Chapter 704 Red clothes



About a certain county in the now chaotic Great Wu Empire.


The sound of rushing wind resounded as a ray of light passed by in an extremely anxious manner.


The ray of light was a Spirit. He was surrounded by two halos that continuously absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi.


This Spirit naturally belonged to King Wu.


He was currently running away like a madman, fear flooding his face as his gaze constantly moved behind him. He could feel Zhou Yuan chasing after him at full speed.


“That damned spawn of the Zhou clan!”


King Wu's heart was filled with rage. It had swept through the Cangmang Continent like an unstoppable flood for so many years and had earned an impressive reputation. When had he run away in such a pathetic manner?


"I should have killed that baby at the altar back then!"


King Wu had already repeated similar words countless times, making it clear how much he hated Zhou Yuan at this moment.


He was naturally aware of the chaos in the Great Wu Empire as he fled, but he did not dare to stop and give any orders. Due to Zhou Yuan's tenacious persistence, he would surely catch up with King Wu the moment he stopped.


Furthermore, the other forces in the Great Wu Empire were unable to stop the Zhou Yuan Divine Dwelling stage.


Therefore, even knowing that the Great Wu Empire urgently required his presence, King Wu had no choice but to continue running for his life. After all, the Great Wu Empire would also be finished if Zhou Yuan killed it.


“Looks like I'll have to lure him to the capital. I have made some preparations there that may stop him." King Wu's eyes flickered thoughtfully. He had a secret treasure in the capital that could recover his physical body. When that happened, he only needed to borrow the home field advantage to defeat Zhou. Yuan.


As such thoughts swirled in his head, King Wu rejected any doubts. The Divine Dwelling stage halos gave off a radiant glow as their speed abruptly skyrocketed, turning it into a beam of light that soon disappeared into the horizon.


About half an incense stick after King Wu disappeared, Zhou Yuan's figure appeared in the sky. His eyes narrowed as he looked in the direction of King Wu's Genesis Qi undulations.


“The capital of the Great Wu Empire huh…”


“It seems that you still have to give up…”


"Well, I'm interested to know how you'll be able to get back!"


A chilling killing intent flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes. This was the best opportunity to kill King Wu. To avoid future problems, there was absolutely no way for him to let King Wu go.




Golden Genesis Qi exploded as Zhou Yuan transformed into a streak of gold that shot in the direction of the capital city of Great Wu.




After desperately fleeing for several days, King Wu finally arrived at the capital.


King Wu's spirit was in the sky above the capital. The city had already fallen into chaos, evidently due to the news of the Great Wu Empire's defeat.


King Wu's expression was somewhat sad as he remembered how great he had been when he led the army out of this very city. Who could have expected him to finally return just like a dog that has been kicked out of his home?


"Damn Zhou Clan spawn, I'll make you pay!"


King Wu's voice was full of resentment. After taking a deep breath, he decided not to delay any longer. His Spirit had already become quite scarce in recent days, and without any element of a physical body to nourish the Spirit, his Spirit would likely disappear from this world.


“I have a treasure called Lotus Paste Treasure in the royal treasury that can rebuild one's body. This is the best time to use it.” King Wu's spirit moved, flying directly towards the royal palace as he rushed towards the treasure.


The treasury was a restricted area and should have been heavily guarded. However, King Wu was perplexed to discover that there were no guards in sight, an observation that infuriated him. Could the guards have rebelled?


The most important thing is that the treasure had better not be touched!


In his anxiety, King Wu quickly arrived outside the treasury. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the doors were still intact and in perfect condition. The treasury was protected by a secret mechanism that outsiders could not open.


King Wu did not have time to wonder why the guards had disappeared. He used a secret method to open the treasury and immediately ran in.


The interior shone dazzlingly, but King Wu did not even look at any of the treasures as he ran straight towards the deeper area. Moments later, his Spirit arrived atop a stone platform, only to be horrified to discover that it was empty. The Lotus Paste Treasure was gone!


"Damn it! Where is my Lotus Paste Treasure?"


Wu Huang roared in anger as his Spirit stirred violently, his anger clearly reaching its peak.


Someone had stolen the Lotus Paste Treasure. This was clearly intentional!


“But I left a mark on the Lotus Paste Treasure. It won't be that easy to steal it!" However, King Wu gradually regained his calm with a deep breath. He was dying to see who dared to steal his treasure!


King Wu immediately activated a secret art as he closed his eyes to sense the location of the paste.


A long time later, he suddenly opened them again as a perplexed look crossed his eyes.


He had found the Lotus Paste Treasure, but he was confused because it was still inside the palace and had not left...


"Humph, no matter who you are, I won't forgive you for stealing from my treasure!" King Wu snorted coldly. His Spirit moved, leaving the treasure and heading directly to the location of the paste at an astonishing speed.


It flew past the palace, gradually heading deeper and deeper. In the end, he discovered that the paste was in the cemetery at the back of the palace!


King Wu became more and more confused.


His Spirit gradually deviated and stopped. The Lotus Paste Treasure was here. He looked towards his front, where a large grave was located.


Seeing the tomb, King Wu's spirit began to tremble violently once again.


It was the queen's tomb!




Before a headstone on the grave there was a figure in red. He held a bottle of alcohol in one hand as he gently sprinkled its contents on the ground, causing a fragrance to fill the air.


After pouring out all the alcohol, he stared at the tombstone as an indifferent voice rang out: “Father, this should be the second time you came here after mom was buried, right?”


He turned around slowly, revealing an extremely handsome face.


It was a beautiful young woman dressed in red with snow-white skin. His appearance was outstanding, and simply standing there was all that was needed to make the desolate and lonely tomb quite dazzling.


However, his eyes were similar to a deep pool without ripples.


She was clearly a girl, but an indescribable aura of reserved domination spread across her body, making King Wu appear dark and dull in comparison, as if she were the true empress of the heavens.


King Wu was stunned for several moments, before involuntarily shouting, “Wu Yao?! Why are you here? "Aren't you supposed to be in Hunyuan Heaven?!"


However, wild joy quickly filled his face.


“Great, you're back at the right time! Quickly go and kill that devilish spawn of the Zhou clan so that our Great Wu Empire will no longer have any worries in the future!”


However, the girl in red did not move as if she had not heard him. Their waveless eyes contained an almost expressionless indifference as they looked at the excited King Wu.


King Wu slowly realized that something was wrong. He looked at her and scolded her: "What the hell are you doing?!"


Wu Yao's eyes lowered slightly. He reached out and gently caressed the mottled tombstone with a pale hand as a sliver of deep sadness appeared in the depths of his eyes.


His cold and lonely voice fluttered in the desolate cemetery, "Father... do you still remember how mom died?"

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