Chapter 658 – Bullying

"Heavenly Punishment..."


Zhou Yuan whispered the name of the third Saint Rune secretly, this name was really overbearing.


He sensed it lightly and found that the "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune", after entering his body, flowed directly along the meridians and finally entered into the Qi Dwelling.


Apparently, these Saint Runes that possess an extremely strong spiritual nature, would find a place to settle on their own.


However, just as Zhou Yuan did not pay much attention to this, his face changed slightly as he noticed that when the "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune" entered the interior of his Qi Dwelling, the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure that was entrenched in his Qi Dwelling, actually erupted in a burst of fluctuations.


Zhou Yuan was surprised and quickly observed.


He only saw that the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure was originally entrenched in the center of the Qi Dwelling, but now the “Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune” was slowly coming. The Seven Colored Divine Establishment Treasures panicked to avoid it.


The "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune" unceremoniously took the throne and then seemed to look at the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, and the next moment, the "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune" went to the ball of light inside it that burst out. and rose up, directly entangling the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, and finally as if it had turned into a big mouth, in one bite it swallowed the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure!


This scene directly stunned Zhou Yuan, and when he came back to his senses, he cursed in anger, "Don't eat my food!"


The Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasure was something he had worked hard to obtain.


"You spit it out!"


The “Holy Rune of Heavenly Punishment” had a spiritual nature and he must know what it meant.


However, the “Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune” only moved like a liquid and did not spit out the seven-colored divine treasure.


Zhou Yuan was literally in tears upon seeing this.


It seemed that this Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure was actually a dog-beating bag of meat.


Zhou Yuan lamented in his heart, his steps retreated, his surroundings were turbulent, and he once again returned to the starry sky that was drifting with many light clusters. He then headed straight towards the three groups of light that gave rise to the Eight-Colored Treasures.


Although his Seven-Color Treasure was eaten, it was good that there were still eight-color treasures here.


"It's not too much for me to take an Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure for my contribution this time, right?" Zhou Yuan's eyes stared at the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure before him with fiery eyes. His contribution in it was worth an Eight Color Treasure.


"Then I'll take mine first."


Zhou Yuan said to himself, then he stopped hesitating and with a squeeze of his palm, he took out an Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, feeling the pure and majestic Genesis Qi, his eyes became hotter and hotter.


With a thought, the light group shattered and the Eight-Color Treasure was directly absorbed into his body.


This time, Zhou Yuan wrapped the Eight-Colored Treasure with his Genesis Qi, which was then carefully sent into his Qi Dwelling.


"Don't you dare eat it again!" Zhou Yuan made a warning sound, and to be on the safe side he also sent the Eight-Color Treasure away from the "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune".


However, the moment he left the Eight-Colored Treasure, Zhou Yuan was frightened and saw the "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune" that made a sound spread throughout the place.


Zhou Yuan was horrified, and was about to send the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure out of the Qi Dwelling in a hurry.


But it was already too late, the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune seemed to possess an unimaginable suppression on this kind of Divine Establishment Treasures, only slightly revealing its thoughts, and the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure even flew away by itself and was swallowed by the Holy Rune of Heavenly Punishment in one gulp.


Zhou Yuan looked at this scene in stupor.


Even the Eight Color Divine Establishment Treasure was being eaten? What the hell is happening here?


Zhou Yuan had a headache, why did the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune give him trouble? Without the Divine Establishment Treasure, he was in a bit of trouble when he broke into the Divine Dwelling!


"How did that happen?" Zhou Yuan murmured.


This Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune didn't seem to be able to see any Divine Establishment Treasures appear in his Qi Dwelling? This behavior was a bit like a beast king occupying its own territory and no other beasts could enter in general.


Zhou Yuan chanted for a moment, and again took a Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasure and threw it into the Qi Dwelling.


So, as he expected, as soon as this divine treasure entered the Qi Dwelling, it took the initiative to fly alongside the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, allowing him to swallow it in one bite.


The corner of Zhou Yuan's mouth twitched slightly, did this mean that he couldn't possess a Divine Establishment Treasure in the future?


So why exactly did he work so hard on this Mythical Utopia?


"You're too bossy!" Zhou Yuan felt pain in his head and his heart was very tired.




At this moment, the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune within the Qi Dwelling vibrated slightly, as if a vague message was being sent.


“With you here, don't I need any Divine Establishment Treasures?” Zhou Yuan received that message, the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune was such a strange treasure, although unconscious, but it was very spiritual, as if he knew Zhou Yuan, the one who controlled it. What was on his mind.


Zhou Yuan's heart moved, could it be that this Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune could also replace the role of the Divine Establishment Treasure?


In that case, what grade of Divine Treasure is this Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune considered?


However, this time the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune did not move and did not seem to want to respond.


When Zhou Yuan saw this, he couldn't help but gasp, this Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, compared to the Deciphering Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune seemed to be a little more arrogant ah.


But after saying it, the worry that Zhou Yuan originally had in his heart dissipated, and in its place there was some curiosity and anticipation, he wanted to know when he breaks into the Divine Dwelling Realm, what exactly could this Holy Rune of the Divine Dwelling do? Heavenly Punishment?


Although the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune did not reveal any special effects of the Divine Establishment Treasure, anyone knew that it was definitely not an ordinary item, and with its help they wondered what level of Divine Dwelling will be able to open by then.


“Is it the legendary Nine Heavens Divine Dwelling?” Zhou Yuan murmured that if he hadn't had the guts to count on the Nine Heavens Dwelling before, after all, it was too far away, the Nine Color Divine Establishment Treasure had never been seen before.


But right now, the difference in this Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune was something that made him have a slight expectation.


Pushing away the slight excitement in his heart, Zhou Yuan's brows suddenly wrinkled again as he realized that when he obtained the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, he did not receive any of those news about the fourth Saint Rune.


"What's going on here?" Zhou Yuan sighed, without giving any clues, how was he going to find that fourth Saint Rune?


Thinking for a long time to no avail, Zhou Yuan could only shake his head and give up for the moment, then waved his sleeve only to see the many divine treasures spinning like a tidal wave, and they were put into the Qiankun bag at his waist as much as he could. .


"This jade treasure is in the bag in its entirety, this trip was not wasted"


Zhou Yuan smiled for a long time and no longer stayed, he directly turned around and walked out of the jade wall as the space rippled and his figure also faded.

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