Chapter 720 Turmoil

Zhou Yuan stared at the ancient stone seal at the end of the stone steps. It took a long time before the troubled sea in his heart gradually calmed down.


"I really never expected that one day I would see the most valuable item in Cangxuan Heaven." Zhou Yuan couldn't help but let out a deep sigh.


But not even a hint of desire was present in his eyes on the face of the Cangxuan Saint Seal. He knew it wasn't something he could own.


He could wield a few Saint Runes, but if even the Cangxuan Saint Seal was in his possession, it would inevitably lead to him attracting the attention of many powerful figures.


Since his cultivation was only at the Divine Dwelling stage, it would be impossible for him to bear something so heavy.


Despite this, he could not let it fall into the hands of the Holy Palace because that would only be disastrous for him.


Yaoyao looked at the ancient stone seal silently.


"See if you can take it off." He turned to Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, nodded, and climbed onto the stone steps. However, he then turned to look at Yaoyao and asked in bewilderment, "Will we do it together?"


Yaoyao hesitated a bit and then took a step towards the stone steps.




However, the moment he raised his foot, the Cangxuan saint seal at the end of the stone steps suddenly trembled. Boundless force surged forth and began to violently shake the domain around him.


The stone steps swayed violently.


Zhou Yuan's expression changed. He couldn't understand why the Cangxuan Saint Seal was suddenly acting.


But Yaoyao's eyes flashed with understanding. She slowly backed away as she continued to look at the ancient Cangxuan Saint Seal. He seemed to resist her approach as if he were wary or afraid of her.


"Go on your own." Yaoyao urged.


Zhou Yuan nodded, turned around and accelerated, heading straight towards the end of the steps, where the Cangxuan Saint Seal was.


Half an incense stick of time later, he finally reached the top.


The Cangxuan Saint Seal was almost within reach.


Zhou Yuan looked at the ancient floating stone seal. It was a very simple looking piece, but I clearly understood what it represented. It was the most supreme and sacred artifact of Cangxuan Heaven.


With it, one would gain control of the entire Cangxuan Heaven and become its master!


Of course, one must possess adequate strength to handle it. According to Zhou Yuan's speculation, one would need to reach the Law Domain stage at least to be able to properly control the Cangxuan Saint Seal.


Zhou Yuan slowly extended a trembling hand as his fingertip came into contact with the Cangxuan Saint Seal.




Millions of rays of light suddenly burst out from the Cangxuan Saint Seal.


Some of the lightning bolts fell on Zhou Yuan's body. To his surprise, an arc of light directly pierced the barrier between the first and second heavens of his Divine Dwelling, uniting the two.


Majestic waves of Genesis Qi pulsed outwards and then rose.


Zhou Yuan stood there in shock. Simply being illuminated by the divine light of the Cangxuan Saint Seal had helped him perfectly complete the first heaven of his Divine Dwelling. According to his speculation, he needed to consume hundreds of low-grade Divine Dwelling Medicines at least to achieve the same effect.


Furthermore, this was not the only change. As the divine light passed through his body, his blood stirred and his flesh seemed to undergo an unimaginable refinement, causing it to explode with astonishing vitality. Furthermore, drops of golden blood were continuously produced in his heart.


Previously, only three drops of reddish-golden blood had formed in his heart when he mastered the Mythical Saint Body, but now, more than a dozen drops had been created in an instant!


His spirit also vibrated between his eyebrows, condensing more and more under the divine light...


He had clearly received enormous benefits. This was perhaps a gift from the Cangxuan Saint Seal to the first person who found it…


However, in his state of shock, Zhou Yuan did not notice that the Genesis Qi around him began to stir turbulently as the Cangxuan Saint Seal vibrated.


Not only that, infinite Genesis Qi began to flow into Black Water.


The originally dead land began to show signs of life. Plants sprouted from the ground as water flowed out of nowhere and quickly converged into a large river.




Shengzhou mainland.


The Sacred Palace


Sitting cross-legged before a palace master, Sheng Yuan, closed eyes suddenly opened as uncontrollable joy bubbled within them. He immediately jumped up and started laughing.


“The Cangxuan Saint Seal has finally appeared!


"Ten Hall Masters of the Holy Palace, come with me!"


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's voice echoed throughout the area. In the next moment, his figure burst into space itself and disappeared.




At the same time, ten powerful figures buzzed and disappeared from this place.




The Cangxuan sect.


Sect Master Qing Yang looked at the sky with a solemn expression. Naturally, he was aware of the strange disturbance earlier and had already identified its source.


What else could make the Cangxuan Heaven Genesis Qi move so turbulently other than a sacred item like the Cangxuan Saint Seal?


"Cangxuan Heaven will become chaotic..."




Several figures appeared behind him. They were the six greatest teachers.


“That turbulent movement earlier…” Peak Master Lianyi was the first to ask, her beautiful face filled with anxiety.


“The Cangxuan Saint Seal has appeared. Let's move. The Holy Palace must have also sensed his appearance.” Sect Master Qing Yang explained in a solemn voice.


Everyone's expression became serious.


Space vibrated and their figures disappeared from the top of the peak.




The Sword Seeking Sect...


North Sea Dragon Hall...


Hundred Flowers Palace...


The Heavenly Ghost Sect...


Similar silhouettes emitting terrifying and imposing auras shot out from the other four major sects of the Shengzhou Continent. They directly burst into space and disappeared without a trace.


It wasn't just the major sects, all the top experts within the Cangxuan Heaven had sensed the strange disturbance.


As such, figures continuously rushed into the sky from the many continents of Cangxuan Heaven.


The appearance of so many experts naturally greatly surprised the countless Cangxuan sky creatures, causing them to tremble uncontrollably. They had a feeling that subsequent events would inevitably lead to chaos.


When was the last time something like this happened to Cangxuan Heaven?


The death of Patriarch Cangxuan?

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