Chapter 690 Body as Bait

The gigantic Blood Red Dragon coiled around Zhou Yuan's body, and a monstrous qi of resentment filled the air. It directly caused the temperature to plummet to a degree low enough to chill bones.


Countless people looked at the Blood Red Giant Dragon around Zhou Yuan in shocked disbelief. The boundless resentment qi was enough to make their scalp numb, but they were similarly able to sense the majestic power contained within the Blood Red Dragon.


That kind of power seemed to be exactly the same as what Wu Huang displayed before.


In the sky, Wu Huang's pupils quickly shrank when he saw the gigantic Blood Red Dragon around Zhou Yuan. "Have you really subdued the Dragon's Resentment Poison?"


He knew that the Dragon resentment poison in Zhou Yuan's body was his father's work.


The poison was said to be incomparably domineering. King Wu originally intended to completely destroy Zhou Yuan with it, but unexpectedly not only did Zhou Yuan survive, he even began to subdue him and borrow his power!


Zhou Yuan raised his eyes and spoke indifferently: “Speaking of which, I should thank your father. Otherwise, he would not have been able to control the Dragon's Resentment Poison."


From a young age, Zhou Yuan had suffered the torture of the Dragon Resentment Poison. During that period it was unknown how many times he had wandered back and forth through the gates of hell. But fortunately, with Yaoyao's help, he was finally able to completely overpower and control it.


It was the first time that Zhou Yuan was finally able to use the power of the Dragon's Resentment Poison of his own will.


Zhou Yuan looked at the Blood Red Dragon, and the next moment, his hands suddenly crossed into a hand seal.


Roar !


The gigantic Blood Red Dragon let out a deafening roar before diving down and colliding directly with Zhou Yuan's silver armor.


During the moment of impact, the Blood Red Dragon seemed to have turned into liquid and quickly integrated with the silver armor. Immediately afterwards, a Blood Dragon light emerged on the surface of the silver armor.


Boom !


Incredibly violent waves of Genesis Qi surged out from Zhou Yuan's body, causing the space to tremble with a loud ear-piercing noise.


The power of the Genesis Qi continued to increase.


Countless people were speechless as they watched Zhou Yuan erupt with power.


Was the battle between the two simply a competition of who could explode the most times with new powers ?


But the power that exploded from the two also caused stormy waves in the hearts of many people, because everyone was aware that the performance of the two men was far beyond what an Origin-Alpha stage expert could achieve.


If it weren't for the absence of the Divine Dwelling halo, they would have wondered if both of them had set foot on the Divine Dwelling stage.


Amidst countless gasps of astonishment, all eyes were fixed on the two figures in the sky. At this moment, anyone could sense that, as both sides turned over their trump cards one after another, the momentous battle was about to come to an end.


Wu Huang stood tall in the void. At this moment, the appearance of his body resembled that of an Asura Dragon, exuding tyrannical qi. His cold and biting eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuan, who felt extremely threatening to him after his eruption of power.


The battle between the two had reached the most critical point.


Wu Huang clenched his fist and the blood crystal spear emerged in his hand. "I would like to see if your Dragon Resentment Transformation or my Asura Sacred Dragon Transformation is stronger!"


He tightened his grip around the blood crystal spear. Genesis Qi madly rushed out and penetrated the blood crystal spear. The blood crystal spear shot out tens of thousands of rays of light.


Buzz !


The spear body shook, and the terrifying energy waves that were gradually released distorted the nearby space around it.


When Wu Huang swung the blood crystal spear, there seemed to be a sea of blood surging.


His eyes, filled with intense murderous spirit, were fixed on Zhou Yuan. The next moment, he suddenly took a step forward and dashed in Zhou Yuan's direction like a stream of light.


Killing intent filled the air.


Behind him, the blood light was monstrous, like a sea of blood collapsing.


Wherever he passed, space shook violently.


Seeing the sea of blood roaring, Zhou Yuan's eyes also became fierce. Wu Huang seemed to have used all his strength in that attack. This was a move that was intended to kill him completely.


He took a deep breath and clenched his fists. The Heavenly Yuan Brush began to glow brighter and brighter as majestic Genesis Qi gathered around it. The snow-white tip also gradually turned a blood red color.


The Blood Dragon light rune that occupied the surface of the silver armor was creeping, covering the mottled body of the Heavenly Yuan Brush.


Zhou Yuan raised his palm and the Heavenly Yuan Brush also slowly rose. The tip of the brush vibrated, making the space tremble.


