Chapter 735 The Fourth Saint Rune

The golden heart transformed into a stream of light and was swallowed by Palace Master Sheng Yuan's body. His eyes closed as the world around him went still.


All the wind and flowing Genesis Qi seemed to stop at this moment.


It was as if time and space had frozen.


Countless surprised gazes swept towards Palace Master Sheng Yuan. At this moment, they felt an imposing and indescribable aura gradually emerge from their body.


The entire world seemed to tremble under his aura.


A wisp of gold quickly began to grow above Palace Master Sheng Yuan's head, and finally turned into a burning golden flame. The flame flowed slowly, seemingly taking the shape of a golden lotus.


"Holy Flame Lotus."


The top experts from all sides were amazed by this sight as their teeth began to chatter. It was known that only true Saint experts could turn their Saint flame into the shape of a perfect lotus.


The golden flame lotus finally took shape, blooming beautifully.


Endless golden light seemed to flow from the golden lotus and envelop Palace Master Sheng Yuan's body. It then merged with his body and began to strengthen it, slowly honing every fiber within.


After devouring the Saint Heart, Palace Master Sheng Yuan had successfully ascended to the Saint Stage!


His eyes snapped open, reflecting the burning flame of the golden lotus. His aura felt majestic and vast, as if he were immortal and indestructible.


Sect Master Qing Yang and the others couldn't help but turn pale upon seeing this scene.


Because they could also feel a terribly dangerous sensation from Palace Master Sheng Yuan's body.


With an indifferent expression, Palace Master Sheng Yuan's lips moved as his voice echoed through heaven and earth.


“Genesis Restriction.”


As his voice spread, everyone was horrified as they felt the Genesis Qi in the area silently vanish without a trace. Even the Genesis Qi within their bodies was mysteriously dissipating at an alarming rate.


Boom! Boom!


Several figures plummeted from the sky like birds with broken wings.


All Genesis Qi had been banned in this part of the world.


Here, even Law Domain experts would have difficulty surviving.


This was the power of the Saint stage. Once the word was said, it would be strictly enforced. A single command was all that was required for the entire place to be devoid of Genesis Qi.


The top experts fell one after another, leaving only Sect Master Qing Yang, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign, and Venerable Lord Gu Jing in the air. This was because each of them possessed a saint treasure that could block the power of a saint expert.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan simply cast an indifferent glance at them, clearly not very concerned about them, before his line of sight turned towards the Life Executioner Painter in the sky. The corners of his mouth curved into an icy smile as his gaze settled on the beautiful figure within.


"Let's see what you can do this time."


Palace Master Sheng Yuan raised his hand and the life executioner painting, which was trembling fiercely, gradually calmed down. Boundless black and white Qi emerged from within the painting, and some of it even overflowed into the outside world.


The black and white Qi converged into a huge vortex within the Life Executioner Painting, directly swallowing the pillars of golden light that Yaoyao had created.


The golden light began to fade as black and white Qi continued to pour in from all directions.




A black and white lightning shot out from the churning black and white Qi and accelerated towards Yaoyao's direction like a raging Dragon.


That black and white lightning power was extremely terrifying and was stained with flames, the flames of a saint!


At his temporary entry into the Saint Stage, Palace Master Sheng Yuan's strength had now reached a very terrifying level.


Yaoyao's wrist moved quickly, manipulating the countless Genesis Runes around her to form a barrier of golden light. However, the light barrier trembled and shrank every time black and white lightning struck.


No matter how Yaoyao moved the Genesis Rune Brush, the black and white lightning got closer and closer.


Anyone could tell that the situation had begun to change after Palace Master Sheng Yuan devoured the Saint Heart.


Sect Master Qing Yang's heart sank. If Yaoyao were subdued, there would be no one left to stop Palace Master Sheng Yuan.


“You don't know what's good for you. After I subdue you, the entire Cangxuan Sect will accompany you, including that boy.” Palace Master Sheng Yuan’s voice was filled with indifference as he watched the black and white lightning bolts burning on the Life Executioner Painting.


Evidently, he was a little upset at being pushed so far by Yaoyao.


Inside the executioner's painting of life.


Yaoyao stopped swinging the Genesis Rune Brush and slowly raised her head. His eyes penetrated the Life Executioner Painting to look the palace master in the eyes as a cold pulsing killing intent stirred in its depths.


He seemed to be asking Sheng Yuan with his eyes; Did he really want to die?


Palace Master Sheng Yuan naturally understood the meaning behind his gaze, but he simply smiled and shook his head in response. "Nerve."


Obviously, he saw this as a helpless threat. After all, he had already entered the Saint stage. How was Yaoyao going to fight him now?


