Chapter 661: The results are shocking

Above the rough seas, there were many silhouettes with powerful Genesis Qi fluctuating around the body, the majestic Genesis Qi whistling causing the space to appear distorted.


The waves outside were huge but on their surface there was a calm like a puddle of dead water.


On top of a boat, the master of Snow Lotus Peak, dressed in white, sat calmly, her posture was slender, she looked brightly at the void in front of her, deep in her eyes there was a hint of tension.


He knew that after months of fighting, the Mythical Utopia was about to come to an end, and now, the disciples of the different clans would emerge from it.


He was wondering, what has the CangXuan Sect achieved this time? How are the casualties?


The Snow Lotus Peak master knew that every time the Mythical Utopia opened, her Cangxuan Sect would have at least one fallen Chosen.


And the Sacred Palace was always responsible for this result.


This time, the disciples of the Holy Palace were even stronger than those of their Cangxuan Sect and with the dispute between the two sides, they were bound to have a fight between themselves.


"Damn the Holy Palace!"


The Snow Lotus Peak master gritted her silver teeth, this Sacred Palace was truly abominable to the extreme.


"Hey, peak teacher, this old man is not deaf yet, do you need to insult me to my face like this?" As Snow Lotus Peak Master's voice fell, a faint laughter also sounded coming from the sky.


The Snow Lotus Peak master looked coldly, not far away in the void was a mountain with great Genesis Qi, on the mountain peak a sitting figure was emanating a terrible pressure around his body.


That was the Master of the fourth hall of the Sacred Palace, Qin Ling.


"So what if I scold?" The Snow Lotus Peak master sneered coldly.


Qin Ling smiled lightly and said, “Snow Lotus Peak Master is just playing with words, but you are so angry now that if you see the defeated soldiers of your CangXuan Sect come out later, won't you explode your own Qi?” "


The master of Snow Lotus Peak said coldly, “Maybe it is your Sacred Palace that has some dead people.”


The corner of Qin Ling's mouth was slightly tilted, and he sneered: "Do you believe that, master of Snow Lotus Peak?"


The master of the Snow Lotus Peak had her eyes frozen but did not speak, because she knew that they were just her angry words, the disciples of the Holy Palace are strong, they have Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, Jin Chanzi three Chosen guided, the side of the Cangxuan Sect is not weak but it is still weak next to them.


Qin Ling saw that the Snow Lotus Peak master did not speak, and the sneer at the corner of her mouth was even greater.


Over the years, every time the Mythical Utopia ended, it became a pleasure for all the Hall Masters of the Holy Palace to admire those ugly faces of the Cangxuan Sect.


The heads of the other clans, most of them also shook their heads darkly, then looked sympathetically at the Snow Lotus Peak Master. From past experience, the Cangxuan Sect has not left the hands of the Holy Palace for many years. , they thought that this time was no exception...


It is foolish to think about it, once the Overlord of Heaven, but now he is pressured by the Holy Palace.




And just as thoughts arose in the hearts of the high powers of all parties, heaven and earth suddenly burst into disordered spatial fluctuations, and space began to distort and then a passage opened.


These disciples were the cultivated elite within their clan, and if they lost too much here it would also be a great loss for their clan.


Under the nervous gaze of all the upper levels, a spatial passage continued to appear, and finally, countless shadows of light emerged from it.


It was at this point that the entire sea above became bustling.


Snow Lotus Peak Master's eyes stared at a spatial passage not far away, from which she could already sense the Genesis Qi fluctuations of some Cangxuan Sect disciples.


Swish! Swish!


Under his close gaze, the spatial passage suddenly shook, and then a ray of light spread out.


"Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, Ye Ge, Zhou Yuan..."


As soon as those lights and shadows left the spatial passage, they were all distinguished by the Snow Lotus Peak master, and a look of joy appeared on her beautiful face.


Because he found that the ten Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect as well as the bosses were all surprisingly present and did not seem to have any damage.


"How is it possible?" But the next moment, he froze at this result because all these years his Cangxuan Sect disciples entered the Mythical Utopia, there has not been a time when a Chosen One and boss has not died.


At this moment, even the Snow Lotus Peak master was wondering if she was looking at him wrong, so she carefully scanned him again before finally putting the stone into his heart.


"Huh, you Cangxuan Sect disciples hid in the outer area and didn't enter the depths of the Mythical Utopia, right?" Not far away, that Hall Master Qin Ling also found this side of the situation and immediately laughed out loud.


