Chapter 683 Finding Wu Huang again

Faraway Holy City.


The huge city that used to be bustling in the past was extremely depressed today, as if it was shrouded by dark clouds and the entire city seemed extremely quiet.


It was just that, in the darkness, there were countless eyes fixed on the towering city walls.


There sat numerous silent figures. Each dressed in a white robe, emitting powerful Genesis Qi from their bodies.


The disciples of the Sacred Palace.


The battle between the Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect had long been known throughout the Shengzhou Continent.


The Cangxuan Sect disciples, led by Zhou Yuan, stormed out of the sect in force and destroyed all of the Sacred Palace's interceptions along the way. Like a gust of wind, they swept away the clouds and headed straight for Faraway Holy City.


The transfer point here could pass through the Cangmang Continent at the fastest speed, so everyone knew that this must be the place where the disciples of the two sects would fight.


The most elite disciples of the Holy Palace were already sitting there, waiting for the arrival of the Cangxuan Sect disciples.


And according to the news they had received, the Cangxuan Sect disciples, led by Zhou Yuan, had destroyed all obstacles along the way. Most likely, they will arrive at Faraway Holy City soon, and at that time, both sides will meet and have the most intense confrontation.


Many people were looking forward to the battle, as it was rare to see a battle between the Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect of these two major sects...


As a famous city of the Shengzhou Continent, the Faraway Holy City was naturally dominated by a powerful overlord. But he was willing to give up his house as long as the two sides did not demolish the city. It seemed like the overlord was still giving face to the two major sects.


Within Faraway Holy City, countless eyes were fixed on the center of the city wall, where a figure sat silently, with white hair fluttering in the air. It was Jiang Taishen from the Holy Palace.


As someone who had held the top position of the Chosen List for many years, Jiang Taishen's popularity in the Shengzhou Continent was clearly above that of ordinary people.


And under countless watchful gazes, Jiang Taishen's face was expressionless and his eyes sank.


Next to him was Zhan Taiqing looking into the distance. "We have cultivated martial arts for many years, I didn't expect us to guard the door for a less advanced disciple."


It was obvious that he resented Wu Huang, who stood up suddenly.


Jiang Taishen simply replied indifferently: “The Holy Palace only respects strength. Since he is stronger than us, we can only support him."


Zhan Taiqing gritted his teeth, “That's because the Palace Master is biased towards him! If the palace master had spent that kind of resources and energy on us, I think we would be stronger than Wu Huang! "


Jiang Taishen frowned slightly, looked at Zhan Taiqing, and said calmly: "It's okay that you said it here, but don't mention it anymore."


Zhan Taiqing gritted his teeth. Only a moment later did he gradually calm down. "I heard that Zhou Yuan of the Cangxuan Sect had defeated Chu Qing, and also became the first in the history of the Cangxuan Sect to seize the seven arts with the Chosen Competition battle."


Jiang Taishen said in a low voice: “It is indeed extraordinary. No wonder the Palace Master personally issued an order. That person will undoubtedly be a problem for the Sacred Palace once he grows up."


"Who would have thought that I fought with Chu Qing for many years, but in the end, I was surpassed by two juniors."


Zhan Taiqing remained silent. He also did not expect that Zhou Yuan, whom he looked down on in the Mythical Utopia, would be so strong.


"Wu Huang and Zhou Yuan, I wonder who will win in the end?"


Jiang Taishen also pondered for a moment, and then shook his head, “Both of them have reached the pinnacle of the Alpha Origin stage and I have never seen such a strong Genesis Qi foundation before. It's really hard to say who will win."


“But no matter who wins, their fight will be the pinnacle of the countless Origin-Alpha stage battles in Cangxuan Heaven in the past hundred years. "


Zhan Taiqing did not speak and only sneered coldly. He wanted to know that if Wu Huang lost, would the Palace Master still value him so much?


As these thoughts passed through his mind, Jiang Taishen suddenly raised his head.


"He is here."


Zhan Taiqing froze for a moment when he heard this before raising his scarlet eyes.


At the same time, the many elite Holy Palace disciples on the walls also raised their heads.


Then they saw that, in the distance, there was a beam of light that was rushing towards the Faraway Holy City at an astonishing speed.


The momentum was fierce, aggressive, and full of murderous spirit.


And within Faraway Holy City, countless eyes burned as they looked into the distance. The silence in the city was broken. They knew that when the Cangxuan Sect disciples arrived was also when the battle between the two major sects would begin.


Under the gaze of countless people, numerous streams of light tore through the sky and finally stopped a distance away from Faraway Holy City.


In front of the many streams of light, there was a young man stepping on a cloud of Genesis Qi. His body was tall and thin, and his face was fierce.


He stood there, emitting an astonishing Genesis Qi from his body.


And behind him, Chu Qing, Kong Shen, Li Qingchan and other Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect followed closely.


