Chapter 657 - Heavenly Punishment

Zhou Yuan sat with his eyes closed, two ancient Saint Runes with mysterious fluctuations slowly rotated around him, a rippling wave of void spread, and then continued to spread…


There was silence everywhere.


This silence lasted for a long time, and there was still no movement around.


However, Zhou Yuan remained in a calm state of mind, as he knew that since Ancient Ancestor Cangxuan had guided him here, he naturally would not hide the Third Saint Rune in a place where even he could not sense it.


Half a column of incense passed silently.


Zhou Yuan's tightly closed eyes suddenly opened at this moment, as the two ancient Saint Runes hovering around his body seemed to emit a low, undetectable screeching fluctuation.


And it was at this moment that a fluctuation of the same frequency was also emitted from a certain location.


Then, Zhou Yuan could see the space around him vibrating, and in front of him, the space blossomed into ripples, like water submerging into a stone, and in the midst of those ripples, an ancient stone platform slowly rose.


On the top of the stone platform, a crystal-like ball of light was silent, the ball of light constantly flickering, emitting a mysterious and inexplicable light.


The two ancient Saint Runes around Zhou Yuan's body were emitting a low hum at this moment.


Zhou Yuan's heartbeat accelerated, he quickly stepped forward and looked carefully, and then he couldn't help but see that inside the crystal ball, there was a slowly flowing liquid.


The liquid was as if it possessed a life, sometimes spinning, sometimes condensing, and hiddenly, it also transformed into a complex pattern of light that gave off an ancient and reckless atmosphere.


"The third Holy Rune..."


Zhou Yuan looked at the mysterious light pattern inside the crystal ball and his voice trembled as he muttered.


By virtue of the movement of the two Saint Runes next to him, he was able to affirm that the mysterious light pattern within the crystal ball in front of him was the third Saint Rune that had broken off from the Cangxuan Holy Seal.


What he had been dreaming about finally appeared before his eyes, even with Zhou Yuan's certainty, he couldn't hide his excitement at that moment.




During Zhou Yuan's excitement, the stone platform in front of him was suddenly filled with countless rays of light, surging in the crystal ball like a tidal wave, and then the crystal ball shook slightly.


Immediately afterwards, a small ball of light slowly rose from it.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but be stunned as he looked at the small group of light, as he discovered that within that group of light was a treasure of four colors or so.


His pupils shrank sharply at this point.


Could it be that all those Divine Establishment Treasures on the jade pebble had been condensed from this Saint Rune?


Can this Saint Rune create Divine Establishment Treasures?


Zhou Yuan's heart was overwhelmed, the Divine Establishment Treasure was a special product of the Mythical Utopia, although he did not know if there would be similar curiosities in other similar lands, but at the very least, it seemed to be unique in Cangxuan Heaven.


It was said that this was because the Land of Mythical Utopia had special rules, so the Genesis Qi of the heavens and earth here was capable of accumulating over time and turning into curiosities like Divine Establishment Treasures.


But right now, this Third Saint Rune was able to accelerate the accumulation of this condensation, causing the birth of the Divine Establishment Treasure.


This kind of ability was simply impressive to Zhou Yuan.


"Is it through this stone platform that it draws the energy of Heaven and Earth from the outside world?" Zhou Yuan glanced at the shining stone platform and whispered.


He sighed, and then no longer hesitated, walking over and extending his palm to carefully approach the crystal ball.


Just as his palm approached the stone platform, a faint light cover rose above the stone platform, protecting the crystal ball within it, the light cover seemed thin but was emitting an extremely terrifying fluctuation.


That kind of fluctuation spread slightly and was enough to turn Zhou Yuan into flying dust in a moment.


Zhou Yuan cautiously looked at the light mask, perceiving it for a moment, his eyes slightly glassy as he detected two familiar fluctuations in the light mask.


Heck, it was the Deciphering Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune!


A smile appeared at the corner of his lips, it seemed like this should have been established by the Cangxuan Ancestor back then, and with the help of two Saint Runes, so if the latter came here and wanted to obtain that third Saint Rune, then he would have to carry the Deciphering Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune.


Apparently, this was Old Ancestor Cangxuan's fear that over the years, some of his setups would have loopholes, thus allowing people to inadvertently break in and obtain the Saint Rune.


"Old Ancestor is really cautious."


Zhou Yuan whispered, but he also knew that the Saint Rune was extremely important, and if it fell into the hands of the Holy Palace, then the Lord of the Holy Palace would be able to sense the location of the Cangxuan Holy Seal and thus take control of it.


And once the Lord of the Holy Palace obtained the Cangxuan Holy Seal, he would be the new Lord of Cangxuan Heaven, and the entire Cangxuan Heaven would fall under his control.


As the great enemy of the Holy Palace, the Cangxuan Sect would definitely be the first to be destroyed by him then.


“That Holy Palace Lord covets the Cangxuan Holy Seal many times, if he obtains it, he will surely sense where the Saint Rune is as well…” Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan’s complexion became much heavier.


Being the target of that kind of existence, he had no chance of surviving.


But the good thing now is that I am afraid that not even the Lord of that Sacred Palace had thought that the four Saint Runes on the top of the Cangxuan Sacred Seal had been stripped by the Cangxuan Ancient Ancestor.


Pressing down the thoughts in his heart, Zhou Yuan extended his palm, and the Deciphering Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune suddenly rotated under his palm, and then came into contact with that light mask.




As the two Saint Runes rotated, there were ripples that opened through the mask, and then it opened easily.


The two key-like Saint Runes effortlessly opened the mask, which contained extremely terrifying Genesis Qi fluctuations.


The light shield opened, and the crystal ball inside it slowly levitated, and the crystal ball began to melt at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and a few moments later, the mysterious object it contained, which was like a liquid, appeared in front of Zhou Yuan.


Mysterious, old and destroyed.


The Deciphering Saint Rune, Earth Saint Rune floated and hovered next to that third Saint Rune, as if they were emitting a freckle sound.


They were inherently one and naturally incomparably familiar.


The three entangled Light Runes, the Deciphering Saint Rune, and the Earth Saint Rune dragged together, one rushed into Zhou Yuan's eyes, the other continued to rush into his palm.


As for the third Saint Rune, it rolled slightly and hesitated, but finally slowly arrived along with those two familiar fluctuations and finally, under Zhou Yuan's fiery gaze, it directly pierced his body.




The moment the third Saint Rune pierced his body, a low explosion sounded in Zhou Yuan's mind, and a large amount of information came in an avalanche.


And among that information, Zhou Yuan also knew the name of that third Saint Rune.


Its name, Heavenly Punishment.

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