Chapter 685 The Battle of Old Enemies

The center of the distant holy city.


When the two figures faced each other, countless people from across the city quickly looked over. Even in the sky, the air trembled slightly. It was unknown how many powerful experts used their perception to break through the air from distant locations in order to absorb the battle as much as possible.


It could be said that the battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang has become the focus of the Shengzhou Continent.


The two of them were the top experts of the young generation of Cangxuan Heaven. Wu Huang had defeated Jiang Taishen and ranked first on the Chosen List.


Zhou Yuan was not someone easy to deal with either. He had completed the feat that no one in the Cangxuan Sect had managed to do. He initiated the Battle of the Chosen Competition and gathered the seven arts of the sect. His achievement was equally dazzling.


The two strongest youths of Cangxuan Heaven were about to clash. Who would laugh last?


Countless people were curious about this result.


Of course, if it were purely in terms of the strength of the two people, it would possibly not attract the attention of so many powerful forces, but everyone knew that this battle not only represented the two youths, but also the two great sects. behind them.


Everyone knew that even Sect Master Qing Yang and the Palace Master of the Holy Palace were paying attention to this battle.




"Zhou Yuan, so many years have passed, but why are you still so naive?" Standing on the stone pillar, Wu Huang had a playful expression on his face as he studied Zhou Yuan.


"Back then, the Holy Dragon Qi had divided into three, one part is with me, one is in Wu Yao, and the last is in Great Wu."


“If you want to live as the Lord of the Sacred Dragon, wait until the day you gather the Qi of the Sacred Dragon. Otherwise, as I said in the past, you are just a container for the Holy Dragon Qi.”


Zhou Yuan's eyes closed, "Naturally, I will take back what belongs to me, just like two years ago, I took back half of the Holy Dragon Qi from you."


Wu Huang narrowed his eyes and the surrounding temperature plummeted.


"Don't worry, what I lost last time, I will get back this time."


“I'm afraid that not only will you not get it back, but you will also lose your life here. Wu Huang, last time I carelessly let you escape with your spirit, but this time you won't be so lucky.” Zhou Yuan smiled coldly.




Wu Huang's eyes turned sinister. "I would like to see what qualifications you have to say this."




As his voice faded, blood-red Genesis Qi, like a torrent, gushed out from his body. A rich stench of blood filled the world and shook the air.




Wu Huang shook his hand abruptly, causing blood-red Genesis Qi to fall into the air and directly transform into a blood-red giant python. It came across with a chilling devilish aura, aiming at Zhou Yuan with lightning speed.


He already revealed an extremely astonishing Genesis Qi base with his first attack. The level was probably no weaker than Zhou Yuan's 180,000 star Genesis Qi!


Zhou Yuan studied the roaring blood python and could feel the strength of the Genesis Qi contained within it. He narrowed his eyes slightly and sneered, "It seems that the Palace Master of the Holy Palace is really good to you."


Wu Huang's original body was destroyed and his cultivation in the past two years should have been slow, but his attack was surprisingly strong. He could imagine that the Palace Master had spent a lot of effort on him in the past two years.


“Your strength is donated by another person. While I, in the two years that you were hidden in the Holy Palace, relied on myself to reach this level! "




Golden Genesis Qi rushed into the sky from Zhou Yuan's body. As the Genesis Qi was roaring, it gradually transformed into a giant golden python with sharp claws and gave off a terrifying and imposing form.




The golden giant python shot out, directly meeting the blood python. Waves of violent Genesis Qi roared out and instantly destroyed the surrounding buildings.


The shockwaves wreaked havoc, but Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang did not move an inch, even the corners of their clothes did not rise in the slightest.


Wu Huang's face was expressionless as he said indifferently, “I only know that the winner is the king, who would care how I achieved it? After I kill you, I will destroy your Great Zhou so that the people there can keep you company.”


They were both evidently trying to alter each other's mood with words, angering each other and waiting for an opportunity to find a flaw.


Zhou Yuan shook his head with a smile on his face. There was not the slightest warmth in that smile. Given his years of training, Wu Huang's words did not provoke him, but only intensified his killing intent.




Suddenly, he stamped his foot.


Golden Genesis Qi rose into the sky, and the next moment, golden light gathered and turned into thousands of golden torrents that whizzed by, like meteorites, bombarding the place where Wu Huang was.


Within each golden torrent was incredibly strong Genesis Qi. Faced with such an offensive, ordinary Chosens would probably not be able to cope and would be destroyed instantly.


Countless people in Faraway Holy City were excited upon seeing this scene. There were very few people at the Origin-Alpha stage who could display such a powerful offensive.


Looking at the flood of powerful golden genesis qi above his head, the corners of Wu Huang's lips curled up into a cold smile. “Your attack would probably be invincible against the useless Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, but in front of me, it has no effect.”


He raised both palms and blood-red Genesis Qi surged out. Spheres of blood-red light formed densely around his body, and within those spheres was equally violent Genesis Qi.




Wu Huang threw out his sleeve and the blood-red balls whizzed around, colliding with the golden torrents.




At the same time as a loud noise echoed in the sky, like fireworks, a storm of Genesis Qi was constantly raging.


The Genesis Qi of both sides continued to clash and then was annihilated.


This was purely a competition of who had a stronger Genesis Qi base!


Inside and outside of Faraway Holy City, many people from the Origin-Alpha Realm felt their scalps go numb. If it were them, they would most likely have exhausted their Genesis Qi long ago, but Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang showed no signs of their strength weakening.


Are these two men really that strong?




A beam of golden Genesis Qi was intercepted by a blood red ball a foot away from Wu Huang. The violent Genesis Qi collided and rays of dazzling light exploded in front of Wu Huang.


Wu Huang narrowed his eyes, but in the next moment...




Within the bright light, a ghostly figure sped up and appeared directly in front. It was Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan's fists were clenched and his body glowed like translucent jade. Then, a ray of silver light pierced through his bones.


A berserk beast-like power rushed through his blood and flesh.


Mythical Saint Body, Mythical Jade Skin, Silver Star Bone!




Zhou Yuan expressionlessly punched his fist, causing the air to tremble.


That strike was seemingly simple, but the terrifying power made the air tremble and was much more powerful than the previous Genesis Qi flood.


The previous Genesis Qi attack was just to distract Wu Huang.


As the fist roared, a deafening sonic boom echoed everywhere.


The astonishing fist light quickly expanded before Wu Huang's eyes. At that distance, it was too late to activate his Genesis Qi.


However, at this moment, Wu Huang did not reveal a trace of panic in his eyes and instead, the corners of his mouth curled up into a sneer.


"Zhou Yuan, I have long heard that you made some progress with your body strength, how could I not increase my guard against you?"


"But do you really think I'm the same Wu Huang from before?"




The moment his voice faded, his skin turned blood red at an astonishing speed, wisps of blood-red mist rose from his pores, and a stream of violent aura gushed out from his body.


A sinister smile appeared on his face. He clenched his fist, and under countless gazes, his punch met the fierce light of Zhou Yuan's fist.




Violent shock waves swept out and at the same time, Wu Huang's shrill cry could be heard.


"Thanks to you my body was destroyed, and now I will let you test the strength of my new body!"


"Blood Asura Body!"

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