Chapter 715 Compensation

High in the sky.


Gu Zong, who was about to leave with his group, suddenly turned around because of Zhou Yuan. He looked darkly at Zhou Yuan and forced a smile, “Chosen Zhou Yuan, it was just a misunderstanding, there is no need to take things too far, right?”


At the same time, his eyes flashed with anger.


That Zhou Yuan really doesn't know what is good for him. I've already taken a step back, but he still has the same aggressive and authoritarian attitude.


Do you really think that a Chosen One from the Cangxuan Sect would scare him?


There was no wave of emotion in Zhou Yuan's eyes. The Great Zhou Empire had just conquered the Great Wu Empire, which meant that it was essential to establish authority at that time. The group of people had trashed the great hall as soon as they arrived, which was the same as trampling on the authority that the Great Zhou Empire had developed. Other people would inevitably have some strange thoughts when they saw this, which was not beneficial to the government of the Great Zhou Empire.


Zhou Yuan couldn't stay with the Great Zhou Empire forever, so he wanted to help Zhou Qing stabilize his rule.


Furthermore, recently there were many outsiders who came to the Cangmang Continent. Gu Zong and the others were only a small number of them. Those people did not care about the empires on the Cangmang Continent and caused great chaos everywhere.


Therefore, to avoid trouble, Zhou Yuan felt the need to do something to keep the territory of the Great Zhou Empire safe. For example, killing chickens to warn the monkeys.


And Gu Zong and the others were the best chickens.


“Hand over fifty low-grade Divine Dwelling Medicines, and I can forget about it.” Zhou Yuan said indifferently.


Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others felt their scalp go numb when they heard this. Zhou Yuan wanted them to compensate them with fifty low-grade Divine Dwelling Medicines for a palace hall? It should be said that there were not even that many in the treasury of the Great Wu Empire!


At high altitude, Gu Zong and the others' faces darkened when they heard this. “You really have a big appetite. Chosen Zhou Yuan, I advise you not to be unrealistic.”


"So you mean you won't compensate us?" Zhou Yuan asked indifferently.


Gu Zong crossed his arms. "I won't give you compensation, what can you do?"


Zhou Yuan had just reached the initial level of the Divine Dwelling stage and was alone, while the other side had twenty Divine Dwelling experts . Gu Zong really couldn't understand where Zhou Yuan got the courage to blackmail him in that situation.


"This boy is talented, but he has become stupid from training too much!"


The other Divine Dwelling experts behind Gu Zong also sneered coldly.


Zhou Yuan nodded, then turned his head towards the palace and shouted, "Open the door... let go of Tuntun!"




His voice had just fallen when the deafening roar of a beast echoed throughout the world, as a ferocious aura rose into the sky.


Immediately afterwards, everyone saw a beam of golden light shooting out from the back of the palace. Within that golden light was a majestic and mysterious monster. The black light stopped around its huge mouth, and the golden scales around its body glistened in the sun.


Tuntun roared towards the sky like thunder.


When Tuntun activated combat form, his body had more than doubled in size, resembling a small mountain. As he swallowed and spit out black light, the Genesis Qi of the universe was also endlessly absorbed into his mouth.


Shortly after Yaoyao's mysterious breakthrough, Tuntun had also unexpectedly reached the Divine Dwelling stage...


He originally came from a mysterious and powerful bloodline, so with his growth, his strength also became more and more terrifying.


Tuntun's appearance caused a drastic change of expression on the faces of Gu Zong and the others. Everyone looked at Tuntun with horrified expressions, feeling the waves of tremendous pressure emanating from his body.


“What kind of Genesis Beast is that? Why is it emitting such a terrifying pressure?!" Gu Zong's face was constantly changing. He was in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, but even so, he still felt a feeling of being oppressed.


The mysterious monster in front of them was clearly no ordinary Genesis beast.




While he was bewildered, Tuntun had already roared and transformed into a beam of golden light that accelerated towards Gu Zong. Its sharp claws that were wrapped in black light pierced through the void, aiming at Gu Zong.


The terrifying howling wind also made Gu Zong realize that he must focus all his attention. His Genesis Qi erupted ferociously as two Divine Dwelling halos appeared behind him. His fist, wrapped in crazy Genesis Qi, slammed into the sharp claws.




Violent Genesis Qi became enraged.


Tuntun's body did not move an inch, but Gu Zong was severely hit and violently shot back. His fist was covered in blood marks and his hand was almost torn apart.


Gu Zong had been seriously injured in a single blow.


