Chapter 659 – Excellent

When Zhou Yuan's figure walked out of the jade wall, the jade wall behind him directly bloomed with light, and finally gradually faded into the countless shocked gazes.


In a short span of time of only ten or so breaths, the jade wall melted without a trace.


This kind of change immediately caused a certain astonishment in the world.


Zhou Yuan also looked at this scene with some surprise, thinking that it must be because he had removed the Divine Treasure that had been born in him, so the jade jade no longer made sense.


He turned his head and looked forward, then noticed that at the peak of the disorder, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Yaoyao and the other Chosen had arrived before the jade wall.


Was this the complete end of the fight with the Holy Palace?


"Jiang Taishen has already led the Holy Palace to withdraw from the fight for the seventh peak." Li Qingchan's red lips were slightly open, and that pair of beautiful eyes with some strange colors, constantly widened at Zhou Yuan.


"Has the Holy Palace surrendered?" Zhou Yuan was a little surprised.


Li Qingchan's red lips raised slightly and smiled, "You have killed Jin Chanzi and Zhan Taiqing was also seriously injured by Yao Yao, if Jiang Taishen still wants to fight and falls, his Sacred Palace will suffer more casualties than us."


The other Chosen also looked different, even though they had accepted the result just now, when they saw Zhou Yuan again, their hearts were still inevitably shocked.


That was Jin Chanzi, ranked fifth on the Chosen List, higher than both Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan.


And right now Zhou Yuan was able to kill him, wouldn't that mean that his strength had surpassed Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan?


The Chosen Ones looked at each other, it seemed that after this time, the rank of Cangxuan Sect Chosen Ones was going to be a bit hectic.


"Has the jade disappeared?" Kong Sheng looked at Zhou Yuan and said indifferently.


"Don't worry, everything has been taken out." Zhou Yuan looked at Chu Qing and said, "Three Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasures were found among them, there are dozens of Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasures, and other Divine Establishment Treasures." of various degrees"


He didn't want to hide anything.


As soon as this was said, the many Chosen present sucked in a breath of cold air, and even Chu Qing who had touched his slippery head in amazement, came out of that state after the battle ended.


One had to know that they had worked hard for several months before, and now not every Chosen One possessed a Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, but right now. Zhou Yuan had said that within the jade pendant alone, there were dozens of Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasures!


What is this concept?


In other words, at least dozens of current generation Cangxuan Sect disciples would be able to open the Seven Heavens Divine Dwelling!


And the Seven Heavens Divine Dwelling, in the past, even the ten Chosen of the Sect would have needed to do a long time of accumulation before having a certain chance of reaching it.


Not to mention…Those three Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasures.


It has been many years since their Cangxuan Sect had someone with an Eight Heaven Divine Dwelling!


"Of the three eight-color treasures, I have already taken one." Zhou Yuan looked at the crowd and spoke calmly.


The Chosen were shocked by the words, but even Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhun who were not on the same wavelength as Zhou Yuan, did not speak as they all knew who had contributed the most in this seventh peak fight.


If Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao had not defeated their respective opponents, Chu Qing's side, even if they fought to the death, could only fight with Jiang Taishen, but if Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were replaced by Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, they were more likely to lose. at the hands of Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.


If that were the case, then it might be their Cangxuan Sect that would leave the Seventh Peak in disgrace right now.


So if not even Zhou Yuan was qualified to carry an Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, then the others were even less qualified.


Chu Qing smiled, showing her white teeth and said happily, "That's something you've changed your life for, no one else can say anything!"


"So, thank you all the big brothers first." Zhou Yuan smiled.


"There are a lot of people here, so let's not take anything out yet, and when the Mythical Utopia ends, we will hand them all over then"


Chu Qing and the others also nodded, now that all the various forces of Cangxuan Heaven were gathered, if so many high-ranking Treasures appeared on their side at once, it would inevitably attract people's attention, and it was unknown what changes would occur. would produce then.


"This journey to the Mythical Utopia, our Cangxuan Sect's goal has been achieved, right now we just have to wait for the results of this fight to appear, then we can return!"


