Chapter 71 - Don't dare to jump

At the foot of the White Spirit Mountain, when the image on the crystal wall froze at the scene of a stream of arrows piercing Shi Kon's left arm, all the clamor froze.


The eyes of countless people gradually opened, their faces filled with horror and disbelief.


They couldn't believe what they were seeing...


That Shi Kon, who until then had had the absolute advantage, was suddenly swept away by a large bow that Li Luo had pulled out of nowhere...


It was a bit of a magical scene.


Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing's red small mouth pavilion is also at this moment a little open, and finally closed his eyes and opened again, huh, the picture is right ah, that Shi Kon was really injured.


"What's going on here?" Cai Wei said, a little puzzled.


A few moments ago, she was looking apprehensive towards the constantly defeated Li Luo, but a few minutes later, that Shi Kon was lying on the ground screaming and wailing.


The change was so drastic that even Cai Wei's open-mindedness was a little overwhelming.


Yan Lingqing bit her red lips with her shell teeth and said deliberately, "If I'm not mistaken, it seems that Li Luo has defeated Shi Kon."


Cai Wei gently leaned back in her chair, and immediately a smile bloomed on her charming goose-egg face as she laughed lightly: “In the future, who else will dare to say that the Young Master is just the pet of the Luo Mansion?” "Lan?"


Although she has only been in Tianshu County for a month, Cai Wei has done her best to take care of Li Luo, and she also likes Li Luo's temperament, so she truly treats him as if he were her own brother.


As the grand housekeeper of Luo Lan's mansion in Tianshu County, Cai Wei was aware of the big and small movements in the old mansion and naturally knew how much Li Luo used to practice.


Aside from the bottomless pit of evil in the consumption of Spiritual Light Water, Cai Wei found Li Luo to be a very likeable young house master.


Therefore, now, after seeing Li Luo perform a miracle, she felt sincerely joyful and relieved.


In the future, some people from this Luolan House will no longer be able to ignore Li Luo.


Yan Lingqing nodded gently, Li Luo's performance today was quite shocking, it was obvious that this young lord of the house had been hiding his clumsiness for the past few days.


"This young lord of the house really doesn't have the same personality as his father and mother." Yan Lingqing said.


Those two people were so dazzling that they were able to overwhelm an entire generation of people in the Great Xia Kingdom, while Li Luo was so inconspicuous compared to those two, that if an outsider who didn't know anything else, might have thought that Jiang Qing'e would be the bloodline of those two and Li Luo was an abandoned child...


"The problem of void resonance still has a great impact on the young master, so even if he solves the problem of void resonance, he does not want to completely expose himself to all eyes, so he likes to keep a low profile and prepare himself." with many underpinnings to increase its security, which according to him is to develop in secret and not make waves." Cai Wei said.


“I was thinking that this time, if it weren't for that Shi Kon, Song Yunfeng being aggressive, I'm afraid the Young Master would have just wanted to win a top ten and stop.”


Yan Lingqing's head nodded slightly, given Li Luo's character, it was really possible, because in his opinion, as long as he could enter the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, as long as he could enter the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, whether or not he was number one, That didn't really matter too much.


"And I don't think a character like that is necessarily bad." Cai Wei commented with a slight smile.


Yan Lingqing looked at her blankly and said, "You are too nice to Li Luo too."


"It is not easy to meet a young and handsome lord of the house." Cai Wei laughed softly.






As Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing chirped, in the main pavilion, the old dean let out a loud laugh, which made the main pavilion shake and caused the people in the other pavilions to cast glances at them.


"Haha, worthy of Li Taixuan, son of Tantai Lan, a tiger father does not have a dog son!"


The old dean's face was filled with red light, and his previous melancholy disappeared as if he had changed his face, then he slammed the table heavily and said to the governor next to him: "See, this is the bottom from my South Wind School!"


The Governor was expressionless as he bowed his head and sipped his tea, except that the eyes reflected in the tea were filled with shock and rage.


I didn't expect the situation to turn like this suddenly.


That Li Luo, who was clearly on the verge of defeat, suddenly broke out and defeated Shi Kon with a single arrow.


At the thought of years of planning being shattered under this arrow, although the Governor frantically suppressed his anger, he could not contain himself and violently crushed his tea cup with one palm, saying in a deep voice: "Can't you shut up?"


"Quiet, fairy board!"


The old dean was even more irritated than him, and cursed directly: "Who are you? Can you still control my mouth?"


The Governor's face was ironic, and an astonishing resonance power burst out from his body, vaguely seeming as if a green python was looming, emanating a fierce force.


