Chapter 686 With your life?

Metalic sound!


When Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang collided with each other, there was a loud metallic sound hitting each other, and the forces that were visible to the naked eye stirred.


The huge stone pillar underfoot broke inch by inch and finally shattered.


That solid ground was also lifted up layer by layer and swept away like waves.


And the two figures also shuddered very slightly, and then they stepped back and left long marks on the ground with their feet before they could stabilize their bodies.


Zhou Yuan's face stiffened slightly as he looked at Wu Huang in the distance, whose body was blood red all over, as if his skin had been peeled off.


Furthermore, blood-colored qi had wrapped around Wu Huang's body, emitting a devilish aura.


During the previous collision, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel that Wu Huang's body strength was unexpectedly powerful.


The power of the mythical jade skin and silver star bone that he had activated was completely engulfed by Wu Huang's blood red body.


"The Asura Blood Body." Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed, thinking that it must be Palace Master Sheng Yuan's masterpiece.


Zhou Yuan could sense that Wu Huang did not specialize in practicing body strength like him, but his Blood Asura body was in no way inferior to his Mythical Saint Body.


It was no surprise that Wu Huang was able to defeat Jiang Taishen, who was listed first on the Chosen List. His strength was indeed extremely terrifying.


When the fight between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang began, the chaotic battle outside the Faraway Holy City had unknowingly weakened. Numerous figures floated in the sky, staring at the city center.


Both Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen knew very well that in today's battle, the disciples of the two sects were only the supporting characters, including them.


And the real protagonists were the two people in the center of the city.


So when the two collided, their battle was no longer important. Both sides unanimously slowed down their offensive and set their eyes on the city.


"It seems that Zhou Yuan has already cultivated a true Mythical Saint Body." Jiang Taishen turned to Chu Qing not far away and smiled, "But Wu Huang has the Asura Blood Body, which is in no way inferior to Zhou Yuan."


Chu Qing narrowed his eyes and laughed: “Junior Brother Zhou Yuan simply does not have the Mythical Saint Body.”


Jiang Taishen remained indifferent as he looked at Wu Huang's body, silent for a moment, and shook his head.


"It's no use, you don't know how strong the Blood Asura body is."


"Your Cangxuan Sect is destined to lose this time."


In the other direction of the city wall, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun and other people were also silently looking at the city center with a solemn expression on their faces.


"That Wu Huang is so strong now." Li Chunjun's eyes that were wrapped in black cloth moved in Wu Huang's direction. Although he couldn't see, he had extremely strong perception ability. To him, Wu Huang was like a blood asura that crawled from the ninth underworld. The bloodthirsty aura he emitted was enough to make one's scalp tingle.


"Can Zhou Yuan win?" Luluo asked worriedly.


Nobody answered. Even Zuoqiu Qingyu bit his lips. The two men could be said to be the two strongest of the Origin-Alpha stage in the Shengzhou Continent.


No one could predict who would win.


"Zhou Yuan, you can't live beyond today, give up now." Wu Huang's eyes filled with blood as he smiled at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan's face was devoid of expression. He clenched his hand and the Heavenly Yuan Brush emerged with a flash of light. The tip of the brush made of snow-white hairs pointed diagonally at the ground.




Golden Genesis Qi swirled frantically around the surface of Zhou Yuan's body, and finally gradually turned into a mysterious light that enveloped Zhou Yuan's body and then spread its wings.


Genesis Qi of the universe gushed out and was enveloped by the mysterious light.


Omega Holy Spirit Art!


Zhou Yuan's imposing aura strengthened dramatically!


Evidently, after the previous test, Zhou Yuan had understood that Wu Huang was no longer the same as before. If he wanted to win today, he had to fight with all his might.




Genesis Qi hurried forward as Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly turned icy. As his body turned into a shadow and shot out, the solid ground collapsed instantly.


His speed was incredibly fast, and coupled with the Omega Holy Spirit wings, his strength had doubled. While countless people simply felt everything become blurry in front of them, Zhou Yuan reappeared next to Wu Huang.




The snow-white brush was pushed down.