Yaoyao's ethereally beautiful eyes suddenly turned towards the mysterious space where Zhou Yuan was. She looked at him for a long moment, before slowly closing her eyes as if she had decided something.


The seal that was already crumbling between his eyebrows began to crack even more.


The cracks around the seal began to widen.




Numerous dark golden specks of light rose from his body and merged into the golden light barrier. No matter how the black and white lightning bombarded the barrier, it no longer showed signs of weakening.


Furthermore, the golden barrier began to gradually expand as if pushing back the black and white lightning.


Even Palace Master Sheng Yuan was stunned by this sight and almost cursed out loud.


What the hell!?


He had already devoured the Saint heart and obtained the power of the Saint, but the previously suppressed Yaoyao was now able to retreat in the blink of an eye?!


Where did his power come from?!


Is there any rationality or justice in this world?


A stormy look covered Palace Master Sheng Yuan's face. In the next moment, he turned around and dashed towards the mysterious domain. He had decided to snatch the Cangxuan Saint Seal while Yaoyao was still imprisoned!




However, Sect Master Qing Yang, Heavenly Sword Sovereign, and Venerable Lord Gu Jing immediately activated their Saint Treasures, enveloping their bodies with destructive energies as they rushed forward ferociously.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan frowned. He was not afraid of the trio, but was forced to slow down due to the holy treasures they were wielding. With a wave of his sleeve, the Saint's flame turned into three Golden Fire Dragons that incinerated the void as they rose to face the Law Domain trio.




The space was torn apart by the battle that followed, but anyone could see that Sect Master Qing Yang and the others could barely hold on with the power of the saint treasures.


In the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan's entire body tensed when he saw the situation unfolding in the outside world. His eyes were filled with worry as he looked at Yaoyao. He could also feel that Yaoyao's power was increasing, but the more it increased, the more uncomfortable he felt.


Because he knew that this meant that Yaoyao's seal was rapidly weakening.


What would happen once Yaoyao's seal was completely broken?




Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth.


Furthermore, Palace Master Sheng Yuan was heading straight towards him to remove the Cangxuan Saint Seal. How could Zhou Yuan do anything against such a powerful existence?


As Zhou Yuan's heart burned with worry, an old voice broke through urgently. “Zhou Yuan, that old thief intends to take away the Cangxuan Saint Seal. Hurry up and activate the Holy Seal before him!”


"Master has left some preparations!"


Zhou Yuan shouted in confusion when he heard this, "Old Xuan?"


The voice belonged to old Xuan.


"How do I activate it?" He asked hurriedly.


"With the power of the Holy Runes."


Zhou Yuan was surprised. Old Xuan already knew that he was carrying the Saint Runes!


But he didn't have time to ask more at this critical juncture. He jumped up and ran to the end of the stone steps, stopping before the Holy Seal of Cangxuan.


With a deep breath, the Deciphering Saint Rune in his eyes, the Earth Saint Rune in the palm of his hand, and the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune in the depths of his Divine Dwelling slowly began to emerge.


The three Saint Runes quickly appeared and were instantly attracted to the Cangxuan Saint Seal as they floated around it.




Powerful waves surged from the Cangxuan Saint Seal as it began to vibrate. A mysterious power seemed to be released from within.


In the outside world.


Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes turned piercingly cold as he looked towards the mysterious domain. “Does the boy have Saint Runes on his body? Cangxuan, is this your doing?”


He accelerated forward, crushing Sect Master Qing Yang as he dashed towards the mysterious domain.


Zhou Yuan anxiously looked at the Cangxuan Saint Seal as he felt Palace Master Sheng Yuan getting closer and closer. “Shit, I still have the fourth Santa Runs to go! There is no way I can fully activate the Cangxuan Saint Seal!”


Zhou Yuan had only obtained three of the four Saint Runes that Patriarch Cangxuan had stripped from the Saint Seal, and the final rune was still missing.


Outside the lightning pool, Old Xuan couldn't help but smile when he saw the anxious look on Zhou Yuan's face. "Take it easy ".


"Little guy, did you really think that I always favored you over others in Cangxuan Sect because of your talent?"


He slowly removed his upper garment, revealing a glowing ancient rune on his back that glowed with a mysterious glow.


Zhou Yuan's mouth dropped open. The fluctuations of that bright rune were all too familiar to him.


It was the fourth Saint Rune that Zhou Yuan had been painstakingly searching for!


So it had been engraved on Old Xuan's back all along! No wonder there was no clue to the whereabouts of the fourth Saint Rune!


Old Xuan shook his body, and the ancient rune on his back rushed into the sky, transforming into a stream of flowing light that whizzed into the mysterious domain and the Cangxuan Saint Seal.

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