Chu Qing said, "The only regret is that I didn't really fight with Jiang Taishen, and I wanted to try my golden shuttle."


Li Qingchan gave him a blank look and said, "That golden shuttle of yours hasn't really been condensed and formed, so if you use it right now, it will be a complete failure and even if you use it, it would be impossible to kill Jiang Taishen." "


Being able to sit at the top of the Chosen Ranking, there was no need to doubt Jiang Taishen's strength, Chu Qing was indeed strong, but if they fought to the end, even if they both lost, Chu Qing would still be more seriously injured than Jiang Taishen.


Listening to the two, Zhou Yuan looked at the other giant peaks and said, “Which peak did the Holy Palace choose?”


Now that the two remaining jades that gave birth to Divine Establishment Treasures were already in the sights of the other four giant sects, the Sacred Palace would have to fight them if it wanted to seize them.


“The Peak where the Sword Seeking Sect is fighting with the North Sea Dragon Hall” Ye Ge said.


As Zhou Yuan looked over the horizon, he actually saw that the tall giant peak in the distance now looked extremely chaotic, and together with the entrance of the Holy Palace, the three sects converged and fought fiercely.


"Zong Ming of the Sword Seeking Sect, ranked fourth in the Chosen Ranking, and Tang Xiao of the North Sea Dragon Hall ranked seventh, are also not far behind. But even if the two of them take to join forces now "I'm afraid they won't be able to stop Jiang Taishen." Chu Qing said slowly.


Li Qingchan said, "If they choose to fight for their lives, the Holy Palace will pay a great price even if they win."


Chu Qing shook his head and said, "They won't fight to that point, because when they get to that point, they may not even be qualified to fight for the other jade jewels."


Just as Jiang Taishen did not choose to fight him to the death before, it was because Jiang Taishen still wanted a way out, and that way out was to fight for the other jades after failing.


The North Sea Dragon Hall and the Sword Seeking Sect were the same, if they lost too much they wouldn't even be able to catch those other first class sects.


Zhou Yuan also nodded slightly and hesitated for a moment, "Should we cause them any trouble?"


The Holy Palace had many grudges against them, the Cangxuan Sect, so if they could make the Holy Palace uncomfortable, then they were comfortable.


The other Chosen stood up at the news, but this time, Chu Qing instead shook his head and said, "Although the Holy Palace lost two major battles, don't push them to the limit, Jiang Taishen is not a life-saving lamp." oil, once he becomes desperate and violent, our Chosen here will inevitably be following in Jin Chanzi's footsteps."


The hearts of the Chosen Ones were slightly shaken.


Chu Qing smiled, "This loss of our Cangxuan Sect is the smallest that has ever entered the Mythical Utopia, and since I am the captain being able to bring you back to the Sect unharmed again is my greatest wish."


The others nodded slightly at the words.




Chu Qing suddenly changed his voice and said with a narrow smile, "Although the Holy Palace is not easy to provoke, it is feasible to change the target..."


"The Heavenly Ghost Mansion, which is quite close to the Holy Palace, had the Holy Palace plotting against Yaoyao before, and they were also secretly making mischief, I didn't have the energy to pay attention to them before, right now they are fighting with the Holy Palace." Hundred Flower Fairies, we can help the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace, after all, after bullying our Cangxuan Sect, how can we make them feel good?!"


The other Chosen heard the words and agreed, the previous fight with the Holy Palace was basically Chu Qing, Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan, they didn't do much, at this time they only needed a target to vent their anger.


Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao looked at each other, then the latter turned his eyes towards Chu Qing and said in a low voice, “I didn't expect the head of the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect to have such a temper!”


Chu Qing's smile hardened at the words, and he sighed with some annoyance, Am I normally that bad?


Zhou Yuan also smiled, and then turned his gaze towards where the Heavenly Ghost Mansion and the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace were fighting, his eyes slightly cold, after finishing off the Heavenly Ghost Mansion as his last little one. task in the Mythical Utopia...


And after completing this, your Cangxuan Sect's journey to the Mythical Utopia should truly be considered complete, right?

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