Chapter 703 Astonishing everyone

The entire Great Wu Empire was shocked when their army returned defeated. Everyone was unable to believe what had happened, because it was a result that had exceeded their expectations.


The Great Wu Empire was a first-class empire even in the entire Cangmang Continent. When had King Wu lost in his many expeditions?


Furthermore, their opponent this time was the weak Great Zhou Empire. Logic pointed to an easy and overwhelming victory. Who could have expected that the Great Wu Empire would be defeated so quickly?


Furthermore, even King Wu had been seriously injured!


As such, the entire Great Wu Empire began to agitate relentlessly.


Especially those who had been important ministers in the Great Zhou Empire back then. They currently held high positions in the Great Wu Empire, but now they were extremely worried. Many years ago, they rebelled alongside King Wu and seized the lands of the Great Zhou Empire. They had originally believed that there was nothing to fear from the Great Zhou Empire, so who could have anticipated that the latter would suddenly appear as if it was about to return.


If the Great Zhou Empire defeated the Great Wu Empire and regained everything they had lost, these individuals who were once ministers of the Great Zhou Empire would surely be judged.


As such, the news of the Great Zhou Empire's counterattack caused the entire Great Wu Empire to descend into chaos.


If King Wu took a step forward at that time, he would still be able to suppress the unrest. However, he was lost, not even a hint of his shadow. Like a Headless Dragon, the morale of the Great Wu Empire began to crumble.


Therefore, the Great Zhou army easily crushed the defenses of the Great Wu Empire.


The smoke and fires of battle burned from the lands of the Great Zhou to the territory of the Great Wu Empire.




The defeat of the Great Wu Empire quickly spread to the entire Cangmang Continent, impacting many empires and factions.


They were even more amazed and confused after learning what had happened on the battlefield. King Wu had actually been defeated by the young prince of the Great Zhou Empire…


King Wu was definitely a top-notch expert in the Cangmang Continent. In fact, he was most likely the strongest after the revelations of his mid-stage Divine Dwelling cultivation.


Who could have expected that a mid-Divine Dwelling stage expert would be defeated by Zhou Yuan, who had recently entered the Divine Dwelling stage?


For a time, numerous first-class empires began to revise their opinion of the once fallen Great Zhou Empire. They understood that once this war was over, the once famous Great Zhou Empire would perhaps rise once again…




Shengzhou Continent, Cangxuan Sect.


Metalic sound! Metalic sound!


The sound of a bell resounded loudly in the Cangxuan Sect.


The news of Zhou Yuan's victory over King Wu spread to the entire sect at this time, causing


"Senior Brother Zhou Yuan is too amazing!"


"I can't believe he actually defeated King Wu in the middle stage of the Divine Dwelling!"


"He's basically invincible!"


“Such battle achievements are simply terrifying. Let’s see which Holy Palace disciple will dare to show off in front of our Cangxuan Sect in the future.”




All the Cangxuan Sect disciples felt very proud. After all, such battle achievements were very rare.


At a certain peak.


Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, Ye Ge and the others looked at the excited disciples before looking at each other, seeing the astonishment in everyone's eyes.


Li Qingchan said in a low voice, “I didn’t expect him to be the first to reach the Divine Dwelling stage.”


Ye Ge rubbed his chin as he said, “Beating King Wu in the early stage of Divine Dwelling; I feel that Zhou Yuan has established an eight-heaven Divine Dwelling at least…”


The others did not speak, but their expressions had become solemn. An Eight Heaven Divine Dwelling was very rare.


Chu Qing sighed with a worried expression and said, “How troublesome… your cultivation is advancing like crazy, putting us under tremendous pressure.”


"Wasn't it great in the past? We could cultivate quietly and enjoy our lives in peace."


Chu Qing showed a pained and sorrowful appearance as he continued, “Our Cangxuan Sect’s culture has been ruined by this brat!”


Li Qingchan gave him a sidelong glance and said, “I heard the sect master say that he wants you to immediately seclude yourself for cultivation. If you do not advance to the Divine Dwelling stage and establish an eight-heaven Divine Dwelling, he will chase you and send you to become an instructor in the outer mountains.”


Chu Qing sighed again as he muttered, "It's because of that brat Zhou Yuan!"


Li Qingchan replied in an annoyed voice, “I feel like this is much better. We must work hard to progress on the path of cultivation. Instead, what the hell is up with your laziness?”


“Zhou Yuan entered the sect later than us, but now he has reached the Divine Dwelling stage. What will we look like if we don't also advance?”


The other Chosen One nodded, deeply agreeing.


"It seems that we will have to work hard, let's start isolated cultivation today!"


The Chosen exchanged a glance before moving, flying towards their respective peaks. In the blink of an eye, only Chu Qing was left at the top, making him look quite alone.


"Hai, you bastard, you have ruined the training atmosphere in my Cangxuan Sect!"


Chu Qing let out another depressed sigh. In the end, he could only return to Cangxuan Peak in a disheartened manner.


The official discussion room.


Sect Master Qing Yang had a faint smile on his face, while the peak masters wore surprised looks. They were also immediately notified of the outcome between the Great Zhou and Wu Empires.


"Zhou Yuan is truly a genius blessed by heaven." The peak masters couldn't help but sigh upon hearing the news.


"It seems that a Dragon has been born in our Cangxuan Sect." Sect Master Qing Yang smiled a little.


“I wonder what kind of expression that old bastard Sheng Yuan is showing now?” Peak Master Lianyi laughed coldly. Torrential, inconceivable hatred overflowed from his eyes at the mention of his name.


The war between the Great Zhou and Wu Empires was also a small skirmish between the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace.


And it seemed that their Cangxuan Sect had achieved a complete victory.


The news of this would surely be a substantial blow to the Holy Palace's reputation when it spread.


A thoughtful look emerged on Sect Master Qing Yang's face. "I feel like Sheng Yuan is up to something else."


His eyes became as deep as the night. Sect Master Qing Yang had a faint feeling that although Sheng Yuan seemed to be secretly directing the situation, he had not interfered much.


The other peak masters' eyes widened slightly. They were clearly extremely cautious of Sect Master Sheng Yuan.


"What exactly are you planning?"


Sect Master Qing Yang shook his head and said slowly, “I don't have any ideas at the moment. However, I believe that if he is really planning something, his plan will definitely be revealed soon as the war between Great Wu and Great Zhou is about to end.”


"We will keep a close eye on him at all times during these final moments!"




The Sacred Palace.


On the edge of a misty cliff.


Sect Master Sheng Yuan fiddled with the dark primal chaos-like crystal ball before him.


“Wu Huang and King Wu… are really a trash family.”


He shook his head. Shortly after, he laughed softly and said, “It doesn't matter, they are simply pieces on the board. Who cares what they are, as long as they have fulfilled their duties..."


His eyes stared at the murky crystal ball as he muttered, "The clash between the Dragon's sacred blessings should begin soon..."


"Patriarch Cangxuan, when the hands of destiny move, your last obstruction will be broken by me..."

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