Chapter 73 – The big exam comes to an end

When the bell at the end of the Grand Examination rang out on the White Spirit Mountain, the atmosphere outside that mountain was equally boiling, with countless lines of sight staring in intense awe at the list of points on the crystal wall.


That first place is clearly written.


Li Luo, South Wind School.


This first place was clearly beyond everyone's expectations. At the beginning of the Grand Examination, I am afraid that no one would have expected that the person who took the first place was not the most popular Lu Qing'er, nor the only one who could pose a threat to her, Shi Kon, but Li Luo, who! Until then he had been discreet and had never shown impressive results!


After all, Luo Lan Mansion started in South Wind City and was eventually situated in the Great Xia Kingdom. Those two lords of the Luo Lan Mansion used to be the talk of many people in Tian Shu County when they boasted about it to the outer county.


And as the son of those two, Li Luo grew up with less attention, only later because of that so-called empty resonance, which led countless people to secretly regret that Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan had been wise all their lives, but this son who was born He did not inherit his talent.


I'm afraid that words like "tiger father, dog son" are what Li Luo has heard the most over the years.


Some even said that perhaps Jiang Qing'e was Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan's bloodline, and that Li Luo was not their biological son at all.


The list is endless.


However, this scene today has refreshed his perception of that young lord of the house. That young man, although he did not have the overwhelming acuity of Jiang Qing'e, gave off a gentle sense of deep secrecy, and until reality was reached, he never seemed to know what other cards he was hiding.


This is not the same as his parents, nor Jiang Qing'e, it seems.


At the foot of the mountain, Xu Shanyue, the leader of the South Wind Second Class, looked at the crystal wall, as if his gaze was fixed on it, unable to move, and only after a long while did he shudder and say : "Have you seen that? Li Luo is number one!"


On the side, Lin Feng's face stiffened, and now he didn't know whether he should be happy or sad.


Although the first place winner remained at South Wind School, he did not stay in the First Class, which he was in charge of, and more importantly, this first place winner was someone whom he had strongly advocated for. that he was transferred to the Second Class.


Although the previous Li Luo had the momentum to go up, Lin Feng still didn't take it too seriously, after all, in his opinion, even if Li Luo could catch up now, he couldn't compare with people like Lu Qing'er and Song Yunfeng. After all, he was quite far behind.


But he had never expected that the one who would end up coming first in the Grand Exam would be Li Luo.


So at this moment, facing Xu Shanyue, who was so ecstatic that her expression was slightly distorted, Lin Feng's heart for the first time felt an incomparable sense of regret.


He regretted not having blurted out when he knew that Li Luo was starting to get up, dragging him back to First Class.


And now that Li Luo has become number one, it can be imagined that he will suffer many strange looks in the South Wind School in the future, after all, it has never been the case that first place in an important exam It wasn't class one.


He, Lin Feng, will be denounced as a rat, while Xu Shanyue, on the other hand, will be regarded as wise.


So at this moment, although South Wind Academy had retained its golden sign as the number one academy of Tianshu County, Lin Feng had the impulse to scream.


Xu Shanyue also came back to her senses at this moment, she glanced at Lin Feng whose face was twisted as if he had eaten shit and shook her head with some sympathy, not forgetting to express her gratitude.


“Mentor Lin Feng, you are still enough brother, I will not lift a finger to you again!”


Lin Feng gave a smile worse than tears, and his voice trembled as if it were dripping.


"Heh heh... That's all, it's all our own brothers, it's too much, too much disgrace."




Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing also stared at the first place name for a few moments before recovering from this unexpected surprise.


"What an unexpected result." Cai Wei said with some exclamation.


"Tsk, this Li Luo, he really hides deep, I'm afraid even Qing'e would be shocked if this result reached her ears." Yan Lingqing also nodded, giving Li Luo a very high evaluation of this big exam.


