Chapter 655 – The Power of Yaoyao



The fierce and violent blood-red Genesis Qi roared like a raging Dragon colliding with the monstrous wave of divine spirit power in front of him, the strong wind wreaking havoc, tearing the surrounding area apart.


Zhan Taiqing's figure flickered and retreated, his pretty face had a chilling rise, he had not gained any advantage after the fight against Yaoyao, and the divine power of the latter's spirit was simply astonishingly strong.


"Useless thing!"


At this moment, Zhan Taiqing's beautiful scarlet eyes glanced at the top, his silver teeth biting like he couldn't stop cursing.


Apparently, he had also sensed the dissipation of Jin Chanzi's vitality.


This made her unable to help but she felt some disbelief, although Jin Chanzi's strength was a little weaker than hers, even she would be hard pressed to defeat Jin Chanzi, but now Jin Chanzi was really killed by that little boss? of the Cangxuan Sect?


That guy, how the hell did he do that?


Phew! Phew!


And in the midst of her distraction, there were suddenly dozens of divine spiritual needles appearing around her circumference, violently shooting directly at her.




Blood Red Genesis Qi surged from Zhan Taiqing's body deflecting those divine Spiritual Needles as far as he could, and he raised his head, looking at Yaoyao's silhouette not far away, his pretty face slightly gloomy.


He knew that when the Jin Chanzi was killed, the current situation was already extremely unfavorable for his Sacred Palace.


Jiang Taishen won't be able to defeat Chu Qing for a while, so if a victory doesn't appear on his side, Zhou Yuan will have to take the quickest way out to take the jade piece!


As such, their Sacred Palace had undoubtedly lost to the Cangxuan Sect in this Mythical Utopia competition.


If they returned to the Holy Palace with this result, I fear that not even they, the Chosen Ones, would be able to escape punishment.


The fierce light spread across Zhan Taiqing's beautiful eyes, at this moment, only she could take a step forward.


Although Yaoyao's spirit was strong, his own Genesis Qi and flesh were both weaknesses, so as long as he could get close enough to launch an offensive, he would definitely be able to defeat Yaoyao.




Zhan Taiqing's beautiful eyes were flickering, she could feel that there were many invisible walls of divine spirits around her at this moment, blocking her and at the same time, protecting Yaoyao, making it impossible for her to get close.


Those spirit walls were so strong that even she would have difficulty destroying them for a moment.


However, those were ordinary means...


And at that moment, it was difficult for her to hold back any longer.


Cold light appeared in Zhan Taiqing's eyes, and the next moment, his heart abruptly whispered, "Blood Burning Secret Technique!"




Monstrous blood-red flames fiercely burst out from Zhan Taiqing's body at this moment, as if the blood in his body was burning, surging with Genesis Qi.


An astonishing pressure surged from his body.


The Genesis Qi that Zhan Taiqing had cultivated and integrated into the blood, now that the blood was burned with a secret method, that power would also be maximized to explode, but this secret method also had consequences and afterwards, to replenish the blood, it would not be He knew how much blood had to be taken from another person's body to replace it.


The ground around Zhan Taiqing was constantly collapsing.


Her beautiful eyes looked gloomily at the distant Yaoyao and said chillingly, "Little vixen, let's see how I tear you alive this time!"




The instant his voice fell, his figure transformed into a blood light that shot violently, a torrent of blood red Genesis Qi rushed past, the layers of the Spiritual Barrier shattered in an instant.


Yaoyao quickly retreated.


"Can you run away?!" Zhan Taiqing laughed coldly, his speed skyrocketed, and in a few breaths he broke through all the spirit locks and quickly approached Yaoyao.


"Great Blood Demon Technique!"


Screeching, Zhan Taiqing's snow-white skin gradually turned red, the nails on his ten fingers spread out, red as jade, and even the void was torn apart by the faint ripples as the nails passed by.


Clearly at that moment Zhan Taiqing was directly bringing his own fighting power to a complete and utter explosion.


Faced with an attack like his, even Jiang Taishen would have to get upset.




