Chapter 727 Sheng Yuan's Choice

The still slightly undulating world was very quiet. The top experts of the many sects were still in shock as they watched Liu Lianyi ignite his Nascent Source. After all, a Nascent Source stage expert was already considered a super elite even among major sects.


Over the years, there have rarely been cases of experts dying at the Nascent Source stage. However, they had witnessed the death of one today...


Palace Master Sheng Yuan stood in the air with a stormy expression. Although he had killed Liu Lianyi, he was still not happy with this result, because his initial target had been Qing Yang.


Once Qing Yang was dead, the Cangxuan Sect would fall apart on its own, while the other major sects would also be deterred.


But Qing Yang was still alive, and it was highly unlikely that Sheng Yuan would find another great opportunity like before. Qing Yang would definitely be more vigilant after knowing his true strength.


Furthermore, he...was not a true Saint.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes flashed. With his hands clasped behind his back, his indifferent gaze swept around the room, “I wonder what everyone thinks about my previous proposal now?”


Everyone's eyes blinked but they said nothing.


Sect Master Qing Yang looked chillingly at Palace Master Sheng Yuan and suddenly said, “Sheng Yuan, you really haven’t reached the Saint stage!”


The other top experts were shocked for the first time before looking at Palace Master Sheng Yuan suspiciously.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan narrowed his eyes. With a grip, a golden holy flame once again emerged in the palm of his hand. "Oh? Do you want to try again?"


Sect Master Qing Yang replied coldly, “If you were a true Saint expert, why would you waste your time talking to us? You would have already snatched away the Cangxuan Saint Seal.”


"Moreover, although your golden flame has the aura of a holy flame, it is unstable and there is still a big gap between your holy flame and the master's!"


Many eyes darted towards the golden flame in Sheng Yuan's palm. Sure enough, they realized that by blocking Liu Lianyi's suicidal attack, the golden flame had become weaker and more transparent.


The oppressive power it once emitted had also weakened.


These observations made leading experts even more suspicious. What Sect Master Qing Yang said rang true. If Sheng Yuan had truly set foot on the Saint stage, there would be no need for such proposals nor any alliance. With a Saint level expert, the Holy Palace could easily dominate the entire Cangxuan Heaven, and everyone would be forced to bow down to him.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's face remained expressionless. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he looked at Sect Master Qing Yang. I should have killed this guy first after all...


Sect Master Qing Yang sneered, “Master once told me that Saint experts are invincible, but there is another stage between the Law Domain stage and the Saint stage, which the master calls the Saint stage! of the false Saints!”


“Although I don't know how you managed to produce this holy flame, you are simply a false saint at best! ”


“Sheng Yuan, your holy flame is fake. "You are nothing more than a fox trying to assume the majesty of the tiger!"


Qing Yang had also been surprised to see Palace Master Sheng Yuan's saint flame earlier. His heart had become like a troubled sea, making it impossible for him to calm down. But after Liu Lianyi gave his life to stop that fatal blow for him, he finally managed to regain his composure.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's silver eyes looked at Sect Master Qing Yang. Not even the slightest wave of emotion was visible on his face as he commented, “As expected of the individual that even Patriarch Cangxuan held in high regard. In fact, you are quite capable."


His words seemed to confirm Qing Yang's speculation.


"But even a false Saint is ultimately a Saint who can easily kill you." Palace Master Sheng Yuan's robes fluttered around him, although no wind stirred the air, his silver eyes flashed with killing intent.


The entire world shook under his killing intent.


This was a display of Sheng Yuan's confidence. He was not a true Saint expert, but he had finally taken that first step before Qing Yang and it was enough to determine that he could kill Qing Yang.


Elder Bai Mei, the master of Hongya Peak, and the others' expressions also changed. They quickly tried to suppress their feelings of pain as they moved to stand behind Sect Master Qing Yang.


Sect Master Qing Yang narrowed his eyes. The current situation was indeed extremely unfavorable for the Cangxuan Sect.


The Peak Master, Lei Jun, had betrayed them and now Old Xuan had his hands tied and was keeping a close eye on him. As a result, the Cangxuan Sect's combat power had decreased drastically.


Sect Master Qing Yang swept his eyes over the top experts of the other sects. “Sheng Yuan has touched the false Saint before us and I will be no match for him alone. “If this continues, the Cangxuan Sect would be in trouble.”


"But once my Cangxuan Sect is destroyed, do you all think that the Holy Palace will willingly share the same status as the other major sects once the balance is destroyed?"


The Heavenly Sword Sovereign, Venerable Lord Gu Jing, and Palace Master Shan Qingzi nodded. How is it possible that they do not understand such reasoning?


