Chapter 663: False Domain of Law



As if an invisible field with the snow lotus peak master in the center everything was swept away and wherever it passed, the higher-ups of the various powers were all horrified.


Ordinary disciples were not aware of his power, how could they not know?!


Because what the snow lotus peak master was displaying at this moment was a domain that only a person who had entered the Domain of Law could control!


Wherever the domain of law is, the Lord of the domain is the ruler and the god. Those who fall into the Domain of Law not only suffer a great suppression of their own Genesis Qi, fifty percent of their strength cannot be exerted, and the Genesis Qi of the world was cut off at this moment, so it could not be replaced. and most of the genesis arts were nullified and even if a successful Genesis Technique is forcibly cast its power will be greatly diminished...


It was not that difficult for someone in the Law Domain Realm to kill a Nascent Source Realm man.


They all knew the common principle, Law Domain could only be countered by another Law Domain.


However, Law Domains were extremely rare even within the six giant sects, and within the Cangxuan Sect it seemed that the only person who held the power of the Law Domain was Sect Master Qing Yang.


Could it be that this Snow Lotus Peak Master has also entered the Law Domain Realm?!


Master Qin Ling's disciples were also frightened upon seeing the enveloping Domain, but when the Domain emerged, although he felt his body sink violently, the imagined situation of being suppressed by the Domain to the point where it was difficult to stimulate his Qi did not occur. Genesis.


As soon as he thought about it it was immediately clear, as he waved his sleeve on the surface of his body, there was an endless flow of luster causing his body to be crystal clear and free of dust.


The majestic and vast Genesis Qi hissed, directly rolling up the many Holy Palace disciples, and then struggled to shake off, and then quickly rose to the sky outside the Domain of Law.


“Hmph, Master of Snow Lotus Peak, who are you scaring with this quasi-law domain?” Released from the envelope of the Domain of Law, Hall Master Qin Ling's face was slightly cold.


Previously, he had thought that the Snow Lotus Peak Master had entered the Domain of Law, if that were the case, then he would be in danger today, but before, the degree of suppression of that Domain of Law was clearly only a mold, and did not possess the power of a true Domain of Law.


This made him feel somewhat annoyed, as if he was being bothered by the Snow Lotus Peak Master.


At this moment, the high masters of the other sect also suddenly realized, all of them breaking out in a cold sweat, if the Snow Lotus Peak Master had truly entered the realm of Law Domain, then the strength of the Sect Cangxuan was about to shoot himself.


However, the fact that Master Curl Peak was able to open this quasi-Law Domain, that also meant that she had already stepped onto the peak of the Nascent Source Realm and began to try to comprehend it. This type of ability, situated among the many Nascent Source Realm masters within the Cangxuan Sect, was probably able to rank among the best.


In the back, Zhou Yuan and other Cangxuan Sect disciples were also a little surprised when they saw this scene, they were all in the Law Domain at the time! In the middle, they could naturally feel a penetrating binding and suppressing force.


The Genesis Qi in their bodies had even stopped working, and if it weren't for the fact that the Neive Lotus Peak Master had no intention of killing them, I'm afraid that at this point, it would only take one thought, the Genesis Qi in Their bodies would mutiny in a moment and explode in direct reaction.


"This is the domain of law?" Zhou Yuan licked his lips, his eyes filled with horror, that kind of control power was beyond his imagination, because within this Domain of Law, the Snow Lotus Peak Master was able to control everything, including the life and death of any intruder.


“This is not considered a true Law Domain, at most it can only take absolute suppression of those under the Heavenly Sun Realm, while those in the Nascent Source Realm are able to break free and flee.” Li Qingchan next to him said softly.


"But even if it is a Quasi-Law Domain, it is still very powerful, and the Peak Master is in it, his own strength can be greatly improved and the strongest of the Nascent Source Realm, although Qin Ling was able to break free from the Quasi-Law Mastery, he did not dare to fight the Peak Master in it, or else it might be possible to be truly killed under this."


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly, no wonder Qin Ling would flee like a rabbit once he saw the Domain of Law open, he would also be suppressed.


Amidst the countless shocked gazes, the Snow Lotus Peak Master raised her pretty face, her beautiful eyes cold as she looked at Qin Ling, mockingly saying, “Aren't you trying to capture a disciple of my Cangxuan Sect? Why did you run away?"


Qin Ling's face moved as he sneered, "Peak Master, don't think that just because you have a Quasi-Law Mastery, I will be afraid of you! If you really want to fight, I'm afraid this Quasi-Law Mastery of yours It won't last long!"


"So you're going to go down and try it?" The Snow Lotus Peak Master returned with a cold smile.


Qin Ling's eyes sank, he was not afraid of the Peak Master, but he did not expect that the latter would go out of his way to open a Quasi-Law Domain. In this way, just against him, he really fell into some disadvantage.


“Snow Lotus Peak Master, do you really want the Cangxuan Sect to disagree with my Holy Palace for a small boss?” Qin Ling's eyes narrowed and he said.


"Speaking as if my Cangxuan Sect and your Holy Palace haven't been at war yet?" The Snow Lotus Peak Master said weakly.


“Qin Ling, don’t waste your breath, in my eyes a core disciple of my Cangxuan Sect is more important than a master of that Sacred Palace of yours.”