Zhan Taiqing's figure instantly approached Yaoyao, his jade-like blood-red nails transformed into streaks of shadows, directly shattering the compensatory spiritual defense around Yaoyao as much as possible.


The two women were very close.


Zhan Taiqing's red lips raised a cruel curve, "Without Genesis Qi, what can you do just by relying on your divine spirit?"


"Watch me destroy that pretty face of yours!"


Her jade nails were like sharp awls, suddenly tearing through space, producing loud sonic booms, fast as lightning, and fiercely tearing into Yaoyao's cheeks.


At such a distance, although the Spiritual Barrier appeared in front of Yaoyao's body hurriedly, it was still being destroyed and torn apart by Zhan Taiqing at this moment.


Outside the mountain, countless gazes observing the situation burst into alarm upon seeing this.




Zhan Taiqing struck extremely ruthlessly, before those screams had fallen, his blood jade nails, already with violent and unmatched power pierced Yaoyao's cheeks.


The corner of Zhan Taiqing's lips raised a touch of cruelty.


'This time, let's see if you die!'


However, just as the corner of her lips had just raised, her pupils shrank violently as she saw that the Yaoyao she had pierced before her had no blood flowing from her cheeks.


Yaoyao's figure in front of her undulated slightly, and then disintegrated into nothingness.


“Divine Spirit Splitter?!”


Zhan Taiqing's heart trembled wildly, his eyes filled with disbelief, this figure before him was a divine spirit splitter… So how strong was Yaoyao's spirit? Has he been able to condense even spirit separation?!


Zhan Taiqing's face was ugly, and without hesitation, he backed away and hurriedly retreated.


The moment she retreated, the void in front of her rippled and Yaoyao's silhouette appeared, her slender jade finger tapped like a shadow following a shape, as if it penetrated the space and landed like a bolt of lightning on Zhan Taiqing's eyebrow.


And Zhan Taiqing retreated wildly, but could never prevent the slender jade finger from falling.


His eyes were finally filled with a touch of fear at this moment.




The slender jade finger, without an iota of explosive power, fell directly between Zhan Taiqing's eyebrows, and in that instant there was an astonishing spiritual shock that erupted.




A miserable scream came from Zhan Taiqing's mouth at this moment, his figure fell into a mess, his eyes, eyes, nose, and ears had blood coming out of them at this moment.


There were no injuries on his body, but his face was full of fear.


It was because the attack of death had directly impacted his soul.


Large mouthfuls of blood came out of Zhan Taiqing's mouth, his eyebrows were hidden as if there were cracks on the surface, it was a sign that the divine spirit was about to be destroyed, and once the divine spirit was broken, then Zhan Taiqing would directly become an undead.


The severe pain from his eyebrow caused Zhan Taiqing's handsome face to be filled with fear, he frantically pushed the Genesis Qi to his eyebrow, continuously resolving the impact of the divine spirit, at the same time he no longer dared to make the slightest stop here. , his figure escaped directly, falling miserably towards the direction of the many Holy Palace disciples.


If he continued to stay, there was a real possibility that his spirit would be destroyed here.


However, if she escaped like this, it would be an indication that she had failed in her fight with Yaoyao.


Previously, Jin Chanzi was killed by Zhou Yuan, and now, Zhantai Qing had also lost to Yaoyao and his divine spirit had been seriously injured, which meant that the outcome of the battle between the Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect was basically clear.


At the top of the peak.


When Zhou Yuan sensed Zhan Taiqing's defeat, he also calmly breathed a sigh of relief, earlier he was preparing to immediately come to the rescue if there was a change on Yaoyao's side.


But apparently, he had underestimated Yaoyao's strength.


Although that Zhan Taiqing was not simple, Yaoyao was even less simple.


Zhou Yuan's gaze looked at the foot of the mountain, where Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen were still clashing, but along with the defeat of Jin Chanzi and Zhan Taiqing, the Holy Palace had disappeared.


I'm afraid that Jiang Taishen alone can't turn the tide.


So he shook his head and paid no more attention but under the gaze of those countless fiery gazes, he walked straight towards the mysterious jade pillar that remained silent.


Then, it was time for him to reap the fruits of victory.


He would like to see how many treasures there were in this jade rock!

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