, and there was no way out!


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