Chapter 656 – The Harvest

At this moment countless gazes were looking at Zhou Yuan who was walking straight towards the jade wall, those gazes were filled with a scorching and greedy heat, they knew that after the previous bitter battle, Zhou Yuan would be the first to obtain the fruits of victory in this seventh peak.


At the foot of the mountain, Jiang Taishen watched as Zhan Taiqing was also defeated, his face was completely gloomy, he looked at Zhou Yuan who was approaching the jade wall, several times the Genesis Qi in his body was going to gush out.


But from time to time, Chu Qing's eyes became extremely fierce, fury surged in his eyes, and the golden shuttle shadow suspended in his palm vibrated rapidly.


Obviously, as long as Jiang Taishen dared to make a move, then he would try his best to lose both to him.


As for the Holy Palace at this time, Jin Chanzi was killed and Zhan Taiqing was seriously injured, if Jiang Taishen fought him to two defeats, then the Holy Palace would not be able to say anything about competing with him for this seventh peak.


I'm afraid they even take some risks by fighting for the other two jade pillars that nourish Eight-Colored Divine Establishment Treasures.


After all, the other four giant sects, although slightly inferior in strength, were not provincial.


Therefore, Jiang Taishen's eyes changed several times before he finally continued with a gloomy face, his gaze staring at Zhou Yuan's figure as if he wanted to tear him alive.


He would never have thought that this time in the Mythical Utopia competition, they, the Holy Palace, would lose to the ever-suppressed Cangxuan Sect…


All of this in the Cangxuan Sect originated from Zhou Yuan.


If he had known that this would be the result, then Jiang Taishen would definitely have struck out without any reservation when he first saw Zhou Yuan and killed him directly.


Unfortunately, at that time he did not take Zhou Yuan very seriously, nor did he see him as a threat.


How could a small boss, who, in his opinion, was not even qualified to participate in the Chosen competition have any threatening influence on him?


But now looking at the present, even with Jiang Taishen's fixation, his heart was filled with monstrous remorse.


He should have listened to Jin Chanzi and killed this guy the first time!




But from the countless gazes with different emotions, Zhou Yuan didn't pay any attention to him, at this moment Chu Qing still had to face Jiang Taishen, and Yaoyao had no interest in this, so he was the only one who could make the first movement to pick the peach.


His steps stopped before the mysterious jade wall, his eyes filled with amazement.


This jade was around dozens of feet long, which was also considered majestic, and above it, a mysterious luster flowed, which was difficult for even Zhou Yuan's divine spirit to penetrate.


"How should I receive this?" Zhou Yuan scratched his head.


He chanted for a moment, and then suddenly carefully extended his palm and gently touched the jade jar, and when his finger touched the jade jar, there were ripples on the surface of the jade jar that opened, and his finger penetrated into them.


Zhou Yuan was thoughtful upon seeing this, so he took a deep breath and walked out.




When his body came into contact with the jade wall, he penetrated and disappeared in the gaze of countless stunned gazes.


When Zhou Yuan entered the jade wall, there was a radiant light blooming in front of his eyes, his eyes narrowed and then slowly opened, it was as if he was in the middle of a starry sky.


A few spots of light floated around, emitting bright colors, quite beautiful.


Zhou Yuan stared at those clusters of light, then stretched out his palm, picked up a cluster and looked at it, then his pupils contracted slightly.


Because he saw that within that ball of light, there was a glorious object condensed and emitting colorful light, and it was indeed a Divine Establishment Treasure!


Although it was only a four-color Divine Establishment Treasure, but…


Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked at the fluttering clusters of light, there were literally hundreds of them here!


He was slightly surprised, but he quickly came to his senses, after all, these four-colored Divine Establishment Treasures did not appeal to him much, so he took a step forward.


The clusters of light moved, sometimes hitting him and then bouncing off.


And as he penetrated deeper, he found that the Divine Establishment Treasures condensed within those light clusters were also becoming more and more splendid, five colors, six colors…


Zhou Yuan's steps became faster and faster.


Especially when he saw seven-colored divine establishment treasures starting to appear, Zhou Yuan's breathing increased slightly and his eyes became fiery.


He extended his palm and two clusters of light fell into his hand, which condensed with two blooming Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasures.


Nowadays, everyone in the Mythical Utopia, even people like Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing and the others, I am afraid that the Divine Establishment Treasures in their hands were only seven-color grades, and those who could obtain them in other sects were still less.


And right now, here, as Zhou Yuan looked up, the Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasures were already close to dozens.


"Worthy of being a great opportunity hidden in the deepest depths." Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart, if all these Divine Establishment Treasures were taken away, the current generation of disciples of his Cangxuan Sect, when they entered the Divine Dwelling Realm, surely all of them would be able to open high-level Divine Dwellings, and that It would be a considerable advantage for their future cultivation paths.


Among them, could there be some Heavenly Sun Realm, Nascent Source Realm, or even the most powerful people who opened the Law Domain Realm?


The Nascent Source Realm, even within a giant sect like their Cangxuan Sect, was a true pillar of power, enough to possess the qualifications to become a peak master, and as for those who had opened the Domain Realm of Law, which was already strong enough to open a giant sect.




The Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasures here did not seem to be the limit.


Zhou Yuan raised his head, his eyes rolling hotly as he looked ahead, and with a wave of his robe sleeve, the balls of light covering the front were pushed away as far as possible, and that last vision of light fell into the eyes. by Zhou Yuan.


Three large orbs of light around ten feet in size, floating there, radiant light bloomed in a circle, the number of colors was surprisingly up to eight!


Zhou Yuan stared at the three large balls of light with a deadly gaze, his breathing became extremely rapid, his heart beating faster as if it were a low thunder.


Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasures!


Zhou Yuan's mouth was dry, this was a strange treasure that only existed in rumors, but he never thought he would be able to see it with his own eyes! And there are three!


With this item, the advancement into the Divine Dwelling Realm would be enough to open the Eight Heavens Divine Dwelling, and that advantage would be far enough for him to leave some of his companions behind and reach the top.


It was a rare occurrence in a hundred years to open the Eight Heavens Divine Dwelling, even with the endless vastness of Cangxuan Heaven.


And right now there were three of them here, which meant that the younger generation of their Cangxuan Sect was able to emerge three sky prides that had opened the Eight Color Divine Dwelling, something that was enough to shake the entire Cangxuan Heaven.


Zhou Yuan stared at the three Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasures for a long time before he gradually stabilized his emotions.


His gaze moved away from the three Divine Establishment Treasures and moved around, but he found that it was as if he had reached the end of the line and there was nothing else, so Zhou Yuan's brows gradually wrinkled.


In fact, although the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure was a rare cultivation treasure, it was not the most important thing to him right now.


Because his target was the third Saint Rune that had broken off from the Cangxuan Sacred Seal!


“That third Saint Rune, I had a hunch before, should be present on this jade wall, but why is there no trace of it right now?” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.


It seemed that that third Saint Rune was not something that anyone could find when they came here… However, if even he couldn't find it, then I'm afraid that no one else, unless Ancient Ancestor Cangxuan had come could find it!


His gaze flickered and he sat up after a moment.


In the depths of Zhou Yuan's pupils, a mysterious Saint Rune flowed and moved, transforming into an ancient Saint Rune that floated around him.


And within his palm, the Earth Saint Rune also pierced his flesh and blood.


The two Holy Runes floated around Zhou Yuan's body, slightly vibrating and seemed to have mysterious ripples extending from the void.


Zhou Yuan's look was grave, if the two Saint Runes were unable to sense the third Saint Rune, then there was not much he could do about it!

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