Chapter 718 Two-foot Law Domain



Lightning flashed in the huge underground lightning pool as if a rampaging Lightning Dragon was producing thunder and lightning within it.


Zhou Yuan stared at the lightning pool in a daze as the flickering lightning continuously reflected in his eyes. It was obvious that he still had not recovered from the shock.


They simply hoped to try their luck exploring Black Water. Unexpectedly, they had somehow found the exact spot...


The reaction of the three Saint Runes on his body was enough to prove that this place must be connected to the Cangxuan Saint Seal.




Zhou Yuan heaved a long breath, trying to suppress the churning waves in his heart. If his findings were known, the entire Cangxuan Heaven would instantly descend into chaos.


When that happened, the small Cangmang Continent would become the focus of the entire Cangxuan Heaven.


"What do we do now?" Zhou Yuan turned to Yaoyao, feeling a headache.


Yaoyao was calm and collected as always. "What else can be done? Of course we have to go find it. Palace Master Sheng Yuan has already investigated the mystery known only to the heavens and the Cangxuan Saint Seal has been exposed. It is only a matter of time before that is found.”


“All we've done is find him a little earlier than everyone else. “If we don’t take advantage of this opportunity, it might fall into the hands of Palace Master Sheng Yuan.”


Zhou Yuan nodded. In fact, even if they had not found this place, the other powerful beings would have discovered it soon.


But how do we find the seal?


Enter the lightning pool?


Zhou Yuan felt his scalp go numb as he looked at the bottomless pool of rays. That was the power left by the lightning punishment. Although it was only a residual power, it gave off a terrifying aura of destruction.


Zhou Yuan believed that not only Divine Dwelling stage experts, but even Heavenly Sun stage or Nascent Source stage experts would be destroyed by the lightning pool.


“This pool of lightning contains the power of destruction. It's extraordinary ".


Yaoyao silently looked at the lightning pool for some time before commenting, “I'm afraid that only people with Domains of Law can pass through this pool. The inside and outside of a law domain are similar to two different worlds that can separate lightning corrosion."


Zhou Yuan felt like he had lost all hope when he heard this. In the entire Cangxuan Sect, only Sect Master Qing Yang was a true Law Domain expert.


But Yaoyao explained: "If it is the power of the Domain of Law, it is not completely impossible for you... you have the Saint Rune of Heavenly Punishment on your body, and if I am not mistaken, it should possess a power similar to the domain of Law." the law".


Zhou Yuan was surprised. He had previously activated the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune and had indeed sensed that it could produce a mysterious power.


But he didn't know that this mysterious force was the power of the Domain of Law.


“Of course, the power of the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune Law Domain cannot be compared to a true Law Domain, but it should still have the ability to form its own world.” Yaoyao's red lips moved slightly as she explained.


Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment. With a thought, he activated the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune.




As the Heavenly Punishment Rune shook, a faint light emerged from Zhou Yuan's body, forming a small eggshell-like light screen around him.


The small light screen exuded mysterious energy waves. When he appeared, Zhou Yuan suddenly felt a mysterious feeling, as if he was no longer inside Cangxuan Heaven.


It was as if the inside of this Domain of Law shell was a completely separate world.


“Indeed, it is the power of the Law Domain…” Yaoyao exclaimed, “The Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune is truly a mysterious item from the Cangxuan Saint Seal. “I never imagined that a mere Divine Dwelling expert could possess the power of the Domain of Law.”


Zhou Yuan studied the small Law Domain light shield, muttering, "But it's too small."


The reason why the Domain of Law was strong was because when the Domain of Law spread across a place, the master of the Domain of Law became the master of the area. Even the Genesis Qi would be under his control.


The Domain of Law of a true Domain of Law expert could extend tens of thousands of miles.


But Zhou Yuan's Law Domain shell only extended a few feet. He couldn't even take a step forward, what could he control?


Yaoyao couldn't help but smile as she said, "Although the effect is not great, it can indeed open up a small world of its own."


Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly. The two-foot Law Domain that created the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune was incredibly powerful, but this autonomous ability that separated one from the outside world was probably the most suitable for escaping or avoiding detection by top experts.


The main effect of the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune should be to transform the Divine Dwelling.


For example, Zhou Yuan's Divine Dwelling had become an unprecedented Chaotic Divine Dwelling...


"Can this really get us through?" Zhou Yuan was full of doubts. After all, the bottomless lightning pool was truly terrifying.


"Try and you will find out..."


The space between Yaoyao's eyebrows began to glow. A split second later, the power of the Spirit pulled out a bolt of lightning from the lightning pool and sent it straight towards Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan's body stiffened when he saw this. The beam might seem weak, but it was enough to seriously injure him if it landed on his body.


Fortunately, the lightning bolt seemed unable to perceive its existence as it approached. It simply circled twice before dispersing.


Zhou Yuan's face lit up with joy. "It can really isolate me from lightning!"


Yaoyao nodded satisfied. “With the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, you will be able to hide even from Law Domain stage experts.”


Law Domain experts were very sensitive to the world around them, and only existences of the same level could block opponents with their own Law Domains.


It was an excellent means of protecting himself.


After testing the effect of the Two-Foot Law Domain again, Zhou Yuan said confidently, "I'll go try it first."


The lightning pool was too dangerous. He didn't want to bring Yaoyao with him in case an accident happened.


But Yaoyao shook her head, “Take me with you, otherwise I will be worried.”


Although the two-foot Law Domain of the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune was effective, she was still worried that something unexpected would happen. If he was with Zhou Yuan, he could protect him. However, if such a situation really occurred, there was a possibility of an extremely bad outcome.


Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment but said nothing. He nodded and smiled at Yaoyao as he stretched out his arms.


The two-foot Law Domain was too small. If he wanted to take Yaoyao with him, the two of them would have to be very close to each other.


Seeing his actions, Yaoyao bit her red lips as she looked at him, but in the end she still leaned forward helplessly.


A sweet fragrance brushed against Zhou Yuan's face, making him feel uncontrollably happy. His arms reached out to hug Yaoyao's slim waist. When he touched her clothes, his hands pressed down a little, feeling the small waist that made his heart beat faster.




Feeling her warmth and soft skin, Zhou Yuan cleared his throat and said, "Bend closer, the Domain of Law is too small."


Yaoyao reached out and pinched Zhou Yuan's waist before she said in an expressionless voice, "Don't bet your luck."


Zhou Yuan grimaces. Then he looked at Tuntun in Yaoyao's arms and suggested, "This guy takes up too much space, why don't we leave him here to wait for us?"


Tuntun's claws jumped like lightning when he heard this and scratched wildly at Zhou Yuan's face.


A few seconds later, Zhou Yuan said helplessly with his face now bloody: "Let's go together."


Tuntun laughed mockingly and then jumped up to lie on Zhou Yuan's head.


With Yaoyao in his arms and Tuntun on his head, Zhou Yuan looked at the raging pool of bottomless lightning and took a deep breath as a resolute look emerged in his eyes.


He chased away all hesitation and dove headlong into the pool of lightning amidst the destructive roars of thunder.

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