His face changed dramatically in an instant, and the other Divine Dwelling experts also paled.




Gu Zong roared without hesitation and turned to flee. It was only then that he understood why Zhou Yuan dared to be so rude to them. It turned out that he had such a terrifying and mysterious Genesis beast.


The others did not dare to stay any longer when they saw the situation and fled.


However, his body had just moved when an invisible force descended from the sky, like a mountain, and directly suppressed his body to the point that they froze.


Even Gu Zong was unable to move.


They looked up in horror to see a beautiful maiden in a blue dress, standing barefoot in the sky and looking at them indifferently.


And his body was emitting extremely terrifying waves of spiritual power.


Gu Zong felt a chill run down his spine. The mysterious beast of Genesis was already very difficult to deal with. I didn't expect another powerful girl who possessed such terrifying spiritual power to appear...




Tuntun approached roaring, his claws crossing the sky with an earth-shattering devilish aura.


Gu Zong’s face was deathly pale as he shouted in a shrill voice, “Chosen Zhou Yuan! We are willing to compensate you with Divine Dwelling Medicines!”




The claws stopped at a distance from Gu Zong, but a gust of powerful wind still blew, tearing multiple wounds on Gu Zong's face.


Zhou Yuan replied calmly: “If you make up for it now, then you have to give a hundred medicines for the divine dwelling.”


Gu Zong almost spit out a mouthful of blood when he heard that. One hundred low-grade Divine Dwelling medicines were also extremely valuable to them. They only got sixty after extorting so many Empires, how could they compensate them with so many?


However, looking at Tuntun opening his mouth, he did not dare to object. He gritted his teeth and grumbled, "Fine!"


His voice faded away, as did the tremendous spiritual power. They were then forced to lie on the ground in an extremely pitiful state.


Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others were speechless. They exchanged glances, swallowing mouthfuls of saliva. It was evident that they did not think that Zhou Yuan was so fierce and could suppress twenty Divine Dwelling experts at once.


The officials of the Great Wu Empire, whose eyes were shining before, also froze in fear and did not dare to give birth to other thoughts. They now understood that, with Zhou Yuan, the Great Zhou Empire would be much more stable than the Great Wu Empire.


Under the watchful gaze of Yaoyao and Tuntun, Gu Zong and the others took out and handed over a total of one hundred Divine Dwelling Medicines.


Gu Zong was full of regret. He only broke the main hall to show his power, but who would have thought that this became an excuse for Zhou Yuan to launch an attack.


Zhou Yuan flicked his sleeve and took out twenty Divine Dwelling Medicines. He threw it into the air and shared it with Tuntun, who swallowed it contentedly in his stomach.


He put away the rest, looked at Gu Zong and the others and warned, "If you had accepted the offer earlier, it would have been half less than what it is now."


Gu Zong and others forced a smile and nodded, but cursed in their hearts. It was just a palace hall that was broken, but they had to compensate them with a hundred Divine Dwelling Medicines. Given the price of divine dwelling medicines, they could have purchased a hundred cities with that amount.


"Chosen Zhou Yuan, can we leave now?" Gu Zong did not want to stay here for another minute.


Zhou Yuan smiled, "Not yet, there is something I want to ask."


“I have been to the Cangmang Continent recently and I don't know what happened outside. Why are so many foreign experts suddenly coming to Cangmang Continent?”


Gu Zong did not try to hide anything since it was no secret. "Actually, it's not just the Cangmang Continent, the other continents are also being explored by other people."


"What's going on?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but exclaim.


“It is said that Palace Master Sheng Yuan of the Holy Palace delved into the secrets known only to heaven and found clues to the Cangxuan Saint Seal… This matter has spread and all forces are frantically searching for it now.”


Zhou Yuan's expression changed dramatically when he heard this, and his eyes were filled with surprise.


"The Cangxuan Saint Seal?!"


His eyes blinked rapidly. He didn't expect such a big thing to happen after his departure from Shengzhou Continent.


Furthermore, he knew very well that the three Saint Runes within it were from the Cangxuan Saint Seal. If the Cangxuan Saint Seal fell into the hands of Palace Master Sheng Yuan, that would also mean that he would be able to detect the existence of the Saint Runes.


When that happened, Sheng Yuan would definitely come for him. Furthermore, not only Sheng Yuan...


As the saying goes, possession of a jade ring would cause trouble for someone.


The thought of being stared at by so many terrifying existences made Zhou Yuan feel a chill rising from the soles of his feet directly to his head. It gave him goosebumps all over his body.

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