His eyes, all filled with intense killing intent, darted towards Jiang Taishen and others on the city walls.


"You came a little earlier than I expected." Jiang Taishen met his gaze.


He first looked at Chu Qing, and then his eyes fell on Zhou Yuan's body. His expression became solemn, sensing a very strong dangerous aura coming from his body.


"Without Chosens leading the groups, their obstacles along the way had little effect." Chu Qing smiled.


"The obstacles were just consuming some of your Genesis Qi and energy."


Jiang Taishen said indifferently. "To pass this place, you have to ask us first."


Many of the elite disciples of the Holy Palace erupted into a long and loud roar and Genesis Qi surged out.


Seeing this scene, Chu Qing's eyes gradually became more fierce, "Cangxuan Sect disciples, prepare!"


Behind him, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and other elite disciples also burst out with Genesis Qi.




Zhan Taiqing's scarlet eyes flickered with killing intent.




Beams of light shot out from the walls, like locusts, pounced on the Cangxuan Sect disciples.


And as they advanced, the Cangxuan Sect disciples, without waiting for the order, burst into roars of anger. As their Genesis Qi surged, they turned into countless rays of light to meet the enemies head-on.




Outside Faraway Holy City, a chaotic battle instantly broke out.


Both sides knew there was nothing more to say. The battle must continue.


“Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, we will stop Jiang Taishen and the other Chosen. You can continue heading to the city.” Chu Qing said in an indifferent voice, strands of hair began to grow from her head.


"Thank you all." Zhou Yuan exclaimed.


Chu Qing smiled, "no need to be polite, you are representing our Cangxuan sect..."


His smile gradually faded and his tone of voice became serious. "Be careful, you should know that you are the most important person in this battle."


He rose into the sky with a flash and said nothing more.


"Jiang Taishen, you dare to fight me!" Chu Qing roared.


"Chu Qing, even if I am no longer at the first place on the Chosen list, I am not afraid of you!" Jiang Tiashen sneered.


"The Chosen of the Holy Palace, listen to my order, stop the Cangxuan Sect!"


As he rose into the sky, his roaring voice echoed out.


The next moment, the chosen ones led by Zhan Taiqing also headed straight towards Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan, and other chosen ones of the Cangxuan sect.


Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the others naturally met them head on.




Outside Faraway Holy City, the battle was even more chaotic.


Hovering in the sky, Zhou Yuan scanned the large-scale battle before him. His eyes suddenly moved, only to see several figures silently appearing in the distance and secretly killing the elite disciples of the Holy Palace.


He was very familiar with the fluctuation of Genesis Qi around the various figures.


"Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun... are you here too?" A smile lit up on Zhou Yuan's face.


And seemingly aware of this, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others also shifted their gazes towards him. The little demon girl smiled and Luluo blinked her huge eyes and made an encouraging gesture towards him.


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly towards them, and then his gaze wandered across the chaotic battlefield and landed on the Faraway Holy City.


The next moment, he walked away and headed straight to Faraway Holy City under countless gazes.


"The disciples of Cangxuan Sect wish that Senior Brother Zhou Yuan returns victorious!"




Many Cangxuan Sect disciples watched as Zhou Yuan shot up like a bolt of lightning, and in the next moment, deafening roars resounded throughout the universe, causing the Faraway Holy City to tremble.


Amidst loud roars and cheers, Zhou Yuan's figure did not stop and simply responded with a gentle wave of his hand. He then rushed to Faraway Holy City under countless gazes.




After entering the city, Zhou Yuan did not stop even once. He transformed into a beam of light and headed straight for the transfer point in the center of the city.


A few minutes later.


Zhou Yuan reappeared in the center of the city, where the huge transfer point was shining brightly, but his steps stopped abruptly in front of a stone pillar.


There was a figure in a golden robe, standing with his back to him.


He simply stood there as Genesis Qi, which was enough to make one tremble, slowly emitted from his body, causing space to tremble.


Seemingly sensing Zhou Yuan's arrival, the golden-robed figure slowly turned around, revealing a familiar face that was no different from two years ago.


"Wu Huang..."


Zhou Yuan stared at him, his eyes slightly narrowed and his voice indifferent.


"Zhou Yuan......"


Wu Huang stood up with one hand behind his back. His eyes were cold and distant, but in the depths of his eyes a sea of blood was hidden.


“Zhou Yuan, stop there. Two years ago, you destroyed my body. Two years later… I am going to make you watch your Great Zhou be completely destroyed by my Great Wu.”


"So what if you won against me last time?"


"Now that I am here again, that means that I, Wu Huang, am the true Holy Dragon!"


There was not the slightest ripple of emotion in Zhou Yuan's eyes as he looked Wu Huang in the eye, but a boundless murderous spirit gradually rose from his body as he spoke with a chilling voice.


"A family of thieves, do you dare to stop me?"

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