Chapter 737 Breaking the Golden Lotuses

An old man dressed in black stood in the sky. He did not emit any presence or even the smallest ripples of Genesis Qi, making him appear similar to an ordinary old man who had never cultivated before.


However, countless horrified and shocked gazes were currently focused on his figure because everyone had personally witnessed this mysterious black-robed old man casually crush the golden bead that Palace Master Sheng Yuan had poured all his power into.


"Who is that?!"


"Such power is probably not weaker than Patriarch Cangxuan in his prime..."


"But I have never heard of such a person in Cangxuan Heaven."




The eyes of the various experts were filled with confusion as whispers spread among them.


Even Sect Master Qing Yang, Heavenly Sword Sovereign, Venerable Lord Gu Jing and the other sect masters were caught off guard, clearly unable to recognize the black-robed old man. However, it seemed like he knew Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, given how he had come to their aid.


This observation astonished the sect masters even more. Although they couldn't say anything about Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan was simply a small Divine Dwelling stage practitioner who had barely reached the Alpha Origin stage when he first arrived at the Cangxuan Sect. Did a little fry like him really know that existence?


Zhou Yuan couldn't believe his eyes either. Moments later, he finally managed to stutter out, “Master… Master Cang Yuan?!”


Zhou Yuan had not seen Cang Yuan since they separated many years ago, and clearly did not expect him to appear at this critical juncture.


Cang Yuan’s gaze shifted to Zhou Yuan as he chuckled and said, “Not bad, little one. It has only been a few years since we last saw each other, but you have already entered the stage of Divine Dwelling.”


“However, now is not the time to remember. It seems like you guys are facing quite a few problems."


His gaze shifted to Sheng Yuan, who was equally surprised by his appearance. He then raised his head to take a look at the distant crack in the world border.


The chillingly sinister look on Palace Master Sheng Yuan's face had already faded. He looked at Cang Yuan in bewilderment and said, “Who are you?! Why are you interfering in the affairs of our Cangxuan Heaven?”


He was sure that Cang Yuan was not from Cangxuan Heaven.


Cang Yuan looked at Sheng Yuan with indifferent eyes as he replied, “Instead of being a proper person, you just had to be a sacred breed dog.”


Cang Yuan found the power of the sacred palace currently filling Sheng Yuan's body very disgusting.


Sheng Yuan's face twitched as he laughed angrily. "This distinguished one is very arrogant!"


Sheng Yuan was currently at the double lotus stage, which was also the strongest he had ever been. This undoubtedly made his usually cautious self somewhat arrogant. In his opinion, even if Cang Yuan was also very powerful, this was too disrespectful.


Cang Yuan looked towards Yaoyao. His current state and the cracks on his skin made his eyes become a little colder.


Although Yaoyao's identity was very special, he had watched her grow slowly. It could be said that Cang Yuan already saw Yaoyao as his own son. After being separated for so many years, even Cang Yuan couldn't help but feel rage boiling within him when he saw her in her current state.


Cangxuan said indifferently: “You relied on someone else's power to elevate you to the double lotus stage. Let alone the fact that what you have is not the true double lotus stage, even a genuine single lotus expert would not consider you much of a threat.”


Sheng Yuan frowned. He found himself unable to read Cang Yuan, and was in fact quite afraid of it. Therefore, he said, "If this distinguished man has come for both of us, I will leave what happened before."


Although he was extremely angry at Zhou Yuan's act of breaking the Cangxuan Saint Seal, Sheng Yuan understood that killing Zhou Yuan would do nothing to remedy the problem. Since that was the case, he could always take revenge after gathering the Holy Seal fragments.


When that time came, he would not only kill Zhou Yuan but also exterminate the Great Zhou Empire. He would make sure not a blade of grass was left!


As these thoughts swirled in his head, an intense killing intent flashed in the depths of Palace Master Sheng Yuan's eyes.


However, Cang Yuan simply laughed in response, “Leave what happened previously? You hit these two sons of mine. Even if you want to let this matter rest, I insist on settling the debt with you.”


His tone was calm but gave off a domineering streak that made one involuntarily tremble inside.


Sheng Yuan's expression turned icy. "Don't think you can pressure me just because I tried to give in!"


However, Cang Yuan had no intention of taking this exchange of words any further. He formed a seal with one hand, and everyone's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as they watched two royal golden lotuses slowly emerge above his head and left shoulder.


Double Lotus Stage!


Cang Yuan evidently had the same cultivation level as Patriarch Cangxuan at his peak!


Furthermore, his double lotus stage clearly looked nothing like Sheng Yuan's double hollow lotus stage; was achieved through his own cultivation.


"Let me show you the true power of the double lotus."


Cang Yuan's hand seal changed as the two golden lotuses rushed into the sky. The sky instantly turned dark as if the world had turned, and the Genesis Qi in the entire Cangxuan Heaven began to stir violently.


The many experts realized with horror that they were losing their connection with the surrounding world as the lotus began to rotate and the Genesis Qi in their bodies began to fade.




Two golden lotuses swirled in the air and turned into two rays of light as they shot towards Sheng Yuan.


Primordial chaos seemed to emerge as the golden lotuses passed by.


At Cang Yuan's level, the golden lotuses were not just mere decorations. The raw power contained within them was equivalent to authentic saint treasures!


Furthermore, these were life-bound holy treasures!


Such power was capable of rewriting the world itself!


The two golden lotuses descended as if two worlds were collapsing.


As such, Sheng Yuan's pupils could not help but shrink. Only when he faced the true double lotus stage did he realize the disparity between them.


He had previously defeated Cangxuan because the latter was a mere spirit fragment. If Cangxuan was at its peak, they would have been at completely different levels.


However, Cang Yuan had already attacked and even used his life-bound double lotuses in anger. Such power was actually capable of destroying an entire star.


Sheng Yuan's expression fluctuated rapidly, but a ruthless and determined look finally flashed in his eyes.


His opponent was certainly very powerful, but he was currently also a double lotus stage expert. He didn't believe that the other party could ignore him so completely!




With a thought, the golden lotuses on Sheng Yuan's head and shoulder also rose into the sky.


The golden lotuses spun, undulating the world around them.




Under countless overwhelmed gazes, four golden lotuses shot through the air and collided with a loud boom.




An indescribable shockwave devastated the surroundings.


The shockwave spread to almost half of the Cangxuan sky, giving rise to Genesis Qi storms on numerous continents.


In the sky over Agua Negra.


Every gaze was glued to the four golden lotuses in the void. Space had already collapsed a long time ago, and giant spatial cracks were emerging one after another, setting off chaotic space storms.


Cang Yuan expressionlessly watched the four colliding golden lotuses. Disdain rose from the corners of his mouth before he suddenly turned his palm over.




A billion rays of primordial chaos light exploded from two of the lotuses. Light and darkness trembled as the heavens trembled, and Palace Master Sheng Yuan's two golden lotuses shattered.


Shock filled the faces of the numerous experts.


No one had expected that the unstoppable Sheng Yuan, who seemed to have already become the final victor, would have his two golden lotuses shattered by a mysterious black-robed old man.


Several gazes turned towards the equally horrified palace master Sheng Yuan. The powerful aura he gave off had begun to deplete rapidly like a punctured balloon.


Everyone knew that it was really over for Palace Master Sheng Yuan this time.

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