Chapter 670 Chosen Competition Battle!

A crazy and violent Genesis Qi surged from Zhou Yuan's body. It could be seen that his heart was beating like the sea at that moment.


However, the eruption of Genesis Qi did not last long. Zhou Yuan's eyes gradually calmed down and his Genesis Qi faded away. After all, he had been waiting for this day.


"Two years. Is King Wu finally going to make a move?"


Zhou Yuan's eyes were piercing and cold. This, to him, was not considered a bad thing. He had originally thought that this moment would come much sooner.


And in these two years, Zhou Yuan , from a youth of the Heavenly Gate stage, had become a top expert among the young generation of Shengzhou Continent.


It seemed like he should return to the Great Zhou.


Great Wu was strong and King Wu was a Divine Dwelling stage expert. No one in the Great Zhou was a match for him. In a conflict between empires, a Divine Dwelling stage expert was enough to play a decisive role.




Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and raised his head to look at Sect Master Qing Yang.


"Are you planning to come back?" Sect Master Qing Yang asked.


Zhou Yuan nodded. “Sect Master, I came to Cangxuan Sect to train and take revenge on my Great Zhou. I must go back this time.”


Sect Master Qing Yang nodded slightly. “This is important for your empire, so I won't stop you.”


“But you shouldn't be impatient either. The Great Wu is invading the Great Zhou. “This seems to be a dispute between two empires, but you are a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect and Wu Huang is a disciple of the Holy Palace.”


"The Great Wu decided to act at this time, which was most likely instructed by the Holy Palace."


Zhou Yuan suddenly frowned. “I don't have much entanglement with the palace master of the Holy Palace. Given your identity, would you care about conflicts between two small empires?”


The palace master of the Holy Palace was one of the most powerful existences of the Cangxuan Sect, and in his eyes both Great Zhou and Great Wu were as inferior as ants.


Great Wu was able to suppress Great Zhou for so many years by relying on King Wu, who was at the Divine Dwelling stage. But what was the setting of the Divine Dwelling for the Sacred Palace? A Divine Dwelling stage expert could not even become an elder.


Usually, the palace master of the Holy Palace would find it a waste of time to worry about such trivial matters.


Sect Master Qing Yang looked deeply. “If you are just an ordinary disciple of Cangxuan Sect, then perhaps this matter is indeed just a trivial matter, but now you are a famous disciple of my Cangxuan Sect. Furthermore, you made the Holy Palace suffer in the Mythical Utopia, so if the Holy Palace wants to retaliate, it is very possible that they will do something.”


"And from the information that Cangxuan Sect has received, there indeed seems to be movements on the side of the Holy Palace."


If this was the case, then the dispute between Great Wu and Great Zhou had become a game between two major sects, the Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect.


This was really a complicated topic.


“You don't have to worry about this matter. Most sects have their own rules, and any hatred and grievances that the disciples have must be resolved by the disciples themselves and the sect cannot intervene,” Sect Master Qing Yang explained.


"If the Holy Palace breaks the rules, then the Cangxuan Sect will not stand by"


The reason why Zhou Yuan had killed so many Chosen in the Mythical Utopia was because of the Cangxuan Sect. This had caused the Holy Palace to lose face, so if the Cangxuan Sect did not support Zhou Yuan, it would be too ruthless.


Zhou Yuan was incredibly moved upon hearing this, because only with the unwavering support of the Cangxuan Sect could he fight against the Holy Palace.


If not, he would be nothing more than an ant trying to shake a tree.


If the Cangxuan Sect chose to fight against the Holy Palace, the move would be incredibly huge. Zhou Yuan would have been really nervous if Sect Master Qing Yang hadn't said anything. After all, starting a fight against the Holy Palace for a little disciple would not be beneficial after considering the costs and benefits.


"Thank you, Sect Master." Zhou Yuan bowed deeply.


Sect Master Qing Yang smiled and said in a soft tone: “Little one, don't think too much. You just have to remember that you are a disciple who risked his life for my Cangxuan Sect. We will never stand and watch you suffer.”


“The Holy Palace is strong, but my Cangxuan Sect is not weak. If the palace master of the Holy Palace dares to break the rules, then my Cangxuan Sect will fight with everything we have to knock the Holy Palace off its horse. "We'll see who will be the winner in the end."


Sect Master Qing Yang's voice was soft and calm, his manner refined and erudite. However, there was a chill that was hidden in his calm statement, as if this chill was hidden beneath a storm cloud.


Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, and the other Chosen One looked at Sect Master Qing Yang in surprise. Evidently, it was the first time they saw the gentle and ever-smiling sect master like this.


A smile also spread across Peak Master Lianyi's beautiful face. “Big brother, I haven't seen you like this in many years. “Back then you had the worst temper of all of us, but after becoming a sect master, you are like an old man.”


“Our eldest brother is the master of a sect and has a lot of things to worry about. Naturally, it is not the same as before,” Peak Master Ling Jun said.


"What do you know?" The peak master, Lianyi, snorted and shot a cold look at his face.


The peak master, Ling Jun, could only shake his head helplessly. He had long become accustomed to the way the Lianyi Peak Master treated him over the years.


“You only need to focus on the conflict between your Great Zhou and Great Wu. You don't need to worry about other matters. I will contact the palace master of the Holy Palace to see what he really wants. If you really want to fight my Cangxuan Sect, we will accompany you,” Sect Master Qing Yang assured Zhou Yuan. "But if the Holy Palace has no intention of breaking the rules, King Wu will probably still be a big problem for you."


If the Holy Palace did not break any rules, the Cangxuan Sect would naturally be unable to intervene and Zhou Yuan would have no choice but to face King Wu alone.


Although a Divine Dwelling stage expert was considered nothing in the eyes of Sect Master Qing Yang, to youths like Zhou Yuan, the Divine Dwelling stage was a real enemy.


Once one enters the Divine Dwelling stage, one can truly say that one has reached the next level on the path of cultivation.


Even the worst Divine Dwelling stage person would have over half a million Genesis Qi stars, which far exceeded Zhou Yuan's current base of 180,000 Genesis Qi stars.


And with this huge gap, any movement was useless.


Zhou Yuan nodded gently. “Don't worry, Sect Master. "Wu Huang is my enemy and I will deal with him."


Sect Master Qing Yang no longer asked any more questions and said, “When are you planning to leave?”


“A war between empires continues for a long time. Although Great Wu has only begun to send troops, there is still some time before the most critical moment. And during this period of time, I want to do something."


"What do you want to do?" Sect Master Qing Yang asked curiously.


Zhou Yuan looked at Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the others apologetically. “I'm pressed for time. "In order to improve my battle strength, I have no choice but to offend you big brothers and sisters."


Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others were shocked.


Zhou Yuan took a step back, his voice loud and clear like thunder. It roared through the Cangxuan Sect.


“Zhou Yuan of Saint Genesis Peak wants to start a competitive battle against the Chosen One of the six peaks. I hope the big brothers and sisters agree!"


This statement shocked countless disciples within the Cangxuan Sect.


A chosen challenge!


Zhou Yuan wanted to witness the six Cangxuan techniques of the Chosen of the Six Peaks!

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