Chapter 69 - The Great Battle of Shi Kon

Clang! Clang!


In a dilapidated alley of the ruins, two figures covered in resonance power rushed together, with swords and spears in their hands slashing each other rapidly, and the shadows of their spears and swords flew, tearing a crack on the broken wall. close.


The rubble under his feet was even swept away, creaking and hitting the surrounding walls with a rhythmic sound.


Li Luo had a grave look, his twin swords waved until pieces of blade light, continuous, like a heavy wave, rolled towards Shi Kon in waves.


In the face of their attacks, Shi Kon's expression was much duller. Even though Li Luo's attacks were continuous, he chose to use his strength to break them, and every time the weapon blade containing the power of thunder resonance passed by, it tore the light from the heavy blade.


The two men mixed together and their resonance forces stirred, but they were fierce.


However, in this tangle, Shi Kon had a certain advantage with the naked eye, and from time to time a spear blade pierced Li Luo's attack, posing a great threat to him.


Each time, a ball of light shot out from the tip of Li Luo's sword, exploding with a blinding light that forced Shi Kon to defend himself.


So although the situation was a little in his favor, Shi Kon's heart was clearly a little upset, because this situation was not what he wanted.


Then, as the battle intensified, Shi Kon spotted an opening and his eyes flashed, the power of thunder resonance pulsing on the spear in his hand becoming violent.


"High-rank resonance technique, Thunder Bird!"


On Shi Kon's spear, the lightning light was so bright that a bird's song sounded, which was like loud thunder, and it sounded so loud that Li Luo's ears were deafened.


Both of his ears were deaf, while before his eyes was a thunderous light, and the power of thunder resonance above that Shi Kon spear seemed to transform into a furious thunder bird, swooping down with ferocious momentum.


Li Luo's heavy billowing sword light was defeated instantly.


But just as the spear blade whistled, a mirror of water abruptly emerged in front of Li Luo.


"Light Water Magic Mirror!"




The thunderbird hit the water mirror with a violent impact, causing ripples to form on it, but the next moment, a powerful force came out of the mirror and collided with the thunderbird.




Thunder sounded and the shock wave of resonance force cracked the broken wall of the alley.


And the figures of Li Luo and Shi Kon shot back at the same time, their paws stepping on the ground.


Shi Kon's face was icy as he looked at Li Luo with sharp eagle-like eyes. "Is this the strange water mirror technique that forced Song Yunfeng to a tie during your previous test?"


Obviously, he also had information about Li Luo.


"You could call it... The art of the great tiebreaker." Li Luo laughed.


At Li Luo's flirtation, Shi Kon paid no attention as he brandished his spear and the power of thunder resonance rushed in once again, bursting out another thunder bird.


Li Luo raised his hand and the Light Water Magic Mirror was thrown out, followed by both of them being shaken back.


A fight ensued, but although Shi Kon had the advantage, his attacks were unable to penetrate Li Luo's "Light Water Magic Mirror" and the battle between the two sides stagnated for a while.


This scene captured the countless gazes outside the White Spirit Mountain, causing countless exclamations, a clearly somewhat unexpected result.


This young master of Luo Lan Mansion, who had not been well known in Tian Shu County over the years, had been keeping a low profile, but who could have imagined that he would burst into such splendid light at this time. academic exam.


It is true that he is the son of those two.


Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing also looked on in astonishment, this Li Luo, had unknowingly reached the eighth seal, to know that a month ago, it was even just a void resonance, although there were some previous accumulation reasons for this, but a cultivation speed so fast was still a little surprising.


Ultimately, it can only be attributed to the thick and the thin.


As countless eyes marveled from beyond that mountain, the fight between Li Luo and Shi Kon continued for several minutes once again.


At one point, Shi Kon's eyes turned cold as he fired his gun again, and when the Light Water Magic Mirror unfolded, it rebounded with a powerful force.


However, this time, a faint lightning light suddenly jumped out of Shi Kon's body, as if forming a thunder armor, and as soon as the rebound force came into contact with it, it was absorbed by him in its entirety, and The lightning bolt light suddenly jumped out even more fiercely.


The sudden change of events caused Li Luo's eyes to freeze and his body to jerk back sharply and violently.


But Shi Kon's strike was even faster, his spear swept across the body, sending out a thunderous beam that directly hit Li Luo's torso.




A low sound rang out as Li Luo's entire body flew backwards, his short sword slashing two long strokes into the ground before finally stabilizing.


A stain of blood emerged from the corner of his mouth and a sharp, stabbing pain emerged from his chest, clearly injured by this sudden shot from Shi Kon.


But fortunately, it was a "Light Water Resonance", which possessed strong healing power, so the stabbing pain in his chest was rapidly subsiding as his resonance power operated.


On the surface of his body, a faint lightning light formed a faint light armor, and it was the existence of this lightning light armor that absorbed the rebound power of Li Luo's "Light Water Magic Mirror".


"It's the Thunder Armor..."


Li Luo frowned slightly, previously Lu Qing'er had told him that this was Shi Kon's killing weapon, once this thunder armor appeared, not only would Shi Kon's defense be substantially improved, but even His attack power and speed would be somewhat increased, quite complicated.


While Li Luo's mind was spinning, that Shi Kon did not intend to give him any chance to catch his breath, and with a movement of his figure, a lightning bolt appeared and attacked him directly.


This time the attack was clearly much more violent than before.


Li Luo did not fight hard again, flexing his fingers and moving them repeatedly, water light bullets shot out violently, a blinding light surged out, blocking Shi Kon's attack.


However, Shi Kon was prepared for this and directly closed his eyes, and the spear, leaping out with a violent lightning bolt, directly engulfed the area where Li Luo was.


It was as if there was a watery light rippling beneath Li Luo's feet as he slid back and retreated, avoiding the range of the attack.


But Shi Kon's attack was relentless, resembling a thunderstorm with a roaring sound as he continued the attack.


In the alley, the broken wall shattered, Li Luo stepped back sharply, and Shi Kon hurried to follow, leaping thunder and water flowing wherever he passed.


This time, all of Li Luo's tactics were lost.


Under the surge of the Wild Thunder Armor, at this moment, Shi Kon had completely crushed Li Luo.


At the foot of the White Spirit Mountain, some voices of regret rang out, the gap had been revealed at this point in the battle, and Li Luo was still no match for Shi Kon of the Nine Seals.


It seems that this time, the golden sign of the number one academy of the South Wind School is going to be in danger in the Tianshu County Grand Academy Examination.

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