He also knew very well that every time in the Mythical Utopia, even in his Sacred Palace there would be a situation where a Chosen One would die.


Did they really believe that Mythical Utopia was for fun?


The only possibility was that this Cangxuan Sect did not go into the deep end, it only snooped around on the outside!


The Snow Lotus Peak master's willow eyebrow was wrinkled.


At this moment, the upper levels of other powers are also watching, if things were really as Qin Ling said then this time Cangxuan Sect would be a big joke.


At this time, many of the Cangxuan Sect disciples who came out also noticed this scene and immediately looked a little strange.


Li Qingchan took the lead in walking out, looking at Snow Lotus Peak Master before clenching his fist and saying, “Your Excellency, on this trip to the Mythical Utopia the Cangxuan Sect has discovered three 8-color Divine Establishment Treasures, dozens of 7-color Divine Establishment Treasures, and countless other Divine Establishment Treasures.”


When these words came out the sky that had been noisy suddenly fell silent.


The high powers on all sides were filled with shock, 3 8-color Divine Establishment Treasures? In the past, in the Mythical Utopia it was sometimes difficult for even one to appear and this time, the Cangxuan Sect had surprisingly obtained three...


At this moment, who would dare to say that the Cangxuan Sect disciples were only hanging around outside?


Qin Ling's face also changed slightly, and then he said grimly: "Ridiculous, do you really think that the 8-color Divine Establishment Treasure is a road product? You say three?"


If Li Qingchan said he could get three seven-color Divine Establishment Treasures I could believe it, but three eight-color Divine Establishment Treasures? Wouldn't that be too weird?


Li Qingchan's face was calm as he continued, "As for killing the enemy, the Cangxuan Sect has killed the Holy Palace Chosen Lei Jun, Tie Demon, and Chosen Jin Chanzi, and we have severely damaged Zhan Taiqing."


If the previous words were a bolt of lightning, then Li Qingchan's words were like a volcano erupting and shaking the earth, and even the oldest members of the clans present could not help but show their horror.


That Lei Jun and Tie Demon were not unknown among the Chosen of the Holy Palace, but of course, the one who shook them the most was Jin Chanzi and Zhan Taiqing, who were among the top three Chosen of the Holy Palace!


But now, one dead and one injured?


"Full of nonsense!"


Qin Ling stood up with a gloomy look at Li Qingchan and said in a cold voice, "Little girl, this is ridiculous. There are more chosen ones in my Holy Palace than you Cangxuan Sect and our strength is stronger than yours. Was Zhan Taiqing hit hard?" "On what grounds? Just your mouth?"


He looked at Snow Lotus Peak Master with a creepy smile and said, “Is everything you teach the Cangxuan Sect disciples just low-level lies?”


"What do you care?" The Snow Lotus Peak master looked beautiful and elegant, however, her temperament was quite fiery.


Only then did he carefully close his eyebrows and look at Li Qingchan with slight hesitation, saying, “Qingchan, are your words true?”


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan, who smiled and patted the sack on his waist with the palm of his hand.


At this moment, the sky was filled with silence and even Qin Ling's eyes were stunned and frantic.


“This time, so many eight-color divine establishment treasures appeared in the Mythical Utopia… Hmph, forget it, too lazy to talk nonsense with them, when Jiang Tai comes out, they will naturally know if she is lying or not.” Qin Ling gritted her teeth. , only deep down, he vaguely felt some unease.




And just then, another spatial passage opened, and Qin Ling's spirit instantly revived, from which he sensed the Genesis Qi fluctuations of the Sacred Palace disciples.


The upper levels of the other sects also set their sights on this moment, when the Holy Palace disciples came out they would naturally have accurate results on whether what Li Qingchan had said before was true or not.


Swish! Swish!


And under the gaze of those many eyes in the space channel a ray of light shot out at this moment.


Before long, all the Holy Palace disciples appeared.


Qin Ling's eyes moved, and the next moment, his face gradually became gloomy, because he found that the Saint Palace disciples were all extremely depressed and morale was low.


And most importantly, he didn't see Jin Chanzi, Lei Jun and Tie Demon...


The other senior members of the other powerhouses naturally also realized the situation, and immediately their faces couldn't help being a little moved and looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.


In that case, what Li Chingchan said is true.


This time in the Mythical Utopia, the Cangxuan Sect had surprisingly defeated the Holy Palace.

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