Chapter 725 Holy Fire

When Sheng Yuan's voice sounded again, the atmosphere in this part of the world became a little strange.


All eyes blinked thoughtfully. The Holy Palace was currently the most powerful sect in Cangxuan Heaven, with the Cangxuan Sect slightly behind them. There was a very deep enmity between the two factions and they were destined to clash every time they met...


As such, the other experts were able to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.


No one had expected that Sheng Yuan would suddenly drop such a big secret that it instantly caused the Cangxuan Sect to fall apart. The Cangxuan Sect had lost a supreme master while gaining a powerful enemy of the Law Domain stage. It could be said that they are now in serious trouble…


On the other hand, the towering power of the Sacred Palace was now unparalleled.


Within the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan was also aware of the situation, causing worry to color his eyes. The Cangxuan Sect was his backup. As such, the situation would become extremely unfavorable for him if the Cangxuan Sect was unable to compete with the Holy Palace.


In the current situation, a small Divine Dwelling expert like him naturally had no qualifications to participate and could only anxiously watch on the sidelines.


Above the lightning pool, the silence lasted for a long time.




The Heavenly Sword Sovereign of the Sword Seeking Sect suddenly cleared his throat and said unhurriedly: "The Cangxuan Saint Seal is good, but the structure of the Cangxuan Heaven is currently stable, and if it is forced, I am worried that can unleash a storm of blood. This would only weaken the overall strength of Cangxuan Heaven."


In the dark mist filling the sky, Devil Luo of the Heavenly Ghost Sect patted his bulging belly as he commented with a smile, “But the Cangxuan Saint Seal has appeared, we can't just ignore it, right?”


A smile spread across the honest face of hall master Gu Jing of the North Sea Dragon Hall, “So you want to be the high and powerful celestial master of Cangxuan Heaven?”


"It is very likely that the Heavenly Ghost Sect does not have that kind of ability." Palace Master Shan Qingzi of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace commented in an indifferent voice.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan chuckled at the input from the other representatives of the major sects. "I have a suggestion. Our six sects can form an alliance and take turns keeping the Holy Seal of Cangxuan safe to avoid conflicts."


The others seriously considered this suggestion.


Sect Master Qing Yang smiled coldly: “Since it is an alliance, there will be the most important and the least important, and also the first and second. Regarding your proposal, don't tell me that you want to be the lord of the alliance and be the first to keep the Holy Seal of Cangxuan safe?”


Palace Master Sheng Yuan said domineeringly: "My Holy Palace is the strongest, if we don't take the lead, do you think your collapsed Cangxuan Sect should?"


He didn't deny that he had those thoughts.


Sect Master Qing Yang looked at the others, “I am worried that your ambition will not stop at the Cangxuan Saint Seal, but even annex the other major sects and truly rule this land.”


The eyes of the Heavenly Sword Sovereign, Shan Qingzi, and other powerful experts flashed. Although they remained silent and said nothing, they were clearly more attentive than before.


If Palace Master Sheng Yuan was the first to take over the Cangxuan Saint Seal, he most likely tried to gain control over it. Once he succeeded, his strength would skyrocket, allowing him to surpass Law Domain and enter the Saint stage. When that happened, no one in the entire Cangxuan Heaven would be his match.


The chances of him handing over the Cangxuan Saint Seal would then be very, very slim...


Palace Master Sheng Yuan naturally felt the vigilance in his eyes. He smiled and said, "It seems like none of you are interested in my proposal?"


Everyone was silent.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan couldn't help but sigh deeply when he saw this. “I originally thought that this matter can be resolved peacefully. Who would have imagined it would come to this..."




Before his voice could fade away, a silver Domain of Law extended from his body, transforming into a barrier around him.


A wave of terrifying Law Domain power erupted. He stepped forward with an indifferent look on his face and instantly reappeared behind Sect Master Qing Yang like a ghost.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan crossed his fingers towards his palm, where silver light quickly gathered. This was the true power of the Law Domain. The vast power of the Law Domain and Genesis Qi merged to form a unique power that only Law Domain experts could wield.


Genesis Qi Law Domain!


That power was the foundation of the Domain of Law!


The space around Palace Master Sheng Yuan's palm suddenly shattered, evidently unable to withstand the tremendous power.


If his strength were measured in terms of Genesis Qi stars, it would most likely reach hundreds of millions.




That palm of destruction pierced through the air and headed straight towards Sect Master Qing Yang. Sheng Yuan clearly intended to quickly crush the latter to deter the other top experts.


"You dare!"


Old Xuan was the first to realize Palace Master Sheng Yuan's intentions. He immediately let out an enraged roar as a screen of Law Domain light erupted from his body.


However, Lei Jun's figure immediately appeared in front of him. The former's fist slammed into the air, the power of Law Domain surging forth along with rumbling thunder to stop Old Xuan.


After the previous revelation, Lei Jun knew that he would no longer be accepted into the Cangxuan Sect. Therefore, his posture was now naturally leaning towards the Holy Palace. He knew that he would only be able to retreat unscathed when the Holy Palace side won.


"Lei Jun, traitor!" Old Xuan became enraged as he launched a ruthless attack.


Lei Jun remained expressionless as he operated the Domain of Law to block Old Xuan's attack.


The other great experts backed away when they saw the fight break out between these two parties. Evidently they intended to continue sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight. Given the current situation, although the Cangxuan Sect's internal balance was destroyed, the Sacred Palace would still have to pay a heavy price to completely destroy them.


When that happened, the Sacred Palace would weaken, making it difficult for them to maintain a strong position.


"Sheng Yuan, if you want to kill me to show your power, you have overestimated yourself!" Sect Master Qing Yang thundered as a barrier of blue-green Law Domain light enveloped his body. Both he and Sheng Yuan were Law Domain stage practitioners. As such, it would not be easy for Sheng Yuan to get rid of him so easily.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's mouth curled up in a strange manner when he heard this.


"Is that so?"


A wisp of golden smoke suddenly rose from the top of Palace Master Sheng Yuan's head. After a brief moment, a small noise sounded from the smoke as a golden flame quickly formed above his head.


The entire world seemed to freeze as the golden flame emerged. As the golden fire burned, the space around it constantly crumbled like a burning oil painting.


An indescribable wave of energy was born.


The golden flame seemed capable of incinerating everything, and nothing could block its path.


The golden flame was immediately reflected in the eyes of Sect Master Qing Yang, as well as the top experts of the other sects, as an expression of indescribable disbelief crossed their faces.


"That's the flame of the Saint?!"


A moment later, numerous shouts of shock rang out.


“Sheng Yuan has reached the Saint stage?!”


Cultivators above the Law Domain were called Saints, and the Saint stage was the highest cultivation realm in this world!


However, since the birth of Cangxuan Heaven, Patriarch Cangxuan had been the only true Saint stage practitioner. But now, it seemed that Palace Master Sheng Yuan had also ascended to this divine realm?!


Amidst countless gasps of surprise, Palace Master Sheng Yuan extended two fingers. The golden flame tore through space and appeared directly at his fingertips. He then pointed at the blue-green Law Domain barrier that enveloped Sect Master Qing Yang's body.




As the golden flame swayed, the Domain of Law that should have been indestructible in the eyes of ordinary people was instantly incinerated like a piece of paper.


"Qing Yang, it's time to join your master..."


A sinister smile formed on Palace Master Sheng Yuan's lips. The golden flame at his fingertips directly pierced the Domain of Law and stabbed at Sect Master Qing Yang.


If the golden flame landed, even Law Domain experts would be reduced to nothing.


Because it was the flame of a saint.

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