Chapter 730 Broken Seal



Countless blades of Genesis Qi light whizzed through the air, tearing even the fabric of space itself. The power contained in each blade of light was more than enough for a Divine Dwelling expert like Zhou Yuan a thousand times more…


The master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall watched with a smile on his face. The boy and girl before him were going to be pierced by tens of thousands of swords. They would turn into a bloody mass and even their bones would not survive this attack.


"Since you two are so reluctant to part with each other, I will let your flesh and blood mingle in death."


Under his smiling gaze, terrifying Genesis Qi swords instantly surrounded the two figures, but it was also at this moment that a wave of energy suddenly pulsed outwards.


Time and space seemed to stand still as they passed.


The Genesis Qi light blades were also frozen in place like insects in amber, unable to move even an inch.


The smile on the Heavenly Sacred Hall master's face became a little stiff.


Because the light from the Genesis Qi blades had completely left his control. I couldn't move them no matter how hard I tried.


A look of bewilderment flashed in his eyes.


While the master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall was in a slightly frightened and confused state, the blades of Genesis Qi slowly shattered into countless points of light that rose into the air and merged with the world again.


Zhou Yuan had also felt that the crisis had been averted, but he could not care at this moment as he looked closely at the remarkably handsome face in front of him.


The mysterious seal between Yaoyao's eyebrows was slowly crumbling.


Zhou Yuan could clearly feel an indescribable power gradually emerging from his body, a power that was majestic, noble, and ancient.


The world's Genesis Qi hummed and vibrated, enthusiastically swirling around Yaoyao as if worshiping her.


Yaoyao's originally clear and ethereally beautiful eyes had become deep like the starry sky. Furthermore, Zhou Yuan could see strands of gold emerging on his head.


The gold spread like ink, turning all of her hair into golden locks that fluttered beautifully in the wind.


The noble aura became more and more intense, as if its existence had transcended the world itself.


It was at this moment that their tightly pressed lips slowly separated.


When he looked at Yaoyao again, Zhou Yuan felt small and insignificant, like a mortal looking at an all-powerful deity.


He couldn't help but feel amazed when he saw her.


A tingling sensation took over his heart.




Eyes that were deep like the starry sky locked on Zhou Yuan. In its depths, the once familiar look gradually faded as she called softly, "Zhou...Yuan..."


The hand that was caressing Zhou Yuan's face also slowly retracted, and his fingertips swept across his face, leaving a trace of coldness.


Her graceful body slowly rose upwards. She stood in the air, barefoot, as her long golden hair danced around her.


Above the stone steps, the master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall frowned as he saw Yaoyao's transformation. For some reason, an uneasy feeling was growing in his heart.


But soon a ruthless look appeared in his eyes.




The powerful and powerful Genesis Qi surged from his body, causing the surrounding space to tremble violently. Under the terrifying torrent of Genesis Qi, even a Heavenly Sun stage expert would become motionless.


However, a cold indifference crossed Yaoyao's starry sky-like eyes. He walked forward as space rippled and appeared directly in front of the Heavenly Sacred Hall master like a ghost.


“Heavenly Emperor Spirit Suppressing Seal!”


The Heavenly Sacred Hall master's pupils shrank. In the next moment, boundless Genesis Qi gushed out from his head and turned into a spiritual seal containing infinite power. As the spirit seal emerged, the surrounding space began to crumble, unable to support its weight.




The spirit seal directly pressed down on Yaoyao.


However, Yaoyao gently squeezed his hand and struck the huge spirit seal.




The two collided with a crisp sound.


The hall master was horrified as his full-power spiritual seal shattered, turning into specks of light that filled the sky.


To think that the power of Yaoyao's casual little punch was so terrifying?!


The master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall felt as if his scalp was exploding. As he stared dazedly at the mysterious golden-haired girl, a feeling of fear crept from the depths of his heart.


"Who are you?" He trembled as he spoke these words.




His voice faded and his figure suddenly became illusory. Space rippled and unexpectedly disappeared from the spot. I was running away!


Yaoyao's punch had scared him senseless.


However, not even the slightest surge of emotion was visible on Yaoyao's remarkably beautiful face. He made a grabbing motion in the air and space seemed to tear apart.


The little hand stretched out and grabbed a figure. He was the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall.


The hall master's face was deathly pale and gloomy. He was so scared at this moment that his soul had almost dispersed. He never imagined that someone who should have been as insignificant as an ant in his eyes would possess such terrifying strength.


Furthermore, he had clearly broken space to flee, so how had he pushed him back?


What kind of strength did he possess?!


Yaoyao's starry sky-like eyes stared at him as she disjointedly whispered, "Before... you... you wanted to kill us?"


His teeth were chattering and he no longer exuded the powerful aura from before.


"Why, why... do you have to force me?"


A hint of anger was rising in Yaoyao's voice.


"I..." The hall master cried without tears. He truly regretted his actions. If he had known that this girl was such a terrifying being, how would he have dared to force her?


He could feel a terrifying power sleeping deep within his body.


It was his previous actions that had forced that power to awaken.


And now it was time to eat the bitter fruit of his actions.


However, he was not an ordinary person either. Little by little he composed his mind and realized that he was in a desperate situation. A fierce look flashed in his eyes and he gritted his teeth.




His body immediately self-destructed.


A wave of indescribable terror erupted, sweeping towards Yaoyao as space shattered and collapsed.


However, the force of that terrifying self-explosion immediately became soft and docile as it touched Yaoyao's body, transforming into a gentle breeze that lifted her long golden hair.


Yaoyao's face was expressionless as she squeezed the hand. In the next moment, a ball of light emerged in his palm. Inside that ball was the silhouette of a struggling person.


That face was identical to that of the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall.


It was the hall master's Rising Source!


As long as the Nascent Source escaped, he could quickly repair his body. Evidently, he had deliberately self-destructed before to escape.


But he had clearly underestimated Yaoyao's power.


A terrified expression was visible on the hall master's Nascent Fountain as he shouted, “You, you are not human!”


Even the explosion of his body was unable to touch Yaoyao in the slightest. Such power had far surpassed his imagination.


"Have compassion!


“Please forgive me! I made a mistake! “I shouldn’t have tried to kill you!”


"If you kill me, the palace master will not let you escape!"


With his Nascent Source in Yaoyao's hand, the hall master was now truly scared. He was no longer acting high and mighty like before and desperately begging for mercy. Because he knew that he would truly be finished if his Nascent Source was destroyed.


However, Yaoyao's eyes remained devoid of emotion at his pleas.


Her beautiful blonde hand closed gently.


Twisted space.




In the next moment, his Nascent Source was crushed.


Spots of light exploded as a shrill, tragic scream filled the air.


The hall master's destruction of the Nascent Source naturally attracted the attention of multiple experts. Even Palace Master Sheng Yuan and Sect Master Qing Yang looked towards the mysterious domain.


They were shocked to see Yaoyao standing in the air amidst countless points of light as her long golden hair fluttered around her.


At that moment, he truly resembled a divine being who had descended into the mortal world.

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