Wu Huang looked at the tip with a chilling smile on his face. He clenched his hand and a blood red crystal spear formed in his hand.


Around the body of the spear, there was blood qi swirling, as if it had been soaked in a pool of blood for many years.


Metalic sound!


The blood crystal spear turned into a ray of blood light to meet the tip of the snow-white brush.


Where the collision was, space shook and ripples of shock waves spread rapidly.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush and blood crystal spear trembled, but the next moment, the brush and blood spear trembled violently, transforming into thousands of shadows.


Metalic sound!


The weeds and the spear collided thousands of times in less than ten seconds, and every time they collided, the air trembled.


The figures of Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang also flickered continuously, and the spacious streets they passed through were instantly destroyed.


Countless gazes stared unblinkingly at the city.


Everyone could feel the cruelty of the battle between the two, and each attack was aimed at a vital area. Although both of them possessed incredible body strength, once either of them were hit by Zhou Yuan's Heavenly Yuan Brush or Wu Huang's blood crystal spear, which were powerful Genesis Weapons, they would still suffer serious injuries.




The violent Genesis Qi wreaked havoc on the city.


The blood crystal spear in Wu Huang's hand blocked a sharp brush shadow that whizzed by. There was seemingly sticky blood qi all over his body like a snake coiled around him.


"Zhou Yuan, I told you, you can't pass me!"


“Haha, I won't kill you, but I will stop you from going to save Great Zhou. I want you to see your Great Zhou be destroyed by my Great Wu Empire! Wu Huang's figure flew out, his eyes were blood red and his smile sinister.


Zhou Yuan was also forcibly destroyed. His eyes flashed with strong killing intent. He suddenly bent over and grabbed the ground.


An ancient talisman emerged from the palm that touched the ground.


Earth Holy Rune!


Invisible waves erupted with Zhou Yuan's body as the center. The ground shook violently and cracked. Majestic and boundless Genesis Qi frantically rushed towards Zhou Yuan's body.


Since Zhou Yuan had cultivated the Mythical Saint Art Body, his body strength had become stronger once again and the Genesis Qi his body could support had also increased dramatically.




With the seal of his feet, Zhou Yuan caused the ground to collapse thousands of feet away, and his figure once again accelerated towards Wu Huang.


"You still don't give up?" Wu Huang sneered.




Zhou Yuan did not respond, but tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush and swung hard.


"Millions of whales!"


Following his deep voice, the Genesis Qi within his body and the Earth Genesis Qi roared out. The two gathered together and directly made the space vibrate.




As the brush descended, a resounding ancient whale cry could be heard echoing throughout the universe, and dozens of ancient whale shadows appeared around the brush!


Each ancient whale shadow contained astonishing power.


This was the first time that Zhou Yuan was able to increase the number of ancient whale shadows to this level since he activated the million whale rune!


The power of this brush could destroy even a mountain.


Wu Huang was also aware of the terrifying power that erupted under Zhou Yuan's brush. His pupil shrank, but the Heavenly Yuan Brush was already quickly aimed at him along with numerous ancient whale shadows.


He could only let out a loud roar. Blood red qi surged and the blood crystal spear burst into a blood red glow of light.




Under countless gazes, the Heavenly Yuan Brush heavily struck the blood crystal spear.


Destructive power erupted from the brush and blood mist shot directly from the pores of Wu Huang's arms.


The blood crystal spear also made a tragic cry.




Facing Zhou Yuan's terrifying attacks, Wu Huang could only hold out for a few moments before his body was shot out like a cannonball, destroying several buildings along the way.




A path of rubble and waste continued to appear. In the end, Wu Huang's figure was buried deeply in the rubble.


Faraway Holy City instantly fell silent at this moment.


Countless people were stunned by the sight. Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang seemed to be evenly matched just moments ago. Who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would explode with such terrifying power and forcibly suppress Wu Huang?


Under the countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan clenched the Heavenly Yuan Brush with both hands. There was blood flowing on his hands, which was caused by the impact of the terrifying power before.


But he didn't seem to care. He raised his head, looking at the ruins and deep marks left in front of him with a chilling look in his eyes.


"You want to stop me ---"


"With your life!?"

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