Chapter 665 – Returning to the Sect

Unlike the situation where Jiang Tai sen and the other Holy Palace disciples suffered punishment, when Zhou Yuan, Chu Qing and the others returned to the Cangxuan Sect, the entire sect was in a state of great rejoicing.


Even Master Qing Yang carried a few peak masters to greet the returning disciples of that sect before, although this fight was only between the younger generation of the major sects and was not likely to really change anything, but the Cangxuan Sect had been constantly suppressed by the Holy Palace over the years, and he greatly needed such a positive victory to boost morale.


And the victory of Zhou Yuan and his group this time was undoubtedly a benchmark and an example that although the Holy Palace was strong, it was not invincible, and if the younger disciples wanted to catch up with it, they would naturally have to try harder and not dare to slack off.


Before the mountain gate, countless disciples looked at the returning figures, their eyes full of respect.


Especially when they saw Zhou Yuan who was standing in front of the many disciples, the reverence in their eyes became even more intense, in the past, Zhou Yuan was within the Cangxuan Sect, although his achievements were also amazing, but that was still was inside, and at that time he was still somewhat different from Chu Qing, Kong Sheng and other Chosen Ones.


When no one expected it to progress to such a rapid stage.


After passing through the Mythical Utopia, Zhou Yuan could definitely be ranked among the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, and it was feared that that ranking was second only to Chu Qing.


After all, even Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan were not confident in defeating Jin Chanzi, but Zhou Yuan not only did it, he killed him, his strength beyond that of an ordinary Chosen One.


If it was said that before entering the Mythical Utopia that Zhou Yuan had an extremely high reputation on Saint Genesis Peak, then after this time, it was unlikely that anyone would feel that Zhou Yuan was not qualified enough to be the future leader. of the younger generation of the Cangxuan Sect.


On the mountain peak, the many Saint Genesis Peak disciples were all gathered here, looking at the many figures coming down from the magic boat, and in the front of those figures, the figure of Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan, could be seen.


"Brother Zhou Yuan has given us too much face this time at Saint Genesis Peak!" There were Holy Genesis Peak disciples filled with joy.


"Let's see who else dares to say that my Saint Genesis Peak is useless in the future!" There were disciples who spoke proudly, with the sensation of raising their eyebrows.


There were also some other disciples from other peaks in this place, if it had been in the past, they would have undoubtedly sneered when they heard such words, but right now, they were silent, which was undoubtedly a tacit acknowledgment.


In fact, from now on, it was feared that Saint Genesis Peak would no longer remain unnoticed within the Cangxuan Sect as it had been in the past.


In front of the many Saint Genesis Peak disciples, there was a young girl in blue, the girl had a ponytail and looked young and beautiful, at this moment she also had bright eyes looking at Zhou Yuan's figure.


“Senior Sister Mu, nowadays Senior Brother Zhou Yuan is getting more and more powerful, you said you want to chase him, but right now, it's not easy” There was a disciple next to him who was laughing at her.


There were also sounds of laughter coming from the surroundings, it was obvious that the Blue Clothed Maiden was quite popular in Holy Genesis Peak.


The maiden was precisely Mu Xiaomang who had entered Saint Genesis Peak only before Zhou Yuan went to Mythical Utopia, and in the past few months, this newly introduced maiden had become the most famous person in Saint Genesis Peak, apart from Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.


The young lady was delicate and full of vitality, and she had a strong nature and a cheerful personality, plus her own talent was really excellent, so in just a few months, she already had the impulse to rise to prominence, and that impulse was very similar to the original Zhou Yuan.


Hearing the laughter of the crowd around her, the young lady tilted her head slightly and said seriously, “With such a goal on Saint Genesis Peak, I have the motivation to pursue it… The fact that Senior Brother Zhou Yuan is capable being so powerful has made me feel that I did not make the wrong decision in joining Saint Genesis Peak."


His bright eyes seemed to always be filled with exuberant battle intent, like a little lion.


At the front of the many disciples, Shen Taiyuan stood with his hands at rest, heard the voices from the rear, and a pleased smile emerged on his aged face.


It seems that the truly blessed ancestor, this Holy Genesis Peak of theirs that was about to decline to the extreme had once again become a peak to respect.


The current Saint Genesis Peak, already with the addition of some elders, gradually began to have upward momentum.


And their Saint Genesis Peak has a proud Dragon like Zhou Yuan in the front and a rising star like Mu Xiaomian in the back, it seems that in the future, they will not be willing to fall behind in the position of Cangxuan Sect's Chosen.


And it all started when Zhou Yuan joined Holy Genesis Peak…


Shen Taiyuan looked at that figure of Zhou Yuan in the distance and was also a little impressed.


The fact that his Saint Genesis Peak was able to reach this stage was actually Zhou Yuan's greatest achievement, and he was only following for glory.


But in a whirlwind, Shen Taiyuan couldn't help but feel a little complacent, because who let this old man have a unique vision? At first, licking his old face, he had forcefully dragged Zhou Yuan into his group.


And now, within this sect, I wonder how many elders have turned their eyes red with envy and jealousy.




After that grand welcoming ceremony, Zhou Yuan and the rest of the returning disciples paid their respects to Head Master Qing Yang and the other peak masters, and by the time many things were done, it was already sunset.


By the time Zhou Yuan left the main hall, his entire body felt as if it were empty.


He had handed over all the Divine Establishment Treasures he had obtained inside the jade rock, after all, to obtain the jade rock, it was the collective power of all the Chosen, he could not have it all for himself.


However, these given Divine Establishment Treasures will be distributed later according to the respective contributions made by the Master Chief after he understands the situation, so he was not worried about losing his share.


Of course, he naturally hid the matter of the "Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune", since it was related to a treasure like the Cangxuan Seal, he could not reveal anything.


When he left the main hall, his gaze swept away, and he saw that at the edge of the cloud-filled cliff, Yaoyao holding Tun Tun playfully, the sun was setting, covering her body with a red glow, a mesmerizing sight.


The many male disciples coming and going couldn't help but look away if they had one, Yaoyao's reputation in the Cangxuan Sect was only higher than Zhou Yuan's, so no one dared to bother them at all.


"Aren't you back yet?" Zhou Yuan stepped forward and asked with a smile.


Yaoyao was not even half interested in these greetings, so she did not participate from the beginning, and Zhou Yuan had previously thought that she had returned to the cave alone first.


Yaoyao's clear and ethereal eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan, she looked at some of the tiredness on the latter's face, her eyes softened a little, and then the red lips opened slightly, saying: "I waited for you to leave together."


Zhou Yuan was startled, he looked at Yaoyao's jaw-droppingly beautiful and flawless jade-like cheeks. At that moment, it was as if his heart was struck by her soft voice, and a strange feeling flowed through him.


"Okay, let's go home." The fatigue on Zhou Yuan's face dissipated at this moment, revealing a smile.


"Go home?..."


Yaoyao also startled slightly, turning around to ponder this word, her red lips raised a shallow curve unconsciously, for that small cave she had resided in for two years, it turned out that she was also a little homesick.


Of course, he understood more clearly in his heart that the nostalgia was not for the cave, but because another person also lived in that cave.


What worried him was not the cave, but the people.


Yaoyao's jade hand rubbed the sleeping Tun Tun on her chest, then a slight nod of her head with a smile that was more beautiful than the sunset in the sky.


"Well, let's go home."


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