Chapter 671 The Greatest Honor

Zhou Yuan's clear voice echoed throughout every corner of the Cangxuan Sect, causing the countless disciples to look towards the origin of the voice in shock.


The only sound in the sect was the echo of Zhou Yuan's voice while everything else was completely silent.


This silence lasted a long time before a torrential uproar took it away. It was as if the entire Cangxuan Sect had been overthrown.


"My God, what did I just hear?"


“The chosen one Zhou Yuan wants to invoke the challenge of the Chosen One! And even against the six peaks!"


"This requires tremendous charisma and courage!"


“Even Senior Brother Chu Qing failed to triumph over the six peaks in one fell swoop in the past!”


"Let alone Senior Brother Chu Qing, I don't believe a single Cangxuan Sect disciple has achieved such a feat!"


“Yes, the Chosen Challenge is too difficult. The Chosen of each peak will receive support from the Genesis Qi of their peak of origin, causing their strength to rise. As fellow Chosen, how could it be easy to defeat another Chosen?”


“But if Chosen One Zhou Yuan succeeds, it will be a great occasion for our Cangxuan Sect. "It will definitely be a rare eye-opening experience."




A frantic atmosphere enveloped the entire sect as countless disciples discussed excitedly. After all, such a grand event was very rare.


Before the main discussion hall, the expressions of Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the others became solemn. The challenge of the Chosen was a very serious event in the Cangxuan Sect.


According to the rules, the Chosen of the various peaks were not allowed to reject any challengers.


The crowd of Chosen exchanged a glance as they nodded and said, “Since Chosen Zhou Yuan has so much courage, there is naturally no reason for us to decline. All the peaks will receive you with all our power."


Zhou Yuan clasped his fists again. He was already at the peak of the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage, and would soon leave for the Great Zhou Empire. He needed to experience tough battles to push his battle power to the limit.


Besides the Omega Holy Spirit Art, the rank of his other Genesis techniques was quite low. Take Ethereal Form, for example, it was a technique he had learned in the outer mountains, and its effect was no longer as impressive as it had been back then.


This was mainly because he was encountering increasingly powerful enemies. His enemies' Genesis Techniques had also increased in rank, making lower-ranking techniques like the Ethereal Form seem weaker in comparison.


Therefore, Zhou Yuan needed higher rank Genesis techniques.


The seven Cangxuan arts were the most famous techniques in the Cangxuan Sect, and Zhou Yuan had been observing them for a long time. However, his strength had been insufficient in the past, making it impossible for him to win them through the Chosen challenge. Therefore, he had been waiting patiently until this very moment…


After Zhou Yuan entered the ninth peak layer, among all the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, even Chu Qing was no longer his match in a one-on-one fight.


But now I had the qualifications.


On the side, Sect Master Qing Yang made no move to stop this and said, “Zhou Yuan, the Chosen Challenge will not be easy, because your opponents will have the home field advantage and it will amplify their power.”


"Your disciple understands and will do his best," Zhou Yuan replied.


Sect Master Qing Yang looked towards Chu Qing and the others. “Return to your respective peaks to prepare. Zhou Yuan will go to his peaks to confront you one by one tomorrow.”


Chu Qing and the rest acknowledged his orders, with complicated expressions in their eyes as they cast one last glance at Zhou Yuan before leaving.


Zhou Yuan bowed to Sect Master Qing Yang before leaving as well. He would return to Holy Genesis Peak to make his own preparations.


Seeing their leaving figures, Sect Master Qing Yang sighed and smiled. "My Cangxuan Sect disciples are not weaker than those in the Holy Palace."


Peak Master Lianyi said, “Are we really going to let Zhou Yuan challenge the six peaks?”


Sect Master Qing Yang nodded. “The appearance of Wu Huang has caused a rapid rise in the reputation of the Holy Palace. If Zhou Yuan manages to take the techniques of the other six peaks, it will be the first time something like this has happened in our Cangxuan Sect. The news of this will also grow our reputation and allow our disciples to regain their trust.”


“The Holy Palace may have Wu Huang, but my Cangxuan Sect has Zhou Yuan…”


“It will definitely be a monumental occasion if it is successful. However, I have some doubts whether he will be able to defeat the six peaks in succession,” Peak Master Ling Jun said.


He was not trying to make things difficult for Zhou Yuan, but simply expressing his truthful opinion.


Although Zhou Yuan had grown enormously, the other Chosen, especially the higher ranks like Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, and Li Qingchan, would not be easy opponents when driven by their peaks.


It was precisely this reason that stopped Chu Qing in his tracks back then.


"Tomorrow it will be clear to everyone whether he succeeds or not."


Sect Master Qing Yang chuckled as he looked at the Cangxuan Sect, who now had an air of excitement. He said: “To tell the truth, even I am a little excited. "I haven't seen such a big event yet since I became a sect master."


The other peak masters nodded their heads weakly. Challenging the six peaks in succession and gathering the seven Cangxuan arts was something none of them had witnessed.


For hundreds and thousands of years, many geniuses had emerged from their respective peaks. Even so, not a single person had managed to achieve such a feat. From this, one could see how difficult the Chosen One's challenge was. Regarding how Zhou Yuan would perform tomorrow, even existences like them felt somewhat curious for a while.




When Zhou Yuan returned to Saint Genesis Peak, he found that the disciples were practically crazy with excitement. Countless people flocked to the entrance of his cave, and the deafening noise almost caused a collapse.


It lasted until Yaoyao couldn't stand it anymore and kicked Tuntun out. With a roar, the excited disciples immediately dispersed.


However, even though they had dispersed, the entire Saint Genesis Peak was still covered in a frantic atmosphere.


After all, the implications behind this matter were too important for Saint Genesis Peak. Saint Genesis Peak had been in decline for so many years. Who could have expected things to suddenly change? Not only had their doors reopened, but they had even produced a true Chosen One.


If Zhou Yuan won the Chosen Challenge tomorrow, from then on, every Holy Genesis Peak disciple would feel a little more proud when they walked inside the sect.


It would be the greatest single glory only for his Holy Genesis Peak.


No one would be able to sleep on Holy Genesis Peak tonight.


Of course, Holy Genesis Peak was not the only one; The disciples of the other six peaks were equally nervous and excited. A big event like this was really rare, after all. If Zhou Yuan succeeded and gained all six arts from their peaks, it would undoubtedly be a success for his pride.


Various emotions stirred within the numerous disciples, making it impossible for anyone to calmly cultivate.


The restless night passed silently in this way.


When dawn came the next day, the countless Cangxuan Sect disciples opened their red eyes and looked towards the distant Saint Genesis Peak.


Deep within a certain cave dwelling on the Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes.


He smiled as he looked towards Yaoyao, who was standing in front of him, but said nothing. He stood up before walking forward. A strong confidence welled up from him as his clothes fluttered around him.


Today, this generation of Cangxuan Sect disciples would see him rise to the top.


Two years ago, when he first entered Holy Genesis Peak, he learned of Shen Taiyuan's Chosen challenge. Back then, he had treated it as a story because the Chosen Ones within this story were existences that he could only look up to in admiration.


Two years later, he had become the main actor in this story. The Chosen One he had once admired would now stand in his way and witness him achieve the highest honor in the hearts of the countless disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

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