Chapter 680 Complete Mythical Saint Body

After a night of heavy drinking and letting loose, Zhou Yuan dedicated his entire being to practicing the Mythical Saint Body the next day.


Although he had obtained the seven Cangxuan arts, the Mythical Saint Body was obviously going to be the fastest one he could master. As for the others, he currently lacked a lot of time to understand and practice them.


After all, the Great Wu Empire was already gathering its army to wage war against the Great Zhou Empire, and Zhou Yuan's father was probably trying to buy as much time as possible in anticipation of his return.


Therefore, Zhou Yuan needed to make the most of every second he had and had no time to waste.


Holy Genesis Peak, the back mountains.


Zhou Yuan's half-naked body sat on the Fire and Water Dragon's tempering platform as he looked towards the hunched old figure on the cliff and said, "Old Xuan, I'll have to trouble you again."


Old Xuan leaned on his bamboo broom as he asked unhurriedly, “Do you really want to raise it to the fourth level?”


The Water and Fire Dragon Tempering Platform had eighteen levels, each level several times more intense than the last. While Zhou Yuan was practicing the small Mythical Saint Body in the past, only the first and second level had already tortured him until he wished he were dead. Despite all this, the little boy wanted to try the fourth level.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were determined as he solemnly nodded his head.


The training of the Mythical Saint Body was much more difficult and would not be easy to master even with his small Mythical Saint Body bases.


In the process, he also needed to train very hard.


Although the pain would be great, it should be within bearable limits.


Old Xuan was silent for a moment before his elderly face became serious. "You better prepare. Don't die on the Fire and Water Dragon Tempering Platform because your Great Zhou Empire will be over if you do."


Zhou Yuan smiled. "I won't do it!"


Old Xuan didn't waste any more time and gently swept the broom in his hand.




The ground began to shake a split second later as the large river beneath the cliff began to churn violently, causing giant waves to rise.


The scales of the two stone dragons coiled around the left and right cliffs began to light up one by one. In the end, two torrents of madness to the limit, the fire and water that Genesis Qi released.


Half of the world became very hot, while the other half became chilling.




Fire and water erupted and finally met at the place where Zhou Yuan was sitting, instantly drowning his figure.


Zhou Yuan's body began to tremble violently. His skin and flash began to open at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, causing blood to gush out. However, he gritted his teeth tenaciously, guttural roars that had been suppressed to the limit escaping from his throat as his face twisted in pain.


Old Xuan watched the figure lingering bitterly among the raging fire and water as his twisted hands tightened lightly around the bamboo broom, ready to sweep to save Zhou Yuan at any moment.


This child would not be allowed to die here.


Meanwhile, he also sighed inwardly. Even he had not expected that the little guy before him would become the leader of the Chosen Cangxuan Sect in just two years.


Most importantly, he had also become the first disciple in the sect's history to gather all seven arts through the Chosen Challenge...


“If the master was still around, he would probably be happy that such a talented genius has been produced in our sect…” Old Xuan muttered.


Meanwhile, on another peak in the distance.


Yaoyao was sitting on the edge of a cliff, her long, thin legs hanging off the edge. The beautiful legs seemed to shine like crystals under the sunlight.


He gently swung them back and forth as he looked towards Zhou Yuan's painful howl in the distance.


Yaoyao gently caressed Tuntun, pursing her lips slightly as she said softly, “This battle belongs to him. "We can't interfere."


Although seeing Zhou Yuan suffer like this was a bit unbearable, Yaoyao understood that the eventual fight with Wu Huang and the Great Wu Empire was part of Zhou Yuan's destiny.


As such, the Cangxuan Sect's decision to not directly help Zhou Yuan deal with King Wu was actually better for Zhou Yuan.


Both Wu Huang and King Wu were obstacles that Zhou Yuan needed to overcome on his cultivation journey, obstacles that he had to overcome himself. Only then would he truly be able to escape the shadow that the Great Wu Empire had cast over him.


Only by directly breaking through all of these obstacles could he finally properly align his thoughts and divert his gaze from King Wu to an even broader goal.


Yaoyao would willingly help Zhou Yuan sweep away all these obstructions, but she did not want her help to make him lose his momentum. Therefore, there were many times in the past two years where she had chosen to silently remain behind him and watch him through numerous tests and challenges, even if the price was a body riddled with wounds. The path of cultivation was difficult after all. In order for Zhou Yuan to travel even further and even reach the end, he needed to face those obstacles by himself.


Especially this time...


It was very likely that even Zhou Yuan himself would not want her and Tuntun to interfere.


In his arms, Tuntun also cast a glance at the figure within the raging fire and water while wagging his tail and barking.


"Are you saying he will win?..."


Yaoyao brushed away a strand of black hair that had fallen on her cheek as a faint smile rose at the corners of her lips.


"There is no doubt that it will be so."




The training in the back mountains did not stop after a whole day.


Zhou Yuan's howls of pain echoed in the mountains from dawn to dusk.


His tenacity caused even Old Xuan's expression to change slightly, making him understand a little why Zhou Yuan had been able to achieve what so many disciples had failed to do in the Cangxuan Sect.


However, although Zhou Yuan suffered the greatest pain under the tortuous tempering of fire and water, it was not in vain.


His body grew stronger as the days passed.


The jade skin and silver bone of the small Mythical Body began to gradually evolve into the mythical jade skin and silver star bone.


The transformation process took about half a month.


A certain day.


Old Xuan's eyelids suddenly fluttered over the cliff as he looked towards the meeting point of the torrents of fire and water, where the seated figure seemed to be slowly rising.


No Genesis Qi extended from his body, but raw physical power poured out as his flesh moved, slowly separating the fire and water.




A naked figure suddenly roared towards the sky.


The roar rumbled like thunder, instantly destroying the two torrents of fire and water.




His foot slammed into the ground, launching his figure into the air. He landed with a thud on the cliff, pulverizing the rock beneath his feet.


Old Xuan looked and found a jade light flowing throughout Zhou Yuan's body. The jade glow was even clearer and crystal clear compared to before, while a beast power flooded into his body like a tsunami.


A look of satisfaction appeared on Old Xuan's elderly face.


"Congratulations Zhou Yuan, you have truly mastered the Mythical Saint Body."


After more than twenty days of hard training, Zhou Yuan had finally evolved his small Mythical Saint Body into the Mythical Saint Body!


Light appeared in Zhou Yuan's eyes as he felt the brute force on his body. He felt that his body had now become the strongest among this generation of Cangxuan Sect disciples.


He had surpassed even Shang Chunqiu.




A stream of white qi gushed out from Zhou Yuan's nose before he bowed towards Old Xuan.


"When will you leave?" Old Xuan asked.


Now that Zhou Yuan's physical body was complete, he probably couldn't wait any longer.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were filled with intense battle intent as he said in a low voice, "Tomorrow."


Old Xuan hugged his bamboo broom as he laughed softly. "Come back alive. After so many years, you are the first disciple to gather the seven Cangxuan arts. The path you will travel in the future should be much longer, and a mere Great Wu Empire should not be your final destination."


Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked towards the distant sky. The sunlight reflected in his pupils, making it seem as if a scarlet red flame was burning within them.


' King Wu, there are some things that do not belong to the Great Wu Empire...


Then you're ready?'

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