Chapter 693 Great Wu attacks Great Zhou

The Sacred Palace.


In front of the mist-covered cliffs, a white-robed figure sat silently on a blue-green rock, exuding an indescribable oppressive pressure. It was as if he was suppressing this part of the world.


The white-robed figure slowly opened his eyes, revealing his silver pupils that were indifferent and merciless, like a divine being.


It was Palace Master Sheng Yuan of the Holy Palace.


"Trash, I wasted so many resources to refine an asura blood body for you, but you lost." Palace Master Sheng Yuan spoke in an indifferent voice.


"The words Zhou Yuan said are correct, a thief will always be a thief and can never become a great weapon."


Palace Master Sheng Yuan shook his head, but there was not the slightest fury as he had previously shown in the sky above the Holy City. Instead, a flash of unpredictable light shone in his silver eyes.


"But a loss is a loss, I never had hope for him anyway."


Palace Master Sheng Yuan did not care in the slightest that Wu Huang's spirit was destroyed. After all, he was just a small chess piece to him. Even if he had failed, it had no impact on his plan.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan threw away his robe and a mottled ancient crystal ball appeared right in front of him. The crystal ball was cloudy and seemed unfathomable, as if it contained mysteries known only to heaven.


"The Holy Dragon Qi in Wu Huang's body has been obtained by Zhou Yuan..."


Palace Master Sheng Yuan looked at the chaos inside the crystal ball, his fingers moved gently, and the chaos trembled.


"It's still not enough..."


Palace Master Sheng Yuan smiled slightly. He immediately raised his head and his silver eyes seemed to pierce through space and focus somewhere else.


"But it should be soon..."




Cangxuan Sect.


Sect Master Qing Yang stood with his hands folded behind his back, staring deeply into the void.


Behind him, Peak Master Lianyi's handsome face was filled with joy. “Zhou Yuan really did well. He even defeated Wu Huang. Sheng Yuan’s face must be very ugly right now, don’t you think so too?”


"That might not be the case."


Sect Master Qing Yang said indifferently, “Although Sheng Yuan seemed very angry, but somehow, I feel that he has other intentions.”


His eyebrows furrowed again and his gaze became lost in thought. Since he could not find the answer, he only shook his head slightly and continued, “Although Zhou Yuan has won against Wu Huang, he is determined to quickly return to the Great Zhou to fight against King Wu. This battle will be very dangerous for him.”


The smile faded from Peak Master Lianyi's face, sighing, "That little guy is very stubborn, if he just takes a step back, it wouldn't be so dangerous."


Given his talent, if he held on a little longer, he could have easily killed King Wu once he entered the Divine Dwelling stage.


"If he knew how to retire, he probably wouldn't be where he is today." Sect Master Qing Yang commented.


“Although it is dangerous, it is not necessarily a path to death. King Wu is a Divine Dwelling stage expert, but Zhou Yuan has reached the peak of the Alpha Origin Stage, plus he has recaptured the Sacred Dragon Qi into Wu Huang's body. If you can cultivate it perfectly, strengthen your body, then it is possible that you can take a big step forward once again.”


“ Is that what the little guy is planning? But it will not be easy to break through to the stage of Divine Dwelling. Chu Qing and others have been preparing for quite some time, but they have not yet begun to break through.” Peak Master Lianyi exclaimed.


Sect Master Qing Yang laughed, “Under normal circumstances, indeed, a long preparation time is necessary. But the current situation has created strong pressure. "Under such enormous pressure, exceptionally talented people can activate their great potential."


"Zhou Yuan used the situation as pressure to activate his suppressed potential in order to achieve the goal of breakthrough."


“This mentality and determination he has is really extraordinary.”


Sect Master Qing Yang's voice was filled with admiration.


According to the path of Genesis Qi, without the desire to triumph in adversity, one would definitely not go very far.


Peak Master Lianyi also blushed in admiration. If Zhou Yuan could really complete a breakthrough under this pressure and truly enter the Divine Dwelling stage, then he would also reverse the immediately dangerous situation in an instant.


"I hope this little one succeeds..."


Sect Master Qing Yang nodded gently and then raised his head, looking in the direction of the Holy Palace with narrowed eyes.


Sheng Yuan, the reason why you have done so much, is it really just to regain face?


Or is there another purpose?


If so, what is its purpose?




When Zhou Yuan left Far Holy City and returned to the Cangmang Continent, the great battle between Wu Huang and him had already spread throughout the Shengzhou Continent at an astonishing speed.


All forces were greatly amazed after learning the result. One could say that Zhou Yuan's performance in that battle was impressive.


A genius like him, if given more time, would undoubtedly become a top pillar in the Cangxuan Sect in the future, but it was unfortunate that Zhou Yuan had no future.


Obviously, they were also aware of Zhou Yuan's intention to quickly return to the Cangmang Continent.


In truth, King Wu, a Divine Dwelling stage expert, was considered nothing to all the forces on the Shengzhou Continent. But for Zhou Yuan of the Alpha Origin stage, the Divine Dwelling stage was still something somewhat unattainable, even if he could be called invincible at the Alpha Origin stage.


But that was the Origin-Alpha stage.


In Genesis Qi cultivation, the Alpha Origin stage can be considered high level. But it was only when one entered the Divine Dwelling stage that one would truly be able to appreciate the mysteries of Genesis Qi.


The gap between the two was too big.


Even for Zhou Yuan, who was invincible at the Alpha Origin Stage, it would not be easy to counter a Divine Dwelling stage expert.


Therefore, everyone found it extremely reckless of Zhou Yuan to rush to the Cangmang Continent to fight against the Divine Dwelling stage expert, King Wu.


But they also understood that the conflict between the Great Zhou and the Great Wu also represented a competition between the Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect. Therefore, no one could help and everything depended on Zhou Yuan.


As for how Zhou Yuan was going to resolve the dire situation, all the sects and factions in Shengzhou Continent were very curious.


Therefore, when Zhou Yuan was heading to the Cangmang Continent, all the various sects and factions of the Shengzhou Continent, including the six major sects, watched him from afar.


In the vast Cangxuan Heaven, the Cangmang Continent was just a small remote place, but this small place had suddenly attracted the attention of countless Cangxuan Heaven experts and sects.


While many eyes were fixed on that place, on the Cangmang Continent…


On the border between Great Zhou and Great Wu, beacon fires were lit and the war had started a prairie fire.


The army of the Great Wu charged into the territory of the Great Zhou with irresistible force, destroyed the city walls and plundered the land. That scene was the same as back then.


It was just that, back then, King Wu was behind the Zhou family's Sacred Dragon.


And this time, King Wu intended to remove the roots and completely eliminate the Great Zhou. He wanted to put an end to the feud that had raged for many years.

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