If they sat back and watched the Cangxuan Sect be destroyed, who else in the entire Cangxuan Heaven would have the courage to take on the Holy Palace?


Sheng Yuan's expression darkened as he looked at the Heavenly Sword Sovereign and the others. "This is a matter between my Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect, I hope outsiders do not interfere or they will become enemies of my Holy Palace."


As he spoke, the golden flame in the palm of his hand jumped out, shattering the surrounding space and filling the air with a strong menacing aura.


However, as his voice faded, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign could be heard laughing: “It seems that you have not truly entered the Saint stage, otherwise, you would not be so afraid of us…”


The chilling expression in Sheng Yuan's eyes intensified. That sly old fox.


“If you have truly reached the Saint stage, we would have no power to resist you and would have no choice but to give in. But since you are only at the false saint stage, we should not be afraid if we join forces.”


The Heavenly Sword Sovereign sighed, “Sheng Yuan, I know you are ambitious, but the structure of Cangxuan Heaven is currently very stable. Don’t start trouble now thanks to the Cangxuan Saint Seal.”


Venerable Lord Gu Jing said indifferently: “If you want to kill Sect Master Qing Yang, my North Sea Dragon Hall will be the first to disagree.”


Palace Master Shan Qingzi also nodded: "The Hundred Flower Fairy Palace will not agree either."


Sheng Yuan's face darkened even more. The killing intent in his eyes seemed to cause the surrounding temperature to plummet.


Although he had touched the false saint stage and it would not be difficult to kill Qing Yang, he was not sure of winning if the Heavenly Sword Sovereign, Venerable Lord Gu Jing, and Shan Qingzi were on Qing Yang's side.


In the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief as he watched this development. Sect Master Qing Yang was truly capable. He knew how to involve the other major sects when he realized that the Cangxuan Sect was no match against the Holy Palace.


With the major sects joining forces, they could compete with the Holy Palace.


Just as Zhou Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief, a wisp of black smoke silently slipped behind Shan Qingzi. It finally turned into a sinister face of black smoke that sneaked up on her from behind.


However, just as the black smoke face was about to touch his body, a blonde hand appeared out of nowhere, pinching the face and then crushing it.




As the ghost's face dissipated, a shrill scream sounded.


Shan Qingzi's handsome face was icy cold as he asked indifferently, "Sect Master Luo, why embarrass yourself with such pathetic tactics?"


Not far from her, Sect Master Luo, who chuckled in his cloud of black mist, “The current Cangxuan Heaven is akin to dead water and there is no need to hold it so tightly. I agree with Sheng Yuan that we should have changed..."


The experts from the outer areas felt their hearts pounding. The situation was clear. The Heavenly Ghost Sect had quietly moved to the side of the Sacred Palace.


On the other side was the Cangxuan Sect, the Sword Seeking Sect, the North Sea Dragon Hall, and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, four of the six major sects.


When these two forces collided, it would be an earth-shaking matter that would bring down the entire Cangxuan Heaven.


With a solemn expression on his face, Venerable Lord Gu Jing said, “I hope Palace Master Sheng Yuan will not start a massacre. As for the Cangxuan Saint Seal, let it be sealed until someone in Cangxuan Heaven reaches the Saint stage. “Then they can take it for themselves.”


Countless eyes swept towards Palace Master Sheng Yuan. His decision would determine the future of Cangxuan Heaven.


Under their gazes, Palace Master Sheng Yuan closed his eyes. A long time later, his lips curved into a cold smile. I had planned this day for many years. Sect Master Qing Yang and the others overestimated themselves if they thought they could push him back.


His eyes snapped open as a chilling aura washed over him.


"Since everyone is so stubborn..."


“There will be no need for any of you to exist in Cangxuan Heaven anymore.”


As his voice faded, the murderous aura grew stronger and stronger, causing the expressions on the faces of many experts to change drastically.


Sheng Yuan had made his choice.


Since Cangxuan Sect and the others dared to block him, he would simply smash them all to pieces.


“Hall Masters of the Heavenly Sacred Hall and the Holy Blood Hall, go find the Cangxuan Saint Seal.”


“That boy is an eyesore and now he is useless. Get rid of him as revenge for Wu Huang.”


"As for the rest, leave them to Sect Master Luo and I..."


Two silhouettes shot out from the side of the Sacred Palace. Terrifying and imposing auras pulsed from their figures as they rushed towards the depths of the lightning pool.


In the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan's expression changed drastically when he saw this scene.


The Holy Palace would come after all!

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