Chapter 721 Reunited

Out of Black Water.


The flurry of activity that originated from the depths of Black Water naturally spread outwards. Countless people looked dumbfounded at the vegetation growing on the once lifeless land. Several saplings were maturing into towering trees at an alarming speed.


Soon a huge forest appeared in the once desolate and dead world.


Rivers divided the vast land like white silk.


Now everything was full of life.


The countless residents of Black Water were in a trance state as if they were dreaming.


However, as the Genesis Qi became stronger and stronger, they finally came out of their shock because they had felt the Genesis Qi that had been stagnant for years in their bodies beginning to rise.


Everyone went crazy as a result.


In the past, the Black Water Genesis Qi was thin and weak because the land was dead. It made the place an extremely unpopular place that no one would live in if they had the choice.


But now, that same land of despair was blossoming into what could only be described as a blessed land.


The changes in Black Water left countless people bewildered. They couldn't understand what was happening.


However, while they were celebrating due to the changes, the air above Blackwater trembled violently. What followed was space shattering as multiple silhouettes emerged, emitting imposing auras.


When these suffocating figures appeared, every Blackwater individual felt as if their soul had been frozen, making it impossible for them to move.


One could easily imagine how these figures would only need a thought to eliminate everyone in Black Water.


Fortunately, they were as small and insignificant as ants in the eyes of those powerful figures. Without even glancing at them, the figures headed straight towards the depths of Black Water.


The world felt like it was shaking as more and more figures appeared. The residents of Blackwater fell to their knees, trembling, not daring to even raise their heads.


After a long time, the terrifying and imposing auras finally faded away. It was only then that they dared to look into the distance before looking at each other in dismay.


They didn't know what was going on in the depths of Blackwater because no one had ventured so deep and they wondered what could have attracted so many terrifying experts...




Deep in Black Water.


Above the ray pool.


Space shook as it was torn by a terrifying force before a dozen silhouettes emerged from the tear.


The person leading them was Palace Master Sheng Yuan of the Holy Palace.


His silver eyes scanned the surroundings before finally settling on the lightning pool below. A look of astonishment appeared on his face, “To think it was the sinful land of the past?”


“Haha, how interesting. This place was once destroyed by the sacred race. Who could have thought that Cangxuan would hide the Cangxuan Saint Seal here?”


“Unfortunately, your deception has ended up being useless.”


"It's time for the Cangxuan Saint Seal to get a new master!"


However, as soon as his voice fell, the space nearby opened up once again. The terrifying pressure of Genesis Qi enveloped the area as a cold voice rang out, “Sheng Yuan, I am afraid that you are not worthy of the Cangxuan Saint Seal.”


Palace Master Sheng Yuan smiled, "It seems that the Cangxuan Sect has arrived."


Sect Master Qing Yang stood tall in the air with Peak Master Lianyi and the others behind him.


The monstrous Genesis Qi swept outwards, so concentrated that it formed endless layers of clouds that covered the sky as if ready to destroy the world.


"Haha, it seems to be very lively here."


At this moment, space broke again as a somewhat crooked old figure slowly walked out. When he appeared, the cry of a sword seemed to echo throughout the place.


It was an old man in simple clothes. It looked old and was slightly bent over, but just standing there made it look similar to an ancient divine sword that was powerful enough to kill gods.


The old man was followed by a group of figures exuding equally monstrous auras.


Valley Master Yin Xiao, whom Zhou Yuan had met before, was also standing among them. It was the Sword Seeking Sect.


"Sword Sovereign of Heaven..."


Sect Master Qing Yang's attention turned to the elderly figure.


The Heaven Sword Sovereign was the sect master of the Sword Seeking Sect and was also of the same generation as Patriarch Cangxuan. His status and experience were unmatched, but he often found himself in isolated cultivation. No one had expected it to appear when the Cangxuan Saint Seal appeared.


Shortly after the appearance of the Sword Seeking Sect, the space began to shake violently as waves of terrifying figures continued to emerge.


"I never expected to see the day when the Cangxuan Saint Seal reappeared." A giant emerged from the trembling space. The giant's body seemed to be inscribed with ancient patterns. When he appeared, even space itself began to crumble around him as if it could not support his weight.


It was a sign that one's external cultivation reached an indescribable level that could be said to be truly indestructible.


His voice was louder than thunder, causing the earth to crack.


The giant seemed to notice the sky crumbling and land around him. His huge body quickly began to shrink, turning into a topless middle-aged man after a few seconds.


He had a simple and honest face, like that of a farmer, and his body was adorned with ancient patterns.


Venerable Lord Gu Jing of the North Sea Dragon Hall.


And after the appearance of Venerable Lord Gu Jing, a rare fragrance filled the air. A gigantic lotus slowly appeared and bloomed. Inside the lotus was a beautiful barefoot woman in a colorful dress. Her beauty and elegance were incomparable.


Palace Master of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Shan Qingzi.


An eerie endless black mist gushed out near the giant lotus. A black mist rolled through the air as a shrill voice rang out, “Hehe, we haven't seen each other for so many years, but Palace Master Shan is still as beautiful as before. “You truly deserve your title as the number one beauty of Cangxuan Heaven.”


A black-clad figure slowly stood up from the black mist revealing a pale greasy. He casually caught a Black Mist Spirit, put it in his mouth, and swallowed it. His eyes flickered with an eerie green light as they scanned the palace master of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.


It was the sect master of the Heavenly Ghost Sect, Devil Luo.


The six major sects of Cangxuan Heaven had appeared!


Furthermore, numerous silhouettes arrived one after another at some distance. All of them exuded powerful auras and were probably the top experts or lords of their own domains.


However, they could only watch from the sidelines for the moment.


It could be said that more than ninety percent of the top experts of Cangxuan Heaven had appeared in the depths of Black Water…


Palace Master Sheng Yuan’s eyes swept over the numerous gathered experts with a smile as he said unhurriedly, “Cangxuan Heaven has not been this lively since the battle between the Holy Palace and Cangxuan back then.”


“Since everyone has come here, I assume that all of you have also felt the energy fluctuations of the Cangxuan Saint Seal…”


"Haha, since we are all accounted for, let's first let the Holy Seal show itself!"


As his voice fell, his hand reached out to the lightning pool below and squeezed abruptly.




The lightning pool suddenly trembled violently before breaking apart. A split second later, the space hidden somewhere inside the pool slowly opened as well.


All eyes looked over immediately.


In the next moment, the atmosphere seemed to solidify. The faces of everyone, even Palace Master Sheng Yuan, froze.


Because they had seen a young figure in the mysterious space containing the Cangxuan Saint Seal. He raised his head in confusion, meeting her gaze.


Had the Cangxuan Saint Seal already been taken?

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