Chapter 736 Meeting the Patriarch again



When the fourth Saint Rune arrived, the four Saint Runes simultaneously entered the Cangxuan Saint Seal. The Saint Seal trembled slightly, before boundless waves of light suddenly erupted.


Waves of light devastated the surroundings.


After the explosion of light waves, all the experts were shocked to discover that their Genesis Qi that had been restricted by Palace Master Sheng Yuan had been restored.


Evidently, Palace Master Sheng Yuan's Genesis Restriction had been broken.


As the vast waves of light continued to roar, Zhou Yuan closed his eyes due to the blinding light. It was a long while before he slowly opened them again.


He couldn't help but be stunned when he could see again.


Because he discovered that the landscape around him had changed. He was currently situated in what looked like an ancient starry sky, while the fierce fighting outside had disappeared.


"This is..." Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered uncertainly.


“It is a small space within the Holy Seal.” A laugh was heard.


Zhou Yuan turned around abruptly to see a light lotus floating in the air. On the lotus, sat a mysterious figure.


That figure was dressed in a long robe and his hair fell over his shoulders. His face was fair and youthful like a young man and his deep eyes were looking directly at Zhou Yuan with a smiling expression.


Zhou Yuan's mouth dropped open as he looked at the mysterious figure.


"Patriarch Cangxuan!?"


The figure before him was Patriarch Cangxuan, who was once encountered in the Saint's Remains domain.


"Patriarch, are you not dead?!" Zhou Yuan's face lit up with joy. If Patriarch Cangxuan was alive, there would be someone to deal with Sheng Yuan!


Patriarch Cangxuan yawned as he explained with a smile, “Of course I am dead, but saint experts will not be destroyed so easily. When I died, a fragment of my Spirit was hidden in the Cangxuan Holy Seal."


“Palace Master Sheng Yuan is about to snatch the Cangxuan Saint Seal and Sect Master Qing Yang and the others cannot stop him!” Zhou Yuan said in an anxious manner.


Patriarch Cangxuan sighed, "I am aware."


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and asked, “Then how do we deal with him? If Palace Master Sheng Yuan seizes the Cangxuan Saint Seal, I am worried that the Cangxuan Sect will no longer be safe.”


Patriarch Cangxuan said, “He actually had a secret plan. He had originally intended to wait until the Cangxuan Saint Seal fell into Sheng Yuan's hands. When he begins to refine the Holy Seal, I hit him and seriously injure him."


But then he shook his head, “But looking at the current situation, it is already too late. Your little girlfriend has already started to break the seal.”


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but ask, "What happens after Yaoyao breaks the seal?"


Patriarch Cangxuan avoided the question and said, "Now is not the time for her to release the seal."


Immediately afterwards, he looked at Zhou Yuan in a strange manner.


Zhou Yuan felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze, "Why is the old man looking at me like this?"


Patriarch Cangxuan chuckled. "I think you're very impressive for making her develop feelings for you."


Although Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao had already been together the last time they met, Patriarch CanxXuan could feel that the relationship between them was more akin to friendship.


But this time, they were obviously no longer just friends.


Why else would he break the Yaoyao seal to protect Zhou Yuan? How could she be excited?


Zhou Yuan blushed with embarrassment, not knowing how to respond.


"We love each other." He finally said.


Patriarch Cangxuan chuckled: "I can only say that you are very lucky and met at the right time."


Zhou Yuan frowned. He wanted to ask more, but he restrained himself when he thought of Yaoyao's current situation. “Patriarch, I have completed the task you gave me. The culprit of your death is Supreme Master Lei Jun.”


Patriarch Cangxuan's expression became complicated. “I am aware of the events that occurred after you arrived here. “I just didn’t expect my old friend to resent me so much.”


“In my youth, Lei Jun was really someone I looked up to. “He protected me from bullies and was like an older brother to me.”


“Later, when I climbed to the top of the world, I discovered that I was still in that small town. The genius back then was now a nameless nobody, so I took him with me to establish the Cangxuan Sect.”


“Looking back, he probably felt like I wasn't doing it to help him. Maybe taking him with him might have seemed like a kind of humiliation?”


Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment before replying, “The little brother in his eyes had become an existence that he could only admire. "Once the mind loses balance, it is easy to become extremist."


Patriarch Cangxuan smiled bitterly. He still couldn't easily read the minds of others after becoming an all-powerful Saint expert. Of course, Lei Jun had also hidden it too well.


"It doesn't matter, let's not talk about him."


Patriarch Cangxuan waved his hand and said, "Our priority is to deal with Sheng Yuan."


"As?" Zhou Yuan hurriedly asked. "He has already come to the stage Saint!"


Patriarch Cangxuan chuckled, “How can he be considered a Saint expert? He simply trusted an outsider and cannot be called a true Saint.”


“If it weren't for the sacred race, he wouldn't even have the courage to attack me.”


“I originally planned to save my last bit of power to attack while his guard is down, but given the current circumstances, that plan is no longer necessary. In that case, let's fight head on."


Seeing Patriarch Cangxuan's calm attitude, Zhou Yuan also relaxed a little.


“I'll have to borrow your body for a while. Although it may hurt a little afterwards, juniors should experience some pain, shouldn't they?" Patriarch Cangxuan stretched his body.


Zhou Yuan was surprised. Without waiting for a response, Patriarch Cangxuan turned into countless points of light that shot towards him and enveloped his body.


A powerful aura slowly emerged from Zhou Yuan's body.




Palace Master Sheng Yuan's figure appeared in the mysterious domain.


His eyes immediately locked onto the Cangxuan Saint Seal that was still erupting with waves of light as greed flickered in his eyes. He then cast a dark gaze towards Zhou Yuan, who was standing motionless next to the Saint Seal.


"What an eyesore."


His tone was full of indifference. With a flick of his finger, a wisp of golden holy flame went out. Space collapsed as the flame flew past. If Zhou Yuan was hit, both his body and spirit would be incinerated into nothingness.


The holy flame slid downwards, seemingly slow, but directly piercing through space itself. It was impossible to evade the holy flame. No matter which corner of the earth Zhou Yuan hid in, the holy flame would follow his Spirit until he turned into nothingness.


In the outside world, Sect Master Qing Yang was extremely alarmed by this scene, but he knew that it was too late to save Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan was as insignificant and small as an ant in Sheng Yuan's eyes.


Elder Bai Mei, the master of Hongya Peak and others sighed in pain as they stamped their feet in frustration.


The other experts shook their heads in sympathy.


Under countless gazes, the holy flame was already mere centimeters away from Zhou Yuan's head. But at that moment, his body seemed to stiffen before slowly raising his head.


The holy flame was reflected in his eyes.


He looked at the holy flame, smiled, then opened his mouth and blew softly.




The holy flame that could incinerate Law Domain experts instantly extinguished like a candle.


The entire world fell silent.


Even Sheng Yuan couldn't help his face from becoming stiff.



(NT: Alv, hahahaha, I imagine that moment and I laugh out loud xD Too epic.)

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