Chapter 688 Compare Trump's Cards

The asura blood light that enveloped Wu Huang emitted a hiss and a roar, and a strong smell of blood had filled the world.


From the countless horrified gazes, it was clear that the power of Genesis Qi that erupted from Wu Huang's body was so strong that it made his heart pound with fear.


“ Wu Huang is really fierce. If we were to measure your Genesis Qi in terms of Genesis Qi stars, it would most likely exceed 250,000, right?


“ Is the strength of 250,000 stars of Genesis Qi still considered the Origin-Alpha stage ? If he were stronger, he can compete against Divine Dwelling stage experts.”


"He's a monster."


Outside the city, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, and other people's faces had become somewhat strange. Looking at the asura blood soul around Wu Huang's body, even if they were at a distance, they could still feel a strong oppressive feeling.


"Wu Huang is so strong?" Li Qingchan frowned. Previously, Zhou Yuan's 180,000 Genesis Qi stars, in his opinion, could already destroy all Origin-Alpha stage experts. He did not expect that Wu Huang possessed even more terrifying strength!


Chu Qing also had a solemn expression.


"This is the strength of the asura blood body, which you simply cannot imagine." Jiang Taishen stated indifferently.


The expression in his eyes was somewhat complex. That day, when Wu Huang summoned the asura blood soul during their battle, he already knew that he did not have the slightest chance of winning.


The distance between the two was too great.


Chu Qing looked at him without saying a word. The fact that the arrogant Jiang Taishen said something like that was enough to show Wu Huang's strength. It seemed like it would be really difficult for Zhou Yuan to win the battle.


Boom !


While countless people were dumbfounded by the appearance of the asura blood soul, Wu Huang did not say anything else, but fixed a cold gaze on Zhou Yuan. He took a step forward and his figure instantly vanished.


And as his figure disappeared, Genesis Qi emerged from Zhou Yuan's body as he quickly retreated.


Whistle !


However, Wu Huang's speed was terrifyingly fast. He reappeared in front of Zhou Yuan like a shadow with a sneer on his face and took out his blood crystal spear.


On the blood crystal spear, the sticky blood qi had condensed into liquid, dripping constantly.


As the spear whizzed, the sound of an explosion caused by the spear shook the air.


The golden Genesis Qi in Zhou Yuan's body was surging without any reservation, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand burst into a glow of golden light and met the tip of the spear.


sound !


The spear and the brush collided once again.


Shock waves visible to the naked eye swept away with the two people as the center, causing the entire ground to collapse.


Zhou Yuan's body trembled violently and was directly destroyed by the tremendous force. He stabbed the Heavenly Yuan Brush into the ground, leaving long marks on the ground to stabilize himself.


With this attack, Wu Huang had revealed the terror of the blood asura soul and had almost completely suppressed Zhou Yuan.


"Haha, Zhou Yuan, is that all you have?"


“If you are able to do that, then why do you return to the Great Zhou? Die?"


Wu Huang roared with laughter. Their attacks did not slow down, but endlessly struck Zhou Yuan like bolts of thunder.


sound !


Facing Wu Huang's stormy offensive, Zhou Yuan retreated steadily. If it weren't for the Heavenly Yuan Brush providing impenetrable defense, Wu Huang's blood crystal spear would have probably pierced through.


Seeing this scene, countless people secretly shook their heads. Without a doubt, Wu Huang had gained the upper hand. If Zhou Yuan didn't have another trump card, the outcome of the battle would soon be decided.


Whistle !


Wu Huang's figure was like a ghost, gliding across the sky. The blood crystal spear suddenly vibrated, forming a blood-red crescent moon at the tip of the spear.


"Blood Moon!"


Buzz !


When the blood moon shot out, even the air was torn apart.


Wu Huang's attacks were increasingly fierce, and he clearly intended to completely defeat Zhou Yuan.


Seeing the blood moon rapidly enlarge before him, Zhou Yuan's eyes also became fierce. He suddenly released the Heavenly Yuan Brush and clenched his fist.


Whistle !


The blood moon arrived in the blink of an eye.


Just as the blood moon was about to strike, Zhou Yuan, under countless surprised exclamations, slammed his fist.


Countless people were dumbfounded by this sight. Zhou Yuan was only able to withstand Wu Huang's violent offensive because of the strength of the Heavenly Yuan brush. But he had dropped the brush and intended to fight with his fist! Wanted to die?!




Before the shocked exclamations faded, Zhou Yuan's fist and the blood moon had already collided.


Rumble !


Violent Genesis Qi became enraged.


However, what made countless people's eyes shrink was that the scene where Zhou Yuan's arm was cut off did not appear. Instead, the blood moon was directly destroyed by the blow.


And this time, Zhou Yuan's figure only trembled slightly.


In the air, Wu Huang's pupils shrank slightly.


The blood light gradually dissipated, revealing Zhou Yuan's figure. All eyes focused on his fist, as that was where the silver liquid gushed from his body.


The silver liquid first wrapped around his fist and finally spread throughout Zhou Yuan's body.


In just a few seconds, the silver liquid had turned into a streamlined silver armor.


Wu Huang coldly looked at the familiar silver armor, which was the key point in his defeat against Zhou Yuan two years ago.


On the ground, wrapped in silver armor, Zhou Yuan was kneeling on one knee and gently touching the ground with his palm.


Holy Rune of Earth !


The ground shook again, and deep within the ground there was a dense and majestic earth Genesis Qi humming like a torrent, pouring into Zhou Yuan's body.


Boom !


The infusion this time was much more majestic than before !


There were strict requirements that his body had to meet during the infusion of Earth Genesis Qi. When Zhou Yuan summoned the silver shadow, which fused with his body, it had undoubtedly improved his body's ability to resist.


If previously Zhou Yuan had held back slightly when operating the Earth Saint Rune, this time he operated the Earth Saint Rune to its limit this time.


Rumble !


Zhou Yuan's body constantly emitted thunder noises, and a faint mysterious yellow light was faintly visible around his body, and finally formed ancient yellow light patterns on the silver armor.


It was also at this moment that countless people inside and outside of Faraway Holy City were shocked to discover that the Genesis Qi emitted from Zhou Yuan's body was increasing at a terrifying speed.


That grade had surpassed Wu Huang once again !


The ground, unable to bear any more, began to crack constantly.


In the sky, Wu Huang's face was cold and the corners of his eyes were slightly twitched.


Under countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan, clad in silver armor, slowly raised his head and fixed his piercing eyes on Wu Huang in the air. He clenched his hand and the Heavenly Yuan Brush fell into his hand. The sharp tip of the brush slowly tilted upwards and finally pointed at Wu Huang in the air.


"Take out all your trump cards."


"Otherwise, you won't have a chance to escape from Faraway Holy City with your spirit like last time."

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