Chapter 652 – The Silver Shadow Appears



Under the gathering of countless horrified gazes, above the peak, the poison hissed and then contracted madly, and that terrifying power directly caused some small cracks to appear in the space.


One could see how terrifying this deadly move of Jin Chanzi was.


At the foot of that mountain peak, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the others were also fiercely colored, poison burial, even they would definitely die once they fell into it.


"Go out and save them!" Li Qingchan bit his silver teeth and screamed.


Obviously, she felt that it was not good, and if Zhou Yuan was really hit, she was afraid it would be fatal.


At the same time, his small body violently transformed into a stream of light and shot out.




However, as soon as he moved, there were countless violent light orbs whistling in the mesmerizing smoke, and within the light orbs was an extremely strong source of condensed Qi.


Bang Bang!


Those balls of genesis light came shooting out, directly and strongly blowing back at Li Qingchan.


"Hmph, you guys can watch that brat get murdered right here!" Out of the mist, there was the mocking voice of a Chosen One from the Holy Palace.


Li Qingchan's pretty face was grave, her jade hands clenched tightly, but in the end she still collapsed, at this moment although going to help would be useless...


"Zhou Yuan..."


She pressed her red lips with her shell teeth and looked at the beak.


Kong Sheng, Ye Ge and the others also remained silent. They also understood the danger Zhou Yuan was in at that moment, but what could they do? In this situation, the only person Zhou Yuan could trust was himself.


This struggle for chance was inherently on the line of life and death.




"Death at the funeral!"


At the top of the peak, Jin Chanzi looked at the monstrous poison with a ferocious face, his eyes flashed with a crazy and ferocious light and in the next moment, he roared fiercely.




The poison shrank wildly and finally exploded.




Above the peak, it was as if there was a turquoise mushroom cloud rising, emitting a foul poisonous gas, even outside the mountain it spread, some unfortunate people directly inhaled some, and then screamed as their bodies rotted away.


This froze the hearts of countless people, and they quickly circulated their Genesis Qi to isolate the air.


After isolating the air, countless eyes stood level with the peak, looking at the terrifying aftermath, all their faces changed, an attack of this magnitude was certain that even if Jiang Taishen or Chu Qing took it, they would have to suffer.


And with Zhou Yuan in the center, having carried out a large-scale attack, he feared that it would be difficult for him to live.


In the direction of the Cangxuan Sect, all the disciples were silent, the atmosphere heavy and oppressive.


Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo looked at each other, their beautiful eyes also filled with fear, although they had some confidence in Zhou Yuan, they did not dare to guarantee that he could survive this level of attack.


At the top of the peak, Jin Chanzi looked at the place where the turquoise poisonous gas filled the air, took a few violent breaths, then smiled and said, "Little bastard!...I'll see how you can keep blocking this time!"


“After taking this mortal burial technique of mine forcefully, your body should be able to remain, right?”


Amidst Jin Chanzi's talk, the poisonous gas permeating the area gradually dissipated.


Jin Chanzi, as well as countless other gazes, all cast their first glance at the place where Zhou Yuan had previously been, only to see that the ground there had already been corroded by huge pits.


Only there was actually a stone pillar that stood alone in that huge pit.


Jin Chanzi's pupils shrank violently when he saw, atop that stone pillar, a slender figure standing silently.


That figure was wearing a silver battle armor, the streamlined armor covered his entire body, and on top of the silver armor, there were many ancient patterns engraved on it making it extremely mysterious.


On the top of the silver armor, it was stained with a lot of turquoise poison, but as the silver light surged, the poison gradually dissolved.




Outside the mountain, there was a monstrous clamor that echoed.


Numerous people looked surprised, no one expected that Zhou Yuan had hardened that poison burial technique.


And what's with that silver armor? Is it a defensive genesis treasure? But why does it give you an extremely strange feeling?


At the top of the peak, Jin Chanzi's face was also a little darker, his eyes were full of anger, he did not expect that he would not even be able to kill Zhou Yuan with such a deadly move.


This guy, really couldn't be defeated?


(NT: He is the protagonist's possible lover, I don't know, bro xD)


Jin Chanzi stared at the silver armor figure, ever since this silver armor appeared, it was as if Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi fluctuations had disappeared as much as they could, and even he couldn't feel it.


But instead, this caused Jin Chanzi to feel some uneasiness.


That mysterious silver armor gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.


"Is this the last card you have to play? A pair of turtle shells?" Jin Chanzi said.


Zhou Yuan, who was completely covered by the silver armor, slowly opened his eyes, he did not pay attention to Jin Chanzi, but looked down at the silver armor on his body.


The silver armor was naturally the "Silver Shadow", the last card he hid.


This was not armor, but a different type of battle puppet.


Furthermore, it had the capacity to grow.


When Zhou Yuan first obtained it, the Silver Shadow had at most the strength of an initial Origin-Alpha Realm, but now, with a year or two of breeding, Zhou Yuan could feel that the strength of the Silver Shadow was already It was comparable to a true Ninth Heaven Peak Origin-Alpha Realm.


This was considered Zhou Yuan's last weapon, even when he encountered many difficulties within the Cangxuan Sect, he tried to avoid using it to avoid exposure, but in this situation right now, it was clear that Zhou Yuan could no longer hide it.


Jin Chanzi was very strong, in Zhou Yuan's estimation, of the 10 chosen ones of the Cangxuan Sect, I am afraid that only Chu Qing would be able to defeat him, while Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan might even be a fraction of a second behind him. .


Facing an opponent of this level, if Zhou Yuan still thought about keeping his cards, he would really shoot himself in the foot.




He took a deep breath and his eyes gradually became harder as he cast a glance at Jin Chanzi, his intense killing intent exploding.


Now that this last card has been revealed, the fight should be over.




His feet stepped out, his figure appeared directly in the air, and in the next instant, an incomparable and majestic storm of Genesis Qi burst into his body without reservation.


Between his heart, golden blood vibrated, and countless golden threads connected with flesh and blood, transmitting violent power.


The silver shadow outside his body also bloomed with silver light, and the monstrous Genesis Qi rolled as if it was sweeping the sky, enveloping the terrifying pressure of Genesis Qi.


The Omega Holy Spirit Shadow also appeared once again with wings of light that spread out behind Zhou Yuan.


At this moment, Zhou Yuan was pushing almost all of his power, and the void he was standing on was trembling rapidly, emitting spatial ripples.


Between heaven and earth, countless surprised glances were cast.


Even Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen, the two of them, looked surprised.


Jin Chanzi's face at the peak was even uglier at this point, as he looked at the figure in the air, facing the current Zhou Yuan, even he felt fear that spread to the depths of his pupils.


"Jin Chanzi, this fight, it's time to end it!" In the sky, Zhou Yuan's cold voice echoed through the sky.




In the next instant, his figure collapsed.


The moment it rushed in, sonic booms sounded and space was distorted!

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