Chapter 666 – Second Chosen

On the third day, when Zhou Yuan returned to the Cangxuan Sect, the Sect Master's order was issued, with immediate effect the Saint Genesis Peak's core disciple, Zhou Yuan, promoted to the position of Chosen One, second.


This kind of situation, where the core disciple was promoted to the rank of Chosen One and then directly promoted to second place, rarely occurred in the past Cangxuan Sect.


But thinking of Zhou Yuan's amazing achievements, many disciples felt relieved, being able to kill a powerful enemy like Jin Chanzi was enough to prove what Zhou Yuan's strength was today, even Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan were a weakest fraction.


His current strength was worthy of such a position.


Therefore, even that Sword Peak who had somewhat disagreed with Zhou Yuan in the past, did not express any opposition, and even Kong Sheng himself, after hearing it, remained silent and then chose to close the door, obviously before Zhou Yuan Kong Sheng's rapid advancement also felt great pressure.


In the past, he had only treated Chu Qing as an opponent.


But in the Mythical Utopia when he saw Chu Qing's fight with Jiang Taishen, he knew that in the past, when he had repeatedly challenged Chu Qing, Chu Qing did not respond to the fight, fearing that Chu Qing was aware of the gap between them and deliberately He didn't fight him.


He had underestimated Chu Qing's speed of progress, and had been using his prior judgment to assess the situation.


At this moment, not only was he being pushed away by Chu Qing, but he was also being surpassed by a rising star like Zhou Yuan, which let him know that if he didn't work hard to cultivate, I'm afraid that in the future, it would be difficult. for him to even maintain the rank of Third Chosen.






Zhou Yuan looked at the issuance scroll in front of him and couldn't help but feel some emotion. Two years ago, when he entered the Cangxuan Sect, he saw that Chosen Tablet. At that time, he was the one who took it to heart and saw it. as a goal to follow.


At that time, the Chosen Ten were quite unattainable in his eyes.


However, two years later, he not only ranked among the Chosen, but also ranked second.


This kind of progress also spoke to the fact that these two years of time had not been wasted by Zhou Yuan.


"I didn't expect that I would also become a Chosen One..." He laughed lightly, but he was not the least bit satisfied, he casually put away the scroll, the position of Chosen One was just an honorary one, but what really mattered the most was his own force.


Promoting to Chosen One was not his true goal.


Because a Chosen One could not exterminate that Great Wu, he could not kill King Wu either.




He inhaled a deep breath, and then headed straight into the depths of the cave, sitting on the spot that had pure Genesis Qi gushing out, his eyes slightly closed, observing the inside of his Qi Dwelling.


In the Qi Dwelling, Genesis Qi stars flickered, and in the center, the liquid-looking “Heavenly Punishment” Saint Rune slowly flowed, appearing extremely mysterious.


There is an ancient atmosphere rising from the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, and the genesis stars within the Qi Dwelling seem to have received some kind of refinement, becoming brighter and brighter.


The Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune has been stored in the Mythical Utopia for many years, continuously absorbing the Genesis Qi of the heavens and the earth, and although much of it has been used to condense supernatural treasures, what is left is still quite a bit. big.


Right now, these incomparably pure Heaven and Earth Qi was what Zhou Yuan coveted.


Along with Zhou Yuan's thought, the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune that was entrenched within the Qi Dwelling trembled slightly, and in the next moment, there was only a mist coming out of it.


In the next moment, there was a mist that emerged from it. The mist was actually the world's Genesis Qi.


The Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune continued to emit dense Genesis Qi and soon the mist began to become moist, as if it had signs of liquid splendor.


This was a sign that the Genesis Qi of Heaven and Earth was extremely pure.


Zhou Yuan's heart was on fire, and the invisible power of his spirit was now stimulated, stirring up the mist that permeated the Qi Dwelling, and the last strand of the mist rose and began to gather and condense at a speed visible to the naked eye. view...


After a moment.


The fog gradually dispersed, and in its place was a resplendent Genesis star.


In such a short period of time, a genesis star took shape. Even Zhou Yuan's fixation was so fast that his heart was pounding, and he could feel that the new condensed Genesis Star was incomparably pure and did not have any mottled appearance, so it was of the highest quality.


Obviously, the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune contained Heaven and Earth Genesis Qi that was even purer than Zhou Yuan's expectations.


"I really don't know how far my Genesis Qi base will go after absorbing and refining all the heaven and earth Genesis Qi contained in the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune."


"Jiang Taishen's Genesis Qi base is around 100,000, when I also reach the Ninth Heaven, I should be able to surpass him, right?"


Many thoughts flickered in his heart, causing Zhou Yuan's heart to be hot.


Although he had killed Jin Chanzi in the Mythical Utopia, he was clearly at a disadvantage in terms of Genesis Qi base, but if he could make a breakthrough this time, Zhou Yuan believed that he would truly surpass Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing, and the others.


Soon, Zhou Yuan discarded all distracting thoughts and began to concentrate his mind, methodically absorbing and refining the dense mist coming out of the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune.


In the depths of the cave, Zhou Yuan was sitting quietly, and there was no fluctuation in the Genesis Qi of Heaven and Earth around him, making it seem as if he was fast asleep, without cultivating.


However, only he himself was clear that the Genesis Qi for this cultivation did not come from outside, but from the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune within his body.


At that moment, it seemed calm on the outside, but within that Qi Dwelling, earth-shattering changes were taking place.


One Genesis Qi star after another continuously condensed and took shape among the rising mist.


Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was also beginning to rise wildly at a shocking enough speed…




Time passed quietly in Zhou Yuan's retreat.


The boiling caused by the Mythical Utopia, on the other hand, had gradually subsided, but anyone could sense that the atmosphere within the Cangxuan Sect seemed to have changed somewhat.


It is clear that in Zhou Yuan's mind, these old Chosen Ones like Kong Sheng, feel pressure and dare not slack off.


With the Chosen leading the way, the other disciples also followed suit, and for a time, the cultivation atmosphere within the Cangxuan Sect was extremely strong.




When there was a peaceful scene in the Cangxuan Sect, in the extremely distant Cangmang Continent.


In the palace of the Great Wu Dynasty, there was an urgent order that spread throughout the dynasty, and then this long silent dynasty, there was some turmoil, and the spirit of war seemed to be brewing.


Dawu, the ferocious tiger, cast that gaze toward the east.


There, entrenched there, was the Great Zhou Dynasty that had once seized and expelled the prosperous region…

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