At this moment, all of Zhou Yuan's power gathered into the Heavenly Yuan brush.


His eyes were suddenly as sharp as knives.


Whistle !


His figure also shot out, transforming into a beam of light that slid across the sky. From his posture, it seemed like he wasn't going to hold back at all.


Countless people were moved by the scene.


Boom !


The two streams of light containing destructive power collided.




sound !


The collision between the spear and the brush caused a storm of Genesis Qi to wreak havoc everywhere, even breaking through the clouds high above.


And the buildings below were demolished and reduced to rubble, followed by the collapse of the streets. The destructive power of the collision was too astonishing.


Whistle !


At this moment, a beam of light shot into the sky from the city. He clasped his hands together and suddenly there were torrents of Genesis Qi gathering to form a barrier of light to block the shockwaves.


He was an expert in Faraway Holy City preventing the city from being destroyed.


But no one paid attention to him. All eyes were fixed on the spot in the sky where the collision occurred.


There, the tip of the spear and the tip of the brush were facing each other, and blood mist gushed out from Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang's body.


But their faces were unusually cold and they showed no intention of retreating.


sound !


Wu Huang's eyes were gloomy as he looked at Zhou Yuan. He flicked his wrist and the tip of the spear trembled rapidly, moving away from the Heavenly Yuan Brush and thrust directly towards Zhou Yuan's chest.


Zhou Yuan's eyes turned cold when he saw this. He did not hesitate in the slightest, nor did he show any intention to defend. The sharp tip of the brush similarly vibrated and aimed at Wu Huang's chest.


Both moves were ruthless and targeted vital areas.


The way the two fought with their lives made everyone stand on edge.




Then, after a sigh of time, the tip of the spear and the tip of the brush almost at the same time pierced their chests and streams of blood mist gushed out.


The world fell silent.


Blood mist passed through the eyes of the two men.


"You lost again this time." Zhou Yuan looked at the hole in his chest, his tone of voice indifferent.


Although Wu Huang's long spear had pierced his body, most of the power had been absorbed by the 'Silver Shadow'. On the other hand, when Zhou Yuan's Heavenly Yuan Brush passed through Wu Huang's body, countless strands of the brush hairs were instantly released to destroy the inside of Wu Huang's body.


Wu Huang looked at himself only to see countless rays of light wreaking havoc beneath his flesh and cracks constantly spreading throughout his body.


Zhou Yuan possessed the powerful silver shadow and a tough body. Wu Huang seemed to be at a disadvantage.


However, after a glance, Wu Huang's lips curled up into a strange arc.


"Zhou Yuan, I'm afraid it was you who lost."


"Even if the body of the asura body is destroyed, it can be reborn as long as a drop of asura blood remains." The strange arc of his lips became more and more obvious, and then his hands suddenly crossed in a hand seal.


The invisible spirit began to gather in the space between his eyebrows, and inside was a drop of bright red blood.


The spirit wrapped itself around the blood, rising into the sky.


"Zhou Yuan, I will use the asura blood body to see you off."


"Asura Burial!"


Wu Huang's shrill laughter echoed throughout the universe, and as his voice fell, countless people were shocked to see countless spurts of blood spurting out from Wu Huang's body.


His body had self-exploded !


Outside the distant holy city, the expressions of Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and others changed abruptly and they immediately rushed towards the city.


Boom !


But before they could rush into the city, a blood-red mushroom cloud gushed out a destructive torrent of Genesis Qi, which hit even the light barrier set up by the Far Saint City experts, causing it to tremble. violently.


Countless people looked at the blood-red mushroom cloud and then at Wu Huang, who was howling with laughter.


The battle between the two strongest Origin-Alpha stage people finally, after Wu Huang used his body as bait, came to an end.


Caught in that kind of torrent, no one from the Origin-Alpha stage would survive.


Zhou Yuan most likely died.


However, just as countless people were sighing and Wu Huang was laughing madly, there seemed to be a low and almost undetectable voice coming from the blood-red mushroom cloud.


"Heavenly punishment."


As the low voice faded, the raging blood-red mushroom cloud seemed to have solidified. A mysterious energy rippled, and then, everyone was shocked to see the torrent gushing out of the blood-red mushroom silently dispersing.


Everything returned to calm.


In the sky, Wu Huang, who was laughing hysterically, looked down in disbelief.


There, he saw that the blood-red mushroom cloud had silently dispersed, and Zhou Yuan, grabbing the Heavenly Yuan Brush, slowly walked out without a trace of emotion in his eyes.


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