Chapter 694 Broken Dragon City

Half a month ago, the Great Wu army gathered at the border had invaded the Great Zhou under the orders of King Wu.


The military power of the Great Wu Empire was incredibly fierce. Although the Great Zhou was well prepared, the army was soon crushed due to the large difference in strength between them.


And Zhou Qing, after determining the strength of both sides, did not recklessly waste the power of the Great Zhou, but instead chose to avoid the army of the Great Wu and gathered the strength of the entire Empire in Broken Dragon City.


Broken Dragon City was the last barrier of the Great Zhou.


Evidently, Zhou Qing intended to concentrate all his strength and, with the help of Broken Dragon City's terrain, fight the last battle with Great Wu.


Outside Broken Dragon City there was a large river called Broken Dragon River, where Dragons were said to have been slain many years ago.


And now, the vast Broken Dragon River was ruined by the fire of war, and battle cries sounded everywhere.


On the walls of Broken Dragon City.


Zhou Qing, dressed in armor, solemnly looked at the vast river in front, only to see that the army had gathered with no end in sight, like dark clouds covering the sky.


In that dark cloud-like army there were countless flags waving with the word 'Wu'.


"The Great Wu army has almost completely gathered, and will most likely launch its attack soon." Behind Zhou Qing, Wei Canglang declared in a serious voice.


Beside Wei Canglang was Wei Qingqing. She was dressed in battle armor, but it still outlined her curves and long legs.


It was just that her pretty face was full of tension and nervousness.


There were still many Great Zhou generals around, but all of them could not relax in the slightest under the pressure of the overwhelming oppression. After all, in this half month, they had witnessed the strength of the Great Wu army.


Although Great Zhou had been hiding his strengths and biding his time all these years, the difference in strength compared to Great Wu was still not small.


Zhou Qing nodded and looked around as he quietly said to the many generals, “At a time like this, the Great Zhou is incredibly lucky to have you fighting for the Great Zhou.”


A general smiled, “Your Majesty, we will not cowardly cling to our lives. Otherwise, would we have followed His Majesty in the past?


"King Wu is nothing more than a thief, but he wants us to subjugate him?"


"Would the Wu family be enjoying their days if it weren't for the Great Zhou?"


"Don't worry Your Majesty, we will fight Great Wu until the end"




Looking at the numerous passionate faces, Zhou Qing's eyes glazed over. Here were many brothers who had been with him since King Wu usurped the Zhou.


Wei Canglan also smiled, “Your Majesty, Great Wu is strong, but we are not afraid of death. In our eyes, King Wu is just a thief."


"We are all willing to live and die with the Great Zhou!"


Zhou Qing bowed his head, wiping his eyes, and immediately took a deep breath to suppress the emotions surging in his heart: “General, how much strength does our Great Zhou have left?”


Wei Canglan’s face quickly became gloomy, “There are twenty-eight people with the strength of the Origin-Alpha stage. The other twelve have been killed by the Great Wu."


The Great Zhou had recruited the forty Alpha Origin experts in full force during these years. Although most of them were below the third layer of the Origin-Alpha stage, they still cost an extremely high price.


“But we still have eighty-eight Alpha-Origin stage battle puppets, and more than a thousand Heavenly Gate stage battle puppets, which is our strongest force, and also the force that Great Wu fears the most.”


The remains of the battle puppets that Zhou Yuan found back then in the black abyss had been excavated by the Great Zhou with all his power all these years to form a powerful battle puppet army.


The Great Wu had attempted to attack Broken Dragon City before, but was defeated by the battle puppet army.


“Unfortunately, King Wu is too cautious. If he thought he could come just because he possessed the strength of the Divine Dwelling stage, we could explode the battle puppets to injure him.” Zhou Qing sighed.


The unearthed Origin-Alpha stage battle puppets possessed the power of self-explosion, and once a chain reaction was formed, it could pose a threat even to a Divine Dwelling stage expert.


They originally planned to set a trap for King Wu, but he was too cautious. Even a Divine Dwelling stage expert would not attack recklessly.


And now that the secrets of the battle puppets had been revealed, King Wu would undoubtedly be prepared.


"This time, King Wu will probably take action." Wei Canglan uttered in a deep voice.


After thoroughly testing the strength of the Great Zhou, King Wu would certainly make a move. After all, the participation of a Divine Dwelling expert would have a great impact on the morale of both sides.


The faces of the generals and soldiers clouded when they heard this and they clearly felt great pressure.


The pressure exerted by a Divine Dwelling stage expert in a war between Empires was too tremendous.


One person was enough to destroy the city.


Zhou Qing closed his eyes and took a deep breath: "If King Wu appears, I will stop him."


Wei Canglan’s expression changed slightly, “Your Majesty, there is no need. If the situation really comes to the worst, you should leave! When there is life, there is hope!"


Hearing this, Zhou Qing smiled and waved his hands, "I already escaped once back then."


"I don't want to run away a second time."


A determined look rose in his eyes.


It was clear that he intended to fight until the end.


Wei Canglang could sense Zhou Qing's determination and finally did not try to persuade him further. "I am willing to fight with your majesty to the end!"


"We are willing to fight with Your Majesty to the end!"


The other generals roared one after another.


Zhou Qing smiled, nodded gently, and told them to prepare.


When the generals dispersed, he turned his head to look at the black-robed army in front of the Broken Dragon River. He clenched his fists.


Hearing subtle footsteps coming from behind, Zhou Qing turned his head back, "Queen, why did you come?"


The person who came was Zhou Yuan's mother, Qin Yu.


At this moment there was a smile on her pretty face as she spoke in a soft voice, “This place is where Great Zhou will fight Great Wu. If the Great Zhou loses, what would be the difference between whether I am in the palace or here?”


Zhou Qing glanced at her and then said in a low voice, "My queen, I am useless."


Qin Yu smiled, "Are you going to defend Great Zhou here with your life?"


Zhou Qing was silent for a while before saying, "Do you want to stop me?"


Qin Yu shook his head, "I just want to tell Your Majesty that I will always be with you, whether we live or die."


Zhou Qing looked at her in amazement.


"Your Majesty, I didn't stop you, so you shouldn't stop me either, right?"


Zhou Qing knew that he couldn't persuade her. He smiled bitterly and pulled her into his arms, gently saying, “Then we, husband and wife, will defend the Great Zhou here in Broken Dragon City with our lives.”


Qin Yu nodded gently. Leaning on Zhou Qing's arms, he looked at the endless army on the other side of the Broken Dragon River and smiled: "It's a good thing Yuan'er is not here."


"It's a shame I can't see him get married and have children."


"Yaoyao is a very good girl, but I don't know if our foolish son will be so lucky."


“There is also Youwei. That girl likes Yuan'er so much that it's heartbreaking to watch. Tell me, who will future Yuan'er bring to visit us in our graves?”


(NT: Why not with both? :v)


Hearing Qin Yu whisper in his arms, Zhou Qing raised his head, tears in his eyes.




On the opposite side of Broken Dragon River, war drums sounded.


The huge army, like a giant monster, erupted with monstrous killing intent.


The Great Wu Empire was going to attack.

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