Chapter 724 Jiang Lei Jun

About Black Water.


The experts from the various sects watched this scene in amazement. Who would have thought that before the many sects could even begin to compete for the Cangxuan Saint Seal, the Cangxuan Sect would already put on such an exciting show…


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The dramatic ups and downs of the story made even the many experts present tense with anticipation.


However, several people looked at Palace Master Shen Yuan, who is currently smiling. It seemed that Patriarch Cangxuan's downfall had been a perfect plot orchestrated by the Holy Palace.


In the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan's face also stretched mockingly. The drastic turn of events had also greatly impacted him.


Moments ago, he had almost believed that Patriarch Cangxuan's death was related to Grandmaster Lianyi, but now, it seemed that both Grandmaster Lianyi and Ling Jun were simply being used.


The person who was secretly pulling the strings was unexpectedly Peak Master Lei Jun!


Zhou Yuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Peak Master Lei Jun held a Peak Master position within the Cangxuan Sect, but he had the weakest presence among the peak masters. In fact, Zhou Yuan barely had any contact with him since he joined the Cangxuan Sect.


From what Zhou Yuan could remember of him, Supreme Master Lei Jun was the never-smiling punishment boss in the sect, who was respected and feared by many disciples. Peak Master Lei Jun had always maintained neutrality in the sect's many affairs. In essence, he was a high-ranking member of the sect.


Sect Master Qing Yang even sought him out for advice sometimes.


Who could have thought that this same individual who seemed to barely have any presence would be the culprit of pushing Patriarch Cangxuan to his death!


Zhou Yuan was not the only one in disbelief, even Peak Master Lianyi and others looked at Peak Master Lei Jun with anger and confusion.


Sect Master Qing Yang looked at Peak Master Lei Jun, whose previous attempt to attack Elder Bai Mei had been thwarted by Old Man Xuan, and asked, “Wasn't the House of Hidden Scriptures managed by Uncle Master Lei Jun? back then?”


“Only you, who was in charge of the House of Hidden Scriptures, could guide the little younger sister to see what you wanted her to see… even without her realizing it.”


“You, why did you do such a thing?


"Has the teacher ever treated you badly?!"


Peak Master Lei Jun's face remained expressionless under their furious gazes. He looked at Old Xuan and gave a slight smile. “Cangxuan was very kind to me.”


"But, I wasn't happy..."


Peak Master Lei Jun raised his head to look at the sky. Quite a while passed before he continued in an indifferent voice: “Cangxuan and I have known each other since we were young. But all of you may have never known that I was the genius in everyone’s eyes at the beginning, while Cangxuan was merely a supporting character in the background.”


“He saw me as an older brother and respected me. In turn, I protected him and occasionally gave him cultivation resources.”


“But then, everything started to change. Little by little he grew and finally flourished, revealing his dazzling brilliance as he became a great expert of the world. At that time, I was far behind him and could only watch his back from a distance.”


“No one remembered me anymore, and they even laughed and made fun of me. 'Was a person like you qualified to be his big brother?'”


“Later, he founded the Cangxuan Sect, and the huge gap between us became even wider. But he invited me to the Cangxuan Sect and thus I became the top master Lei Jun…”


“But within the Cangxuan Sect, no one could compare to its dazzling brilliance. The whole world would always look at him with respect, the same way he once looked at me. But now, I had become the him of the past.”


“Everyone said that I would not have become a supreme master of the Cangxuan Sect if it were not for your kindness.”


“I also tried so hard to prove myself, but… I was too dazzling.”


“I lost hope, because I knew I would never reach it. I began to think that he was the blazing sun while I was a star that could not be seen under its brilliance. “I wanted the world to know me, and maybe that would only happen when the sun went down…”


Everyone looked at Lei Jun with complicated looks. They also remembered when that person had subdued the entire Cangxuan Heaven. Everyone of that generation could only recoil under its almighty light.


They finally accepted it, but the person who once shined his light on Cangxuan could not accept the stark contrast between them. Perhaps, the better Cangxuan treated him, the more shame he felt deep in his heart.


And it had gradually become an unhealthy obsession.


Lei Jun was evidently an extremely prejudiced person. He had simply hidden it too well.


Old Xuan’s wrinkled hand tightly gripped Lei Jun’s wrist like an eagle’s claw as he hissed in his deep voice, “This is your reason? How much help did the master give you when you came to Cangxuan Sect? "How much guidance have you received from him?"


"If it weren't for the teacher, would you be where you are now?"


Lei Jun smiled, "Look, even you think that I am nothing without Cangxuan."


He sighed, “That was not what I wanted, so when Sheng Yuan secretly contacted me, I promised to cooperate with him because I felt that it was also time for the scorching sun to set.”


"It would show the world that I can be even more stunning without it."


“You betrayed your sect and spat in your benefactor's face. Do you really think you are very dazzling right now?" Old Xuan thundered. A stream of terrifying Genesis Qi gushed out from his body as he launched his palm, causing space to shatter.


Lei Jun cast an indifferent look at Old Xuan's terrifying palm strike. In the next moment, a huge Domain of Law emerged from his body.


Old Xuan's palm struck the Law Domain, causing it to shake violently, but his attack ultimately failed to break the Law Domain.


“Have you reached the Law Mastery stage?!” Old Xuan's eyes were serious as he looked at Lei Jun.


Old Bai Mei, the master of Hongya Peak, and the others' expressions changed drastically. Within the Cangxuan Sect, only Sect Master Qing Yang had actually entered the Law Domain stage, while the rest of them were at the peak of the Nascent Source stage.


Although they had begun to touch the power of the Domain of Law, they had not yet taken that important step completely.


Who would have thought that Lei Jun would be the first among them to enter the Law Domain stage without anyone knowing?


This secret was hidden too deeply.


Lei Jun smiled slightly, “I entered the Law Domain stage when Cangxuan died, which proved me right. Without Cangxuan, the world would not recognize me as Supreme Master Lei Jun, but…Jiang Leijun.”


Sect Master Qing Yang's eyes had turned bitingly cold. "There is no point in saying anything else."


His body was enveloped in the power of the Domain of Law. The Cangxuan Sect had become a laughingstock, but no matter what, Lei Jun had betrayed the Cangxuan Sect and must be punished.


However, just as Sect Master Qing Yang intended to act, a wave of terrifying and oppressive pressure suddenly enveloped him.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's silver eyes fixed on Sect Master Qing Yang with a smile on his face. Obviously, he wouldn't sit back and watch Sect Master Qing Yang and the others deal with Lei Jun. After all, the Cangxuan Sect would keep itself busy enough with its own affairs as long as Lei Jun existed.


“Qing Yang, this is a matter of Cangxuan Sect, why cause a scene here? Besides, there are more important things right now."


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's silver eyes turned towards the Cangxuan Saint Seal with an unfathomable expression as his voice reverberated throughout the area.


“With everyone present, it is a good time to discuss what should be done with the Cangxuan Saint Seal. It is not like this?"

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