Chapter 695 King Wu!



In the Broken Dragon River, the sound of war drums echoed through the sky and the earth, setting off waves in the vast river.


The Great Wu's large army also began to move. The giant ship raised its sails and, like a giant beast, pierced the waves.


The murderous spirit invaded the world.


And Great Wu's movements were immediately detected by Great Zhou in Broken Dragon City. The rapid beating of war drums also sounded on the city walls, and countless soldiers tightened their grip on their bows and spears.


Streams of Genesis Qi, both strong and weak, like flames, bloomed above the city walls.


On the main building of the city walls, Zhou Qing also solemnly looked at the Great Wu's movements in the distance. It was clear that the Great Wu was about to launch the final attack.


"Prepare for battle!"


He raised his palm and his voice echoed across the city walls.


Wei Canglan tightly gripped a long spear. Genesis Qi surged throughout his body as he roared, “Fight to the end!”


"Fight until the end!"


Countless soldiers roared.


On that side, Black Poison King's face had turned completely pale. Seeing the Great Wu army get into battle formation in the distance, he felt his scalp go numb. He murmured: "It's over, it's over."


"It's Zhou Yuan boy's fault, I will be killed because of him."


Wei Canglang shot him a glance, but was lazy to pay attention to it. Next to him, Wei Qingqing bit her red lips and whispered, "Father, do we have any chance of victory?"


Wei Canglang looked at her deeply and said, “If my Great Zhou is defeated in the end, I will find a chance for you to flee. Remember, your little brother is home, so you have to live to protect him!"


Wei Qingqing's heart sank. For Wei Canglan to say this, he obviously felt that the Great Zhou had no chance of winning.


His eyes turned red as he assured, “Father, we cannot lose. Was there no news that His Highness Zhou Yuan will return? He is now a Chosen One of the Cangxuan Sect!”


Black Poison King intervened, “What's the use of me coming back? So what if there is another person in The Origin-Alpha Realm? Are you coming here to be killed?”


His words were filled with resentment.


Wei Canglan glared at him and then said to Wei Qingqing, “Silly girl, if His Highness does not return, given his talent, he will be able to massacre King Wu and avenge Great Zhou in the future.”


Wei Qingqing bit her red lips, feeling a little despair. At that time, even if King Wu was killed, it would be difficult to rebuild the Great Zhou.




The sound of war drums continued to reverberate.


Multiple huge ships quickly crossed the river, gradually approaching Broken Dragon City with earth-shaking momentum.


And as the endless army of Great Wu gradually approached, numerous figures rose into the sky, emitting powerful Genesis Qi.


They were all Alpha Origin experts from the Great Wu Empire.


At this moment, the Great Wu experts had their arms crossed, playfully looking at a major city in the distance. From that look, it was obvious that they did not attach any importance to Great Zhou.


In Broken Dragon City, the Great Zhou Origin-Alpha stage experts also erupted with numerous streams of powerful Genesis Qi in response, but their faces were particularly grave. It was evident that they felt the oppression caused by the Great Wu.


A ship began to slow down, stopped, and then everyone saw a giant golden battleship slowly coming from behind. Where it happened, other battleships immediately gave way.


All eyes focused on the golden battleship.


Immediately afterwards, they saw that a figure with his eyes closed was sitting on a throne on the golden ship.


That figure, dressed in a golden Emperor robe, had an indifferent expression. As the Emperor's robe fluttered in the wind, a majestic aura filled the air.


When this figure appeared, the sound of the war drums gradually decreased, and even the turbulent waves also quietly calmed down under that pressure.


The world fell silent.


Countless gazes were fixed on that figure.


On the city walls, Zhou Qing's hands were firmly clenched, veins throbbing. The cold killing intent in his eyes seemed to pierce through the throne.


That figure was too unforgettable for him.


When Great Zhou was at its peak and respected by the entire continent, it was precisely because of the rebel in front of him that caused Great Zhou to collapse. In the end, they were trapped in such a remote corner.


Furthermore, the thief not only took over the Great Zhou Empire, but even plotted to seize Zhou Yuan's Sacred Dragon Qi, causing him to constantly suffer. In addition to this, Qin Yu, in order to protect his son, repeatedly transferred blood to him, causing his lifespan to be drastically reduced.


It could be said that the person in front of them is the biggest culprit for the destruction of their family and the Empire !


"Wu Xuan!"


Zhou Qing stared at the figure, his chilling voice coming through his clenched teeth.


The figure on the throne was the King of Great Wu, King Wu Xuan !


Under countless gazes, King Wu slowly opened his slightly closed eyes. It was also at that moment that an astonishing Genesis Qi pressure gushed directly from his body.


The golden ship under his feet made creaking sounds.


And behind him, the countless Great Wu soldiers knelt respectfully, as if they could not resist that kind of power from the Emperor.


"Zhou Qing, it's been a long time."


King Wu raised his head, eyes fixed on Zhou Qing from a distance, and his light laughter echoed like thunder.


"A thief of the Empire!" Zhou Qing's eyes were filled with intense hatred.


King Wu chuckled, “An incompetent man like you wants to occupy the throne? Zhou Qing, the reason Great Zhou is in its current state is because of your incompetence.”


Zhou Qing's eyes were red with rage.


“Wu Xuan, you swore an ancient oath that the Great Wu would not set foot in the Great Zhou within a hundred years. Do you want to violate the ancestral oath? Do you want the world to laugh at you?” Wei Canglan roared.


King Wu narrowed his eyes. “If your Great Zhou had acted honestly like a small country, I would have ignored you pitiful creatures, but you, Zhou Qing, still have other thoughts, so I have no choice but to remove the roots.”


"The ancient oath..."


His lips twisted into a scowl, “Do you really think I have limits? In fact, what I regret most is that back then, after obtaining the Holy Dragon Qi, I was too excited and forgot about all of you. If I had gotten rid of all of you then, how would there be so many problems today?”


Wei Canglan hissed through clenched teeth, "You violated the ancestral oath, there will be retribution!"


King Wu waved his hand disdainfully, "The anger of the weak is especially ridiculous."


He looked condescendingly at Zhou Qing and said, “Zhou Qing, don't talk nonsense. “You should know the purpose of my Great Wu’s attack.”


"If you take your life in front of the two armies, then my Great Wu can peacefully take over the Great Zhou."


His narrowed eyes were filled with overwhelming killing intent.


"But if you stubbornly refuse, then my Great Wu will have no choice but to dye the river and mountains of the Great Zhou with blood."

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