Chapter 710 Zhao Yunxiao

The battle between Yaoyao and Wu Yao stopped due to the sneak attack that the young man in black had launched against Zhou Yuan as Yaoyao's eyes turned exceptionally icy.


It was a look that had not even appeared in the fight against Wu Yao.


Evidently, she had really gotten angry just now.


Wu Yao naturally felt the changes in Yaoyao's expression. However, she was also dissatisfied with the actions of the young man in black in the background. She was a strong-minded person by nature, and although she was hell-bent on obtaining the Holy Dragon Qi in Zhou Yuan's body, she did not wish to borrow the help of another, but instead sought to gain it with her own abilities.


Below, the young man in black who had been called Zhao Yunxiao by Wu Yao could naturally hear the anger in Wu Yao's voice, which made him smile in a somewhat helpless manner.


Originally, he did not intend to act. After all, he felt that the initial stage of the Divine Dwelling, Zhou Yuan, was naturally unable to escape from Wu Yao's hands.


But who could have expected Yaoyao's sudden appearance? Furthermore, she was alarmingly powerful and was not inferior to Wu Yao. As a result, he had planned to act secretly; he would seriously injure Zhou Yuan and help Wu Yao obtain the Sacred Dragon Qi to gain his favor.


Who could have expected that Wu Yao would not show appreciation for his thoughtfulness?


Zhao Yunxiao smiled at Wu Yao before raising her hands in the air and saying, “Aiyah aiyah, don't be angry. Okay, I won't interfere. I’ll leave this brat to you, that should be fine, right?”


However, he was just looking at Wu Yao in a seemingly apologetic manner. His gaze did not even glance at Zhou Yuan, who had almost been killed by the strike of his palm before.




However, when his voice rang out, Yaoyao suddenly waved her hand at him with an icy face. He did not utter a single word as the long whip made of Spiritual Fire tore through the air and whipped mercilessly at Zhao Yunxiao.


Zhan Yunxiao's pupils shrank as he saw the rapidly approaching whip. Against her, he did not dare to be as negligent as he had been towards Zhou Yuan. His powerful spiritual power was definitely something he had to be careful of.


Therefore, Zhao Yunxiao's foot immediately stomped on the ground as Genesis Qi whizzed out of his body. Light gathered behind him, forming three halos of Divine Dwelling.


The halos emitted eight-color light.


Zhao Yunxiao was also at the advanced Divine Dwelling Stage and had established an eight-heaven Divine Dwelling!


Although it was somewhat inferior to Wu Yao, establishing an Eight Heaven Divine Dwelling was already the mark of a top-level genius.




The Spirit Flame whip descended, lashing mercilessly towards the rotating halos around Zhao Yunxiao. A muffled thunder-like sound rang out as the halos of the Divine Dwelling trembled violently.


The Spirit Fire whip attacks became increasingly deadly, causing the halos to tremble as if they were about to collapse.


Zhao Yunxiao's expression changed slightly. He had not underestimated Yaoyao in the slightest, but he never expected that he would still misjudge his Spirit mastery. Such capabilities would place her among the best even at the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling stage.




As confusion filled Zhao Yunxiao's heart, the Divine Dwelling halos around him reached their limit and exploded with a loud boom.


A glow of lightning emerged on his body as he disappeared from the scene. He reappeared in the distant sky, a grave expression filling his beautiful and handsome face.


It had only taken a brief contact to break their protective halos. From this, one could see how powerful Yaoyao's attacks were.


"Miss, there is no need to be so overbearing."


Astonishment flashed in Zhao Yunxiao's eyes as he looked towards Yaoyao. Wu Yao was considered the most outstanding among the many young ladies he had met before. Hence why she constantly occupied the mind of someone like him who had extremely high standards, and had even happily followed her to Cangxuan Heaven. He had originally believed that there was no girl in this world who could surpass Wu Yao, but Yaoyao was clearly not at all inferior to Wu Yao in all aspects.


Zhao Yunxiao cast a glance at Zhou Yuan below, as a sliver of envy rose from the depths of his heart. To think that this rat-like brat would have any relationship with these two exceptional girls. He must have been some kind of saint in his previous life.


Zhou Yuan stood up and quickly scanned the somewhat broken silver armor on his body as an icy coldness passed through the depths of his eyes. If it weren't for his vigilance, he probably would have been seriously injured or even killed earlier.


Yaoyao's figure landed next to Zhou Yuan, her clear eyes staring at a certain place as she said, "Be careful, there is still someone else here and he or she is very powerful!"


Zhou Yuan was immediately alarmed by these words.


When Yaoyao's voice rang, an elderly voice rang out of nowhere, "Hehe, what a sharp little girl."


Zhou Yuan saw a black-robed old man slowly emerge from nowhere.


Zhou Yuan's entire body tensed upon seeing the black-robed old man as his expression became more serious. The black-robed old man's aura was not something they could fight against.


The black-robed old man looked at Zhou Yuan and waved his hands. "There is no need to be nervous, little ones, this old man will not interfere."


He raised his head and looked at the sky as he smiled and continued, “Besides, it will become quite complicated if I do so. Your Cangxuan Sect probably won’t take this in peace.”


Evidently, he had sensed several extremely powerful existences observing this place.


The black-robed old man turned his head, directing his gaze towards Wu Yao as he said, “Little girl, I'm afraid today's matter can no longer continue. I hope you quit while you're still ahead."


Wu Yao nodded slightly as his body slowly descended.


His eyes first looked towards Yaoyao for a moment before turning towards Zhou Yuan. She stared at him for quite a while before her red lips parted slightly, “The fight for the Holy Dragon's blessing will not end until it is complete, even if it has to end in any of our deaths.”