It is the Lower Seventh Degree Resonance of Green Python!


"Ho, do you still want to fight me? I've been putting up with you for a long time." However, when the old dean saw this, he laughed instead of getting angry, and his crimson resonance power rose, and in the light of the resonance power, a crimson beast emerged, with four hooves as if it was stepping on lava fire. .


Seventh rank, Scarlet Flame Devourer.


As the two Celestial Generals were on fire, their strong resonance power was so strong that the stone pavilion began to be overwhelmed and some cracks appeared.


That An Lie tutor who was on the side hurriedly spoke up to stop him: “Two, this is still in the middle of the Grand Examination, if you interfere with the Grand Examination here, the Xuanxing Holy Academy might reduce the number of admissions given.” to Tian Shu County in the next year!"


At these words, the old dean immediately gave in, gathering his resonance power to the maximum, and snorted coldly.


Seeing this, the governor could only withdraw his power of resonance and sit down with a gloomy face.


Mentor An Lie shook his head and did not continue to get involved in the matter between them, but instead directed his gaze to the image on that glass wall, where Shi Kon had been pierced by an arrow in his left arm, apparently he was greatly injured and would lose all his battle power next.


Suffice to say, the end is in sight.


It was a result none of them had anticipated before.


"They say that this young master of the Luolan House is a person with no potential, and now they see that gossip harms people."




Among the ruins.


Shi Kon continued to fall to the ground and wailed, blood gushing like a fountain from his arm, while a gaze from the shadows observed the scene, secretly sucking in fresh air, as if trying to suck in all the cold air in the neighborhood.


Otherwise, it would be impossible to express the shock they felt inside at that moment.


Not far away, Song Yunfeng, who was pinned to the wall by the broken spear, also silently watched the scene, ending up humming over and over again that it couldn't be impossible...


He couldn't believe that Li Luo had defeated Shi Kon!


This was completely illogical, knowing that Shi Kon was a Ninth Seal Resonance Power, who possessed the Superior Seventh Grade Thunder Resonance! The combat power was so ferocious that it was terrifying, and if one looked at this Tian Shu County, only Lu Qing'er could pose a threat to him.


But now, it was shot by Li Luo.


At this moment, Song Yunfeng felt a strong sense of malice, if it weren't for Shi Kon's identity, he would have even cursed, "You get paid to play fake matches, right?"


Since it was not him who experienced it, he was very confused as to why Li Luo's seemingly simple arrow was able to destroy Shi Kon in such a way.


However, no matter how much he didn't understand, it didn't have any kind of impact on reality.


Standing on a stone pillar filled with vines, Li Luo looked at Shi Kon, who had fallen into a pool of blood, with a calm expression. He didn't make any other moves, as if he was admiring Shi Kon's miserable state right now.


He even sat somewhat lazily on top of the stone pillar, grasping the large blue and silver bow with one hand and hanging down with the other, his gaze indifferent and incomparable as he looked at Shi Kon.


This demonic aura sent a chill through the other cadets who were watching in the shadows, not daring to make a sound to get Li Luo's attention.


All the people in this area, all of them, are holding their breath.


It wasn't until ten minutes later that the eerie silence was broken by the sound of a breaking wind, to see Lu Qing'er rushing in, holding a rope behind which were tied three hapless figures, Xiang Liang, Zong Fu and Chi Su.


It's clear that he beat them.


And when Lu Qing'er rushed to this place, the first thing she saw was Song Yunfeng nailed to the broken wall, and her heart immediately shook.


He continued on, through the ruined alleys, before his pace slowed .


Because ahead, a pool of blood appeared, and in it, Shi Kon covered his arm and looked like he was about to die, as if he was out of breath.


A surprised expression gradually emerged on Lu Qing'er's beautiful face.


Behind her, Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu were even more dumbfounded.


Lu Qing'er raised her head and looked at Li Luo sitting on top of the stone pillar before her. At that moment, he seemed cold and his aura was so strong that even she felt a slight palpitation.


He slowly passed under the stone pillar and looked at the figure, just as he had looked at the then Li Luo when he first entered the South Wind School.


"Are you OK?" He asked quietly.


Li Luo slowly lowered his head and looked at Lu Qing'er, before Lu Qing'er saw that his entire body seemed relieved, while a sound of relief came out of him.


"You're finally here..."


"Quickly, pick me up, I'm too empty of strength to jump."


Lu Qing'er froze.


Lu Qing'er didn't know whether to laugh or cry, feeling like she has been posing up there for half a day just because the resonance force is empty, huh?

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