"If the Young Master is able to enter the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, it will also be a boost to his prestige within the Luo Lan Mansion, and he will also share a lot of pressure from Qing'e." Cai Wei said in a low voice.


Yan Lingqing nodded her head slightly, although House Luolan was now in trouble internally and externally, there were actually some so-called monarchists, and this so-called emperor was actually Li Luo, after all, it didn't matter, it was the biological bloodline. of the two house masters, and the succession he had was the most orthodox, even surpassing Jiang Qing'e.


It's just that in the past, the problem of void resonance led to a bleak future, so some people had to give up, while in the future, if Li Luo can act better and better, he may not be unable to gather the strength. hearts of the people again, and by then, with the help of Jiang Qing'e, he should be able to sit firmly as the head of the Luolan House.


At that time, the House of Loran will also be stable again.


And for that day, both Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing are looking forward to it.




In the main pavilion, the moment the result appeared, that Governor did not say a word, but anyone could feel how intimidating the aura emanating from him was.


But the old dean paid no attention to him, but stood up and clapped his hands loudly.


"Good boy, worthy of being the son of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, everyone has underestimated you, including me, a dark-eyed old man." The old dean laughed out loud.


The governor gave a gloomy laugh, did not say a word, nor did he say goodbye to the old dean and An Lie, he directly went to get up, then wrapped in the gloomy air pressure he threw up his sleeves and left.


Seeing this, Instructor An Lie also felt somewhat helpless, and could only smile at the old dean, "Congratulations to Dean Wei, this year the South Wind School has secured its signature as the number one academy of Tianshu County again." "


At this moment, on the scoreboard, Li Luo and Lu Qing'er had taken first and second place, a result that was simply the best for the South Wind School in recent years, and that total of twenty-one extra places would lead to South Wind School to become the biggest winner of Tian Shu County.


One can only imagine how many families will rush to send their children there next year. After all, even if they cannot compete for a place by themselves, they can count on the school's extra places to attend the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


The old dean couldn't stop smiling.


The boiling at the bottom of the mountain continued, and the participants on the mountain began to come out one after another, especially when Li Luo, Lu Qing'er and the others appeared, bringing the atmosphere to a climax, with mountains of cheers resounding.


Li Luo, who was the center of attention, was distraught. He had already worried about his face, but would he worry about his talent?


This kind of pressure is beyond what I can bear at my age.


"Li Luo, you are too impressive!" Zhao Gao stood up with a face full of ecstasy, although he had been eliminated in the top ten, Li Luo and Lu Qing'er had achieved excellent results, so with his ranking in the South Wind School, he was bound to be able to enter the top ten. the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy.


The other students of the South Wind School were also full of smiles, looking at Li Luo with admiration in their eyes, because of that extra slot, almost everyone who sat for the Grand Exam this time was able to get an admission slot.


Truly, a man's work is a blessing.


Li Luo smiled at Zhao Gao and patted him on the shoulder, his eyes darting around, searching for Yu Lang, before spotting him just outside the crowd.


At this time, Yu Long was holding the small hand of a delicate and cute elementary school girl and said with a deep face: "Do you know why Li Luo was able to defeat Shi Kon? That's because I tried my best to piss off Shi Kon before. Kon until he was disturbed, so Li Luo was able to win first place, half of the credit should go to me, but it doesn't matter, he and I are good friends and these fake names don't matter, and I for one don't think a lot in this."


The naive elementary school girl looked at him with adoration.




Li Luo was speechless and didn't bother to pay attention to this guy whose brain circuits were not the same as normal people.


At this time, Lu Qing'er, who was talking to a group of little sisters, looked over and said with a light smile: "They have said that today is a big day, so they are gathering tonight to celebrate it, and they have asked if you want come."


Li Luo sighed, this kind of party actually doesn't make much sense, just that everyone will come to admire him again at that time, these elementary school girls liked to take advantage of him during the party, and today I'm afraid they will have to go even further.


So in the end he nodded his head.

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