Chapter 660 – The End

The fight for the other six jade jewels, after lasting for around half a day, finally came to an end under countless intent gazes.


Two of the jade jewels that gave birth to the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasures, and one unexpectedly fell into the hands of the Holy Palace.


Although they had previously fought with the Cangxuan Sect, resulting in Jin Chanzi's death and Zhan Taiqing being seriously injured, the Sacred Palace was still terrifying due to the existence of Jiang Taishen.


Even though the Sword Seeking Sect, Zong Hades, and the North Sea Dragon Hall, Tang Xiao, decided to join forces, in the end both of them were defeated by the hands of Jiang Taishen, thus gaining victory.


The defeated North Sea Dragon Hall and Sword Seeking Sect had to surrender, and turned their targets to other jade items.


As for the other jade rock that gave rise to the Eight-Color Divine Establishment Treasure, it fell into the hands of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace.


Of course, there was no lack of Cangxuan Sect's contribution to this.


Because the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Mansion were so strong against each other, the bloodshed between the two sides, both with fallen Chosen, could be described as extremely brutal, but when the Cangxuan Sect , a ferocious tiger, got involved, the balance between the two sides was suddenly broken.


Facing the combined forces of the Cangxuan Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, the Heavenly Ghost Mansion crumbled.


The head of Chosen of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, named Zhao You, who was ranked sixth on the Continent Chosen list, was furious at the Cangxuan Sect's meddling. But he also understood why the Cangxuan Sect would take action against them, it must be revenge for their Heavenly Ghost Mansion's previous secret cooperation with the Holy Palace...


So at this, Zhao You could only grit his teeth and swallow into his stomach.


But in his heart, he inevitably scolded the Holy Palace and Jiang Taishen to death. He chose to help the Holy Palace in the first place, only because he thought that the Holy Palace was stronger and he could use the power of the Holy Palace in the fight.


But right now, who would have thought that the Holy Palace had lost to the Cangxuan Sect, at a time like this, when the Holy Palace itself burned down, where could he continue to support them?


So in the end, Zhao You could only choose to surrender and lead the remaining Chosen of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion to fight for the other jade pieces.


In the end, six of the seven jade pieces fell into the hands of the six great sects, leaving only one to be fought by other forces, and the fight on that jade peak was a river of blood, with Chosen from all sides fighting and killing, blood staining the mountain red, and finally an unknown number of people perished.


However, the Mythical Utopia was inherently so cruel, that to fight for that one chance, lives were not worth much, even if they were Chosen...


Facing the fighting on that mountain, the other six great sects, including the Cangxuan Sect, did not intervene, because they knew that the other sects were all hot, and even if they intervened, it would only cause a siege and the losses would be greater than the gains.


This kind of fight, in the end, there was still a result, the victor who stood up in the end was a first-class sect called the Purple Sun Palace, although not as strong as the six giant sects, but it also had considerable strength. reputation in Cangxuan Heaven.


And when the Purple Sun Palace became the final victor of that jade wall, it also meant that the battle of Mythical Utopia had finally come to an end.


The blood-soaked heavens and earth became much calmer in this era, and all parties were like wolves after a fierce fight, curling up and licking their wounds, full of exhaustion.


Zhou Yuan stood on the top of the peak, looked at the broken mountain, but his appearance was quite calm, the cultivation form was originally to fight countless battles, hovering between life and death, these years of cultivation had already done their bit. firm mind, he would not easily have any hesitation.


“When I return to the sect this time, I will be able to refine and absorb the pure Genesis Qi contained in the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, I will be able to enter the Ninth Heaven and reach the peak of the Alpha-Origin Realm…”


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, it had been almost two years since he arrived at the Cangxuan Sect, and when he arrived at the Cangxuan Sect he had just entered the Alpha-Origin Initial Realm.


And now, he was already about to reach the peak of the Alpha-Origin Realm, with the Divine Dwelling Realm within reach.


When he left Cangmang Continent and arrived at Shengzhou Continent, what he sought was to have the power to counter King Wu at the fastest speed possible.


During this period, he did not know how many battles he had gone through, but he had persevered through any difficulties and was now not far from his previous goal.


When he had the strength to resist King Wu, then he would return to the Great Zhou and put an end to all those grudges he had once held, once and for all.


"King Wu..."


"You broke my father's arm, ruined my mother's life, occupied my Great Zhou territory, killed my people, and stole my Holy Dragon Blessing..."


Zhou Yuan looked into the distance, but in his mind, scene after scene floated in his mind, and the root of all this was King Wu's usurpation of Zhou back then.


For as long as he could remember, the Great Zhou had been under the oppression of the Great Wu, and was struggling to survive. His father, who once had ambition, was also under the suppression of reality, and the light in his eyes was gradually eroding.


Zhou Yuan knew that his father no longer had the confidence to compete with King Wu, and Zhou Yuan also knew that deep down his father must be extremely sad and desolate.


He could only endure bitterly and put all his expectations on his only son.


Zhou Yuan's eyelids drooped, and there was a stirring coldness in his eyes.


'Father, don't worry, the debts that you cannot recover, I will personally help you recover them all, not a single drop will remain unpaid!'


' King Wu, just wait!'


'The day can't be far away!'






Above the peak, the space suddenly began to tremble, spreading like a wave, gradually distorting the space.


"We have contacted the Peak Master, he has sensed where we are and is tearing the space, forming passageways to guide us." Li Qingchan looked at those spatial fluctuations and cast his beautiful eyes at the other disciples, "All Cangxuan Sect disciples prepare." to move!"




All of them responded in unison, looking up, this trip to the Mythical Utopia, their Cangxuan Sect could be considered to have gained the most, and most importantly, they had also suppressed the Sacred Palace.


Zhou Yuan's gaze looked away, and at this moment, the direction where the other giant sects were located also had spatial waves coming out, clearly all of them were communicating with the sect elders in the outside world.


The journey to the Mythical Utopia was about to end.




The space fluctuated more and more violently, and finally violently split open, as if a crack had formed, with a majestic and vast Genesis Qi rushing through it, stabilizing the space and forming a passage.


“Cangxuan Sect disciples, come out quickly” A voice was also heard faintly from the spatial passage, it was the Snow Lotus Peak Master!




Li Qingchan gave a delicate sigh, then she was the first to go out with Chu Qing, straight into the spatial passage and disappeared in the blink of an eye, after them, many Cangxuan Sect disciples also followed.


Zhou Yuan arrived at the spatial passage, then turned his head to look at the vast world and smiled faintly. He knew that when word of what had happened here spread, he was afraid that it would cause quite a few commotions in the Shengzhou Continent.


Zhou Yuan's name might also spread across the Sects as well as the mainland for the first time, and he wondered if Great Zhou's Father and Mother would also receive any news by then.


With his thoughts spinning in his heart, Zhou Yuan no longer hesitated, turning around and entering the spatial passage, spatial fluctuations surged and engulfed his figure.

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