"If you can start a war with my Cangxuan Sect in the name of the Holy Palace, then I will take it on behalf of the Cangxuan Sect, and as long as one of my Cangxuan Sect is still alive, we will fight to the death with your Holy Palace!"


In the end, the Snow Lotus Peak Master's beautiful cheeks had an intense and fierce light on the surface, mercilessly palpable.


The other powers commanders were all shocked by this kind of resolve and cruelty from the Snow Lotus Peak Master, this woman was simply a madman, with a word, she was directly capable of making a move and fighting to the death. .


The corner of Qin Ling's eye twitched, of course he couldn't fight to the death on behalf of the Holy Palace against the Cangxuan Sect, because then it would probably end up being cheaper... For the other giant sects.


They, the Holy Palace, were not prepared for this.


His previous violent outburst was only because the Holy Palace had lost too much face this time, so he wanted to take advantage of the situation to try to dissuade the Snow Lotus Peak Master and regain his face.


But what he didn't expect was that although the Snow Lotus Peak Master was a woman, she was a thousand times fiercer than a man.


It was fierce, but the Snow Lotus Peak Master was even fiercer, opening her mouth and not stopping.


So this time, he was forced into a bit of a dilemma.


"Hall Master Qin Ling, within the Mythical Utopia, death and injury are extremely normal, and each power has rules, within which everything depends on your ability... Life and death have their own destinies" .


“Now that your Holy Palace has lost some disciples, trying to overwhelm others with power is a bit too petty.” And while the two sides were in a stalemate, a light laugh suddenly sounded.


Many eyes looked over, and the person who spoke, with silver hair, was the Silver Sky Valley Master of the Sword Seeking Sect.


Qin Ling looked at Silver Sky Valley Master, his eyebrows furrowed, dealing with this Snow Lotus Peak Master was already quite troublesome, but he didn't think that this Silver Sky Valley Master would also want to do some exercise.


One must know that the Sword Seeking Sect was neutral.


But when things came to this situation, Qin Ling knew that it was useless to say more, and that the lost face of his Holy Palace today probably could not be picked up.


"Hmph, Snow Lotus Peak Master, my Sacred Palace will not leave this matter alone!"


Qin Ling's gaze flickered for a while, and finally with a cold snort, he waved his sleeve and the majestic Genesis Qi rolled up the many Holy Palace disciples, and then he directly escaped from the sky. However, when he left, he racked up a harsh sentence.


The Snow Lotus Peak Master watched Qin Ling leave, and only then snorted coldly, her mind moved and her domain retracted, her gaze glanced at the Silver Sky Valley Master. Then it was picked up again.


He turned around, looked at Zhou Yuan, and said, “Little guy, with that attitude of being on the edge, are you looking down on my Cangxuan Sect?”


Zhou Yuan was a little embarrassed, he was just instinctively reacting well, after all, if we look at the big picture, the cost caused by the clash between the two great powers. It was meant to be far from what a little core disciple like him could make up for.


The Snow Lotus Peak Master snorted lightly: "Don't think nonsense, you have entered the Mythical Utopia representing our Cangxuan Sect, you are living and dying in dangerous terrain to fight and make a name for my Cangxuan Sect! If my Cangxuan Sect can’t even protect you, wouldn’t that chill the hearts of all the disciples?”


"Don't say that today is just a Qin Ling, even if that Sacred Palace Master wants someone here, if he dares to extend his hand, I will dare to cut him off!"


"Worst case, as I said before, direct war even if my Cangxuan Sect is annihilated, I will drag to the Holy Palace to be buried with me!"


Seeing the elegant and graceful Snow Lotus Peak Master who was normally graceful and graceful in front of many disciples, Zhou Yuan scratched his head, not knowing what to say! Good, but deep down, there was some heat flowing.


These past two years in the Cangxuan Sect, he also had feelings for this place and right now the Snow Lotus Peak Master's behavior has caused it to intensify to a point.


"Since the Mythical Utopia has ended, you should follow me to the sect first"


Snow Lotus Peak Master's phoenix eyes widened and looked at the various commanders of the powers here, this time the Cangxuan Sect had gained a lot, without her here there was no guarantee that some guys wouldn't do something to these disciples. minors.


All the disciples nodded, and then they cast their shadows and boarded a huge ship in the air.


After all the disciples went up, the Snow Lotus Peak Master directly confronted the Silver Sky Valley Master with a small movement of her forehead, and without speaking, she moved her delicate body and appeared on the top of the mountain. magic ship


Zhou Yuan stood on the magic boat and cast his gaze in various directions, to where Zuoqiu Qingyu, Lu Luo, Li Chunjun, Zhen Xu, Ning Zhan and the others were! Looking with a farewell.


“After returning to the sect this time, with my contribution, I should still be able to take some of the Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasures and give each of them one then”


Zhou Yuan thought to himself, "This time in the Mythical Utopia, Yaoyao encountered an ambush, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Lu Luo, Li Chunjun and the others knew that they were no match for the Chosen of the Sacred Palace." However, they still helped and Zhou Yuan remembered this kindness in his heart.




He let out a long, feeling the gradual activation of the magic boat, then raised his eyes and looked towards the distant direction.


After returning to the sect this time, he needed to properly digest what he had gained this time, and according to his expectations, the next time he left the sect, he would return to the Cangmang continent to resolve all that pending feud...

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