“Zhou Yuan, perhaps it is as the prophecy says. Between you and me, only the devourer will live.”


“I will not deny that the blessing of the Holy Dragon originated from you. However, the path of cultivation is essentially similar to a war in which I will not show even the slightest mercy.”


“Although the blessing of the Holy Dragon is my most hated thing, in fact, it has benefited me over the years. Therefore, regardless of everything that has happened, I owe you a debt.”


He took a deep breath before continuing: "If there is a chance in the future, I will naturally repay this debt if it does not infringe the fight for the Holy Dragon's blessing."


Zhou Yuan felt quite shocked inside as he gazed at Wu Yao's handsome face. When he met Wu Huang and King Wu in the past, neither of them recognized that the Holy Dragon's blessing originated from him. In fact, Wu Huang had repeatedly called him a False Dragon that was simply a container.


Only Wu Yao truly understood the truth and did not make up an excuse to hide it. Although she was a girl, she was much more open-minded than Wu Huang and King Wu.


Even though he had such thoughts, Zhou Yuan was not going to back down. He knew that this girl was far from anything Wu Huang could reach, and was a million times more dangerous than King Wu.


“Eventually I will get back what belongs to me. These things are not yours.” Zhou Yuan stood his ground, refusing to show even a hint of concession.


The black lightning around Wu Yao slowly retreated as the sun shone on his blonde face, making him glow.


“If there comes a day when you can truly take away the blessing of the Holy Dragon from me, it will naturally be a test of your ability. "If that day comes, I will not say a single word of injustice, even if it results in my death."


Wu Yao stared at Zhou Yuan as he continued, "Of course, I hope that you will be the one to personally take back the Holy Dragon's blessing and not borrow someone else's hand."


At this point, he looked at Yaoyao.


Yaoyao said indifferently: "If you weren't protected by someone else, you wouldn't have been able to leave today."


He cast a glance at the black-robed old man.


Wu Yao's eyes narrowed slightly as if he were a Phoenix whose dignity had been challenged. His voice became colder as he said, "Though your Spirit is strong, I do not fear you in a real fight."


The gazes of the two young women collided, hostility bristling between them for a time.


The black-robed old man laughed helplessly. Although Wu Yao used to be quite inflexible by nature, not just any ordinary person could provoke his anger. However, Yaoyao was similar to a powder keg to Wu Yao.


The two ladies did not come to blows again in the end because they both knew it would be pointless.


Zhou Yuan laughed softly as he looked at Wu Yao and said, “When Wu Huang's name shocked the Cangmang Continent, I couldn't even cultivate. If I wasn’t afraid back then, what do I have to fear since we are both in the Divine Dwelling stage?”


“So you should be more careful. I'm afraid you won't have the same advantage next time we meet."


"Arrogant rat." Wu Yao said something, but Zhao Yunxiao said smiling with disdain in his eyes: “Do you really think that your pitiful achievements in Cangxuan Heaven give you bragging rights?”


“You should know that Cangxuan Heaven is not even worth mentioning compared to Hunyuan Heaven.”


"Therefore, you must clearly understand that there is a gap between the true geniuses of our two worlds... and you must never mix them."


Zhou Yuan looked towards Zhao Yunxiao and said calmly, “If there is a chance in the future, I will return the blow you gave me before.”


Zhao Yunxiao clapped her hands lightly as she said smilingly, “I will be more than happy to accept it.”


However, his expression clearly indicated that he simply treated Zhou Yuan's words as a joke.


Wu Yao looked at Zhou Yuan deeply. She was much better informed about what the latter had been through and was honestly very surprised at how he had pulled himself out of what should have been the abyss of despair.


From a weak youth who could not even unblock his eight meridian channels, to having killed Wu Huang and even destroying the Great Wu Empire… the person who once carried the blessing of the Holy Dragon was indeed no ordinary individual.


However, Wu Yao was also a proud person who did not believe that he would lose to anyone, even the young man who was once the Sacred Dragon of the Zhou clan.


Therefore, he nodded to Zhou Yuan and said, "I'll be waiting."


She withdrew her gaze and turned towards the lonely grave as she said in a low voice, “Elder Yan, please allow me to pay my last respects to my mother.”


The black-robed old man nodded slightly.


Wu Yao slowly walked towards the tombstone. She stared at the words written on the stone as if she were seeing again the kind mother who had always protected her.


He knelt before the grave and bowed deeply.


“Mother, the Great Wu Empire is gone. Everything that happened in the past is already resolved today.”


“From this point on, Yao'er will be completely alone in this world and will no longer have anything that can bind her.”


"This is goodbye. I hope mom takes good care of herself downstairs."


Wu Yao leaned down and closed his eyes as his long eyelashes trembled slightly. In the end, a crystalline tear rolled down her cheek and fell to the ground, breaking into a million pieces.


I knew I would probably never come back.


His past had now dissipated like smoke.


Wu Yao remained in that position for a long time. In the end, he held back the feelings in his heart and slowly stood up.


When Wu Yao turned around again, Zhou Yuan could feel that she seemed to have become much calmer. Rather than calm, it seemed more akin to a kind of cold indifference. It seemed like he was finally able to let things go with that final bow.


The past had been sealed deep in his heart, destined to remain frozen there forever.


Likewise, the once kind heart had slowly been covered by layer after layer of thick, solid ice without the slightest crack.


Let that once pure and kind little princess of the Great Zhou Empire die...


In the future, there will only be the Wu Yao who seeks